Angela Bettis

Highest Rated:
70% The Woman (2011)
Lowest Rated:
0% Scar (2007)
Jan 9
Austin, TX, USA
With her unconventional, quirky beauty and memorably tormented roles in the made-for-television remake of Stephen King's Carrie and independent director Lucky McKee's art-house horror hit May (both 2002), actress Angela Bettis is quickly gaining a reputation as something of a scream queen despite…

Highest Rated Movies



Rating Title Credit Box Office Year
36% The ABCs of Death
  • Director
$21.7k 2013
70% The Woman
  • Belle Cleek
-- 2011
All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
  • Zel
-- 2010
  • Actor
-- 2010
When is Tomorrow
  • Actor
-- 2008
70% Red
  • Actor
-- 2008
Wicked Lake
  • The Mother
-- 2008
0% Scar
  • Joan Burrows
-- 2007
48% Coastlines
  • Effie
-- 2006
Masters of Horror: Sick Girl: Lucky McKee
  • Actor
-- 2006
  • Director
-- 2006
The Circle
  • Actor
-- 2005
Love Rome
  • Actor
-- 2004
53% Toolbox Murders
  • Nell Barrows
-- 2004
69% May
  • May Canady
-- 2003
  • Carrie White
-- 2002
People Are Dead
  • Producer
  • Actor
-- 2002
11% Perfume
  • Wilemina
-- 2001
Ponder Heart
  • Bonnie Dee Peacock
-- 2001
3% Bless the Child
  • Jenna
$28.1M 2000
54% Girl, Interrupted
  • Janet
-- 1999
The Last Best Sunday
  • Lolly Ann Summers
-- 1999
Storia di una capinera (Sparrow)
  • Maria
-- 1993


Rating Title Credit Year
Criminal Minds
  • Tess Mynock
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Rosalind Johnson
  • Susan

Angela Bettis Trivia

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Quotes from Angela Bettis's Characters

    1. May Canady: Where's Polly?
    2. Ambrosia: In the head. Polly, hurry up in there! I've been drinking vodka all night and I have to piss like a racehorse!
    3. May Canady: [giggles] hm-hm
    4. Ambrosia: (gets annoyed and mimics May's giggle) - UM-HM!
    5. May Canady: You have really beautiful legs.
    6. Ambrosia: I thought they were gams?
    7. May Canady: Gams, stems, wheels, whatever. Give us a little spin, doll.
    8. Ambrosia: Huh?
    9. May Canady: Turn around for me.
    10. Ambrosia: You are so fu*king weird. I don't know what Polly sees in you.
    11. May Canady: Polly doesn't see anything. Turn around, Miss Grable.
    12. Ambrosia: Okay, doll (she does a sexy spin) How was that?
    13. May Canady: Beautiful [May stabs Ambrosia in the temple with a scalpel, killing her]
    From May. Submitted by Creep F (3 years ago)
    1. Adam: So what do you do, May?
    2. May Canady: I work at the animal hospital. And I sew.
    3. Adam: Okay. Animal hospital.
    4. May Canady: Some people think it's kind of gross.
    5. Adam: I love gross.
    6. May Canady: Really?
    7. Adam: Mm-hmm. Disgust me, please.
    8. May Canady: Okay. A couple of weeks ago, and old man comes in, and says his dog is dying. And he begs us to save it. A 90-pound black lad named Seymour. We take him in and run some tests, and find that he has a twisted bowel, and needs to be operated on immediately. So we shave Seymour's tummy, we cut him open, and take out a piece of intestine about - about the size of a hot dog. Everything went smooth, but when we went to sew Seymour back up, we realized we were out of the heavy sutures your supposed to use for large dogs. So the doctor decided that if we tripled up on cat sutures, that should do the trick. Well, a few days go by, and the old man calls up hysterical. The sutures had burst while he was at work, and by the time he got home, Seymour was sprawled out on the back porch with his guts spread all over the concrete, and the fence was soaked in blood all around the yard. It was a mess [Adam stares in disgust] I had to sew that one back up.
    From May. Submitted by Creep F (3 years ago)
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