Bill Smille

Highest Rated:
100%     Housekeeping (1987)
Lowest Rated:
50%     The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



94% The Dark Knight
  • Grumpy
$533.3M 2008
66% Save Me
  • Security Guard
-- 1993
80% Singles
  • Boston Doctor
-- 1992
In the Arms of a Killer
  • Old Sergeant
-- 1992
And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird
  • Henry Kilbrandt
-- 1991
66% Die Hard 2
  • Custodian
-- 1990
Dead Solid Perfect
  • Official
-- 1988
100% Housekeeping
  • Sheriff
-- 1987
50% The Philadelphia Experiment
  • Evangelist
-- 1984
In The Custody Of Strangers
  • Sergeant
-- 1982
Underground Aces
  • Fire Chief
-- 1980
When Time Ran Out
  • Man in Bar
-- 1980
72% Piranha
  • Jailer
-- 1978

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Quotes from Bill Smille's Characters

    • Grumpy:
      Three of a kind. Let's do this.
    • Chuckles:
      That's it? Three guys?
    • Grumpy:
      There's two on the roof. Every guy is an extra share. Five shares is plenty.
    • Chuckles:
      Six shares. Don't forget the guy who planned the job.
    • Grumpy:
      Yeah? He thinks he can sit it out and still take a slice then I get why they call him the Joker.
    From The Dark Knight. Submitted by Jean R (19 months ago)

    • Grumpy:
      That's a lot of money. If this Joker guy was so smart, he would've had us bring a bigger car. [cocks pistol] I'm bettin' the Joker told you to kill me as soon as we loaded the cash.
    • Joker:
      [scoffs] No, no, no, no, I kill the bus driver.
    • Grumpy:
      Bus driver? What bus driver?
    From The Dark Knight. Submitted by Cody H (2 years ago)