Marilyn Burns

Highest Rated:
100%     Helter Skelter (Massacre in Hollywood) (1976)
Lowest Rated:
18%     Eaten Alive (1976)
Jul 5
Not Available
Lead actress Marilyn Burns has appeared onscreen since the '70s. ~ Rovi



19% Texas Chainsaw
  • Verna
$34.3M 2013
Butcher Boys
  • Ruth
-- 2013
Pendragon: Sword of His Father
  • Actor
-- 2008
Kiss Daddy Goodbye
  • Actor
-- 1988
Future-Kill (Night of the Alien) (Splatter)
  • Dorothy Grim
-- 1985
Revenge of the Zombie
  • Actor
-- 1981
Kiss Daddy Goodbye
  • Actor
-- 1981
100% Helter Skelter (Massacre in Hollywood)
  • Linda Kasabian
-- 1976
18% Eaten Alive
  • Faye
-- 1976
90% The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Sally
-- 1974

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Quotes from Marilyn Burns's Characters

    • Sally:
      [when they arrive at the old house, upon seeing its condition] Oh, I wish they hadn't let the place fall apart.
    • Jerry:
      Now it looks like the birthplace of Bela Lugosi.
    From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Submitted by Bria M (2 years ago)

    • Sally:
      [to The Cook] You're crazy! Please, you've got to make them stop.
    • Hitchhiker:
      [laughing and mocking Sally] He can't stop it. He's just a cook!
    • Old Man:
      [to the Hitchhiker] Shut up, you bitch hog!
    • Hitchhiker:
      Isn't that right? Me and Leatherface do all the work. You're just the cook.
    • Old Man:
      Shut your mouth! I just can't take no pleasure in killing. There's just some things you gotta do. Don't mean you have to like it.
    From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Submitted by Gavin S (3 years ago)