Redd Foxx

Highest Rated:
21% Harlem Nights (1989)
Lowest Rated:
21% Harlem Nights (1989)
Dec 9
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Long before Eddie Murphy, Andrew Dice Clay, or Howard Stern raised the ire of censors and threatened the delicate sensibilities of mainstream American good taste, there was Redd Foxx, arguably the most notorious "blue" comic of his day. Prior to finding fame in the 1970s as the star of the popular…



Rating Title Credit Box Office Year
Groucho Marx & Redd Foxx
  • Actor
-- 2007
Salute to the Troops: Bob Hope - The Vietnam Years
  • Actor
-- 2004
Terry Sanford and the New South
  • Actor
-- 2002
Bob Hope Christmas & Bob Hope's Christams With the Troops
  • Actor
-- 1999
21% Harlem Nights
  • Bennie Wilson
-- 1989
Dirty Dirty Jokes
  • Actor
-- 1984
Norman Is That You?
  • Ben Chambers
-- 1976
Cotton Comes to Harlem
  • Uncle Bud
-- 1970
Redd Foxx - Video in a Plain Brown Wrapper
  • Actor
Talk of the Town, The - Show 2
  • Actor

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Quotes from Redd Foxx's Characters

    1. Sugar Ray: Vera, you know we tally up at 4 o'clock. What is your problem?
    2. Vera: Kiss my ass, Sugar. I've got to watch my girls until the last trick is gone. And I'm not about to ask no customer to roll over so I can punch some goddamn clock. Now, this is your place, but I am in charge of the girls... and you can just kiss my ass.
    3. Sugar Ray: [Sugar Ray makes kisses toward Vera] Oh baby!
    4. Vera: No, stop it, Sugar, stop doing... Don't do that. Stop that!
    5. Quick: So, baby, how'd we do tonight?
    6. Vera: We made about 200.
    7. Quick: 200? Your girls have been back there all night. How'd they only make 200 dollars?
    8. Vera: You kiss my ass, Quick! I don't ever say nothing to you when the crap table and the bar come up short.
    9. Quick: Cause the bar and the crap table never come up short, just the girls.
    10. Sugar Ray: Now, calm down, Vera.
    11. Vera: Kiss my ass, Sugar! I wanna know what it is Quick is trying to say?
    12. Quick: I ain't trying to say shit. You're in charge of the girls, right?
    13. Vera: I am in charge of the girls.
    14. Quick: Are you in charge of the girls?
    15. Vera: I AM in charge of the girls.
    16. Quick: OK, The girls are always coming up short. Alright, let's get this shit out in the open. The girls are always coming up short even when the place is packed the girls come up short. Now, either you or them got a problem with their arithmetic.
    17. Vera: Are you saying I'm stealing?
    18. Bennie Wilson: The man didn't say you was stealing, Vera. Now, come over here and sit down and shut the fuck up!
    19. Vera: You shut the fuck up, Bennie. I would tell you to kiss my ass too, but you probably can't find it you blind motherfucker.
    20. Bennie Wilson: Fuck you, bitch.
    21. Vera: [Vera turning and looking at Quick] Me and you got to step out back.
    22. Sugar Ray: Hey, it was just a misunderstanding.
    23. Vera: [Vera starts taking off her hat] nuh-uh, No it ain't, it ain't no misunderstanding. Quick just accused me of stealing. and if you gonna take up for Quick in here, we can all be some fighting motherfuckers in here this evening. Bring your ass, nigger. Bring it on. Come on. Bring your ass! Come on, get up and come on, motherfucker!
    24. Quick: All right, bitch, you want to fight? We can fight then, you fat motherfucker, l'm tired of your shit!
    25. Vera: Just bring your ass!
    From Harlem Nights. Submitted by Kristopher J (20 months ago)
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