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Gotham Independent Film Awards 2013 Nominations
Chris W.

Chris W. just commented

This has been another great year for Indie Films. Very happy by some of these picks. Thrilled for Independent Spirit Awards. Here are some of my picks:

Feature: 12 Years a Slave
Actor: Chiwetel Ej...

Scary Movie Marathons and TV Shows to Watch on Halloween
Coffee Vidacup

Coffee Vidacup just commented

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RT on DVD & Blu-Ray: Monsters University and R.I.P.D.
Kurtiss Keefner

Kurtiss Keefner just commented

Drug War came out a few weeks ago, but glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves. MU was decent, but not worth seeing again. RIPD seems not worth seeing at all. Everything else doesn't really...

Primetime Preview: The Blacklist, Hostages, and More
Rizwan Ji

Rizwan Ji just commented

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Movies With Old People Behaving Badly
Peter Mansfield

Peter Mansfield just commented

What about Marigold Hotel? And Driving Miss Daisy


Highest Voted in the Last 24 Hours
Lord Tutweiller

Lord Tutweiller's review of American History X (1998)

American History X, the film that everyone apparently thinks is one of the most important films of all time, falls into yet another slot on the ever-g... More


Latest Reviews
Lord Tutweiller

Lord Tutweiller just reviewed Mean Girls (2004)

There are a few so-called "chick flicks" that everyone seems to think men secretly love, and this is one of them. And to be fair, Mean Girls is far mo... More

Lord Tutweiller

Lord Tutweiller just reviewed Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

What can be said about Raiders of the Lost Ark that hasn't been said already? Yeah, it's the greatest movie ever made. Practically everyone knows it. ... More

Lord Tutweiller

Lord Tutweiller just reviewed Up (2009)

There are several films that I am infamous for hating: Man of Steal Your Money, The Lovely Bones, Hugo, The Mummy, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Augus... More

Just James

Just James just reviewed RoboCop (2014)

Remakes are awesome, I'm treading on eggshells there as remakes get an awful lot of hate but for me I've just been consistently impressed whether they... More

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Seth S.
Seth S.
Doctor Who: Seven Years in Review

November 23rd, 2013 was the (rather large) straw that broke the camel's back. For a good three or four years, I had heard nothing but great things about Doctor Who. I had never been against ...

4 days ago - 4 Comments

Mike Pisacano
Mike Pisacano
Why Star Wars Episode VII Will Disappoint Everybody!

In November of 2012, Disney bought the rights to Star Wars and had announced that Star Wars: Episode VII was in development and will be released in December of 2015. It's...

19 days ago - 7 Comments

Andrew Milito
Andrew Milito
MY FAVORITE MOVIES (updated regularly)

1. Jaws 2. Jurassic Park 3. Inception 4. Stand By Me 5. Terminator 2: Judgment Day 6. Back to the Future 7. E.T. the Extra Terre...

18 days ago - 4 Comments

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