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Five Favorite Films with Miles Teller

Catbus just commented

See? And now Dustin is the only Hoffman.

Best Frankenstein Movies
Joel Durham

Joel Durham just commented


Five Favorite Films with Taissa Farmiga
King of the Snoots

King of the Snoots just commented

an extremely cool list; kudos Taissa Farmiga...sorry I hated your character in season 1 of American Horror Story



Highest Voted in the Last 24 Hours

NotEnoughSlavesInIt's review of Moneyball (2011)

It's a little sappy sometimes, but Moneyball is a crowd-pleaser.


Latest Reviews

NotEnoughSlavesInIt just reviewed The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

A fun, well-made adventure film that's more weird than it is creative.

Maineutral R.

Maineutral R. just reviewed Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Whether or not you're fan of Tom Cruise, a couple of years now, the actor has submitted himself on films that could be considered typically of action,... More


PantaOz just reviewed Cuban Fury (2014)

A romantic comedy with a Salsa flair is coming from UK, directed by James Griffiths and written by Jon Brown. Starring amazingly casted Nick Frost, Ra... More

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum just reviewed Divergent (2014)

Ummm....so yeah.....I've officially given up on YA films. I mean, The Hungers Games films have been good, but that's pretty much the only exception.
... More

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The Movie King
The Movie King
Essential Music: Big Girls Don't Cry

Before I begin, I formally apologize for not making any more of these blogs until now. I've been really busy in my life; just got my first car, my first job, and I'm about to attend coll...

8 days ago - 4 Comments

Damien Parker
Damien Parker

Now, since I just got this account, I'll be moving these around for the next few days, but here's the basic rundown.   1. Watchmen   ...

23 days ago - 6 Comments

Mike Pisacano
Mike Pisacano
Could Ratchet & Clank Be the First Good Videogame Movie?

At their E3 press conference this past week, Sony unveiled their teaser trailer for a full-length CG animated Ratchet & Clank movie, based off of one of their most popular videogame franchis...

23 days ago - 12 Comments

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