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22 Surprising Oscar Snubs
Lauti Fuentes

Lauti Fuentes just commented

Revenge of the Fallen was nominated for Best Sound Editing, not Best Visual Effects.

What Are Josh Brolin's Best Movies?
zinc alloy

zinc alloy just commented

see the original than say that.............


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Ben D.

Ben D.'s review of Kick-Ass (2010)

A fun, humorously violent comic book movie that's a nice change of pace from the other effects heavy movies of the genre.


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Shitty Shitty Bang Bang


HIT-GIRL just reviewed Kick-Ass (2010)


Timothy O.

Timothy O. just reviewed Her (2013)

Joaquin Phoenix is funny and touching as a man who falls for his computer's sexy voice in Spike Jonze's take on love and loneliness, a rom-com for th... More

Alex Maverick

Alex Maverick just reviewed Cloverfield (2008)

After deciding to give this another watch, I hate the found footage genre even more.

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Alright chaps, we're halfway through 2014, so I figured we'd have a little "Christmas in July" and count down my picks for the best films of 2013, Oscar-style! Enjoy! ...

3 days ago - 67 Comments

Alex Soto
Alex Soto
spider-man (2002) vs amazing spider-man (2012)

Hello everyone, it's been months since i've made a trilogy vs trilogy showdown, now i'm back with another one!   Spider-man (2002) ...

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The Movie King
The Movie King
Essential Music: Big Girls Don't Cry

Before I begin, I formally apologize for not making any more of these blogs until now. I've been really busy in my life; just got my first car, my first job, and I'm about to attend coll...

25 days ago - 4 Comments

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