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Portlandia Sneak Peek: Watch 'The Celery Incident'
Stephenie Bandingena

Stephenie Bandingena just commented

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RT's 2014 Oscar Picks
Jaris Dominguez Padilla

Jaris Dominguez Padilla just commented

you really nailed it, just some few mistakes

10 Memorable Oscar Speeches
Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson just commented

Marlon Brando's speech was the most pretentious, vomit inducing puke fest I've ever heard.

Critics Consensus: 3 Days to Kill Misses the Mark
Gloria Heppledef

Gloria Heppledef just commented

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Highest Voted in the Last 24 Hours

RottenB's review of The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Just to preface this review, I have never watched any entry in this franchise before this point. I decided to give them a go in the series entirety a... More


Latest Reviews
Jared Leto

Jared Leto just reviewed Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

This movie was amazing, i mean really its literally day of action at a time. Yes this is just an action version of groundhogs day but its also a whole... More

Andrew Targaryen

Andrew Targaryen just reviewed Insidious (2011)

Finding a mix between tense scares and loads of fun, James Wan's Insidious feels like a homage to Poltergeist for a new generation that surpasses his ... More


Eldest2005 just reviewed How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

With Shrek living happily ever after, 2010's How to Train Your Dragon was the studio's next attempt to create a franchise. I highly enjoyed the first ... More

Christian Bale

Christian Bale just reviewed American Psycho (2000)

Christian Bale brings Bateman to life, when you think the movie is about to get slow or boring, Bale is there to spice it up and make that scene great... More

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Michael Bay?

Hi there, So I watched Transformers: Age of Extinction the other day.  Couldn't be bothered to review that.  But it did make me want to write this. Head on ov...

17 days ago - 8 Comments

The Movie King
The Movie King
Essential Music: Big Girls Don't Cry

Before I begin, I formally apologize for not making any more of these blogs until now. I've been really busy in my life; just got my first car, my first job, and I'm about to attend coll...

29 days ago - 4 Comments

Alex Soto
Alex Soto
spider-man (2002) vs amazing spider-man (2012)

Hello everyone, it's been months since i've made a trilogy vs trilogy showdown, now i'm back with another one!   Spider-man (2002) ...

5 days ago - 14 Comments

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