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9% Stonewall (2015) "The tone is so erratic and artificial that it wouldn't feel surprising if the movie suddenly became a musical. And as the film gets duller and duller, you find yourself wishing these characters would break into song, just for variety's sake. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 23, 2015
26% Pan (2015) "Ugly to look at, shrill to listen to, and performed by actors who have been encouraged to camp it up madly in the style usually favored by aging British sitcom stars playing storybook characters in Christmas panto productions. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 19, 2015
93% Sicario (2015) "Mixes arthouse and grindhouse into a most satisfying cocktail. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 17, 2015
63% Sleeping with Other People (2015) "Witty dialogue, realistic characters and situations, and spot-on performances can make any seemingly played-out genre come back to life. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 11, 2015
100% De Palma "While I wouldn't willingly subject myself to a second viewing of The Bonfire of the Vanities or Snake Eyes, I would happily listen to De Palma expound on what works and what doesn't in those movies. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 10, 2015
84% A Bigger Splash (2016) "A lush and intriguing experience that works so well for so long that it can't be undone by a few flaws. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 6, 2015
40% Equals "Feels cobbled together from George Orwell, "THX-1138," "The Giver," perfume commercials and the Apple Store. Heck, before this thing's over, Parker even steals one of Shakespeare's better-known end-of-Act-II plot twists. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 5, 2015
70% The Danish Girl (2015) "Tom Hooper proves he's capable of making a movie that's both steeped in awards-season prestige and in possession of a pulse. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 5, 2015
91% Beasts of No Nation (2015) "Never soft-pedals its bleakness, but it also manages to allow audiences to leave with some shred of hope for Agu and his future. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 4, 2015
75% Black Mass (2015) "This is Depp bringing his skills to the table as a man with a propensity for being both terrifying and charming, often switching between the two on a dime. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 4, 2015
96% Spotlight (2015) "If Spotlight were merely about putting the pieces together to break a big news story, it would be interesting enough, but the film gracefully, without overplaying its hand, delves into many provocative ideas and subplots. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 3, 2015
72% Everest (2015) "Tries and fails to spin too many plates. Each of those real-life climbers no doubt had an interesting story to tell, but when shoved together like this they're all reduced to types rather than people. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Sep 2, 2015
78% Z For Zachariah (2015) "Feels like a genuine rarity: an American movie that doesn't tell you what to think or how to feel when the credits start rolling. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 27, 2015
41% We Are Your Friends (2015) "Besides Bentley's performance, the only thing "We Are Your Friends" has going for it is the occasional directorial flourish. These jolts are few and far between, but they're most welcome when they arise. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 25, 2015
46% No Escape (2015) "Between the script and the superior editing by Elliot Greenberg, there's an enormous amount of tension and thrills to be found here; unfortunately, they're all in the service of a movie that's reprehensible to the core. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 24, 2015
64% Digging For Fire (2015) "With all the pretty, vapid Los Angeles navel-gazers lounging by swimming pools and engaging in pointless (and seemingly endless) conversations, the results feel like a sub-par Henry Jaglom movie, conceived on the quick after a location became available. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 22, 2015
39% She's Funny That Way (2015) "Despite the farcical set-ups (involving adjoining hotel rooms, private detectives, and a brusque, busybody therapist played with aching exaggeration by Jennifer Aniston), there's very little here that brings the funny. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 19, 2015
91% Grandma (2015) "Smart and sweet, mature and bawdy, knowing its characters' flaws yet open to the possibilities of people acting upon their best instincts. It is without a doubt one of the year's best films, even as it lands in theaters amidst the late-summer doldrums. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 19, 2015
43% American Ultra (2015) "The director and screenwriter lose their way, allowing the film's sensibility to degenerate from outrageous to cartoony, and piling up plot contrivances and corpses in stacks so high that they obscure whatever charms the film once might have held. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 18, 2015
82% Mistress America (2015) "What makes Mistress America so lovely is its balance of compassion and scrutiny: Baumbach and Gerwig don't let these characters get away with their shortcomings, but neither does the film condemn these people or present them as irredeemable. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 13, 2015
67% The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) "With brisk pacing, and a cast this attractive parading the kinds of fashions that will remind you how much you miss Mad Men, most of the movie boasts a Mod crispness. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 10, 2015
9% Fantastic Four (2015) "Director Josh Trank has assembled a quartet of engaging, charismatic performers and stranded them in a miasma of exposition and set-up. So much time is spent putting the pieces on the board that there's barely any time to play with them. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 4, 2015
64% Ricki And The Flash (2015) "An assemblage of almost-characters in an almost-story, resulting in a very disappointing almost-movie. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Aug 3, 2015
91% The End Of The Tour (2015) "What it has to say about the act of creation, not to mention the act of talking about it to an interviewer, is rich and fascinating. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jul 30, 2015
27% Vacation (2015) "All too true to the experience of taking a long family trip: there are a few special moments you'll remember and talk about later, but for the most part, it's a featureless, repetitive voyage that can't be over soon enough. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jul 27, 2015
93% Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) "Doesn't do anything particularly wrong inasmuch as it overdoes something right - by the time we reach the final chase/shoot-out/hand-to-hand combat set piece, a bit of ice-cream-headache fatigue has begun to set in. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jul 24, 2015
85% Trainwreck (2015) "Ultimately comes down in favor of mainstream girl-gets-boy in a way that Inside Amy Schumer might find a little dubious, but it never feels like Schumer is aggressively watering down her uniquely prickly brand of comedy for a mass audience. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jul 16, 2015
80% Ant-Man (2015) "Serves up jokes that don't land and thrills that don't thrill. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jul 8, 2015
25% Terminator Genisys (2015) "Once it's clear that anything can be undone and redone by changing the time lines, everything ceases to matter. There will always be a John Connor; there will always be a Skynet; there will always be a Terminator. " ‐ Linoleum Knife
Posted Jul 5, 2015
56% Paper Towns (2015) "Even if the smarmily sanctified and beautifully doomed male lead of The Fault in Our Stars made you want to run screaming from the theater, you may find yourself on board with this movie's road trip. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jul 4, 2015
21% Self/less (2015) "You're better off seeking out Seconds - or heck, All of Me - instead. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jul 4, 2015
62% Magic Mike XXL (2015) "Too often this movie feels like an overlong finale episode of a long-running TV series, one that assumes that we're really invested in these characters and their desire to hang up their thongs after putting on one last great showcase. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 29, 2015
55% Minions (2015) "Tests the notion that what audiences enjoyed as a side dish can satisfy as an entrée; I don't know if the movie picks up as it goes along, or if it merely beat me into submission, but after 20 minutes or so, I did finally start laughing. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 23, 2015
81% The Overnight (2015) "The kind of tame comedy that promises something transgressive but then chickens out before going anywhere that might unsettle its core audience. " ‐ Linoleum Knife
Posted Jun 21, 2015
79% Infinitely Polar Bear (2015) "The usually reliable Ruffalo goes too big and sucks the oxygen out of the rest of the movie. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 18, 2015
88% Dope (2015) "This vibrant film is a bit of a mess, but it's a beautiful one. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 18, 2015
60% Southpaw (2015) "If you come to terms with the fact that Southpaw doesn't bring any ideas to the canvas that are any newer than Wallace Beery, this is an energetic enough fight picture to capture the imagination. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 17, 2015
98% Inside Out (2015) "Has moments that are as emotionally gutting as anything I've seen in a Pixar film. At the same time, I was surprised at how fleeting the experience felt. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 16, 2015
51% Live From New York! (2015) "The equivalent of a late-night informercial for the box set of "Dean Martin Roast" DVDs. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 11, 2015
71% Jurassic World (2015) "If Jurassic Park was a bright, clean, gleaming state-of-the-art attraction, this latest iteration feels shabby and unexciting, with a definite feeling that the carnies are dealing meth behind the haunted house. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 10, 2015
60% Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) "Pretty much what you'd expect, from the shrieking musical riff under the main titles onward, but as a vehicle for veteran character actress Lin Shaye, it's a blast. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 3, 2015
32% Entourage (2015) "Piven's Ari is so over-the-top in his narcissism and megalomania that he's fun to watch, but the other lead characters are the kind of bros who should be having drinks thrown in their faces on a regular basis. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted Jun 2, 2015
51% Gemma Bovery (2015) "Underscores the notion that what we're watching isn't merely the life of a complicated woman, but rather the actions and choices of that woman as seen through a man's eyes and a man's judgment. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted May 29, 2015
20% Aloha (2015) "The deepest understanding we get of any of these characters is that none of them would say the things that Crowe makes come out of their mouths. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted May 28, 2015
50% San Andreas (2015) "Thankfully, the action set pieces are exciting enough, and come at such a successive clip - "Oh, s-t" may be the film's most repeated line of dialogue - that it's only afterward that you have the chance to pause and ask questions about the plot. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted May 27, 2015
89% When Marnie Was There (2015) "As a visual (and auditory) experience, When Marnie Was There offers so many other pleasures that audiences may well overlook the story issues. After all, even second-tier Studio Ghibli releases rank among world cinema's finest animated films. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted May 21, 2015
30% Poltergeist (2015) "This new spooky-house chiller never escapes the shadow of its predecessor, but it also pales next to the scores of subsequent movies - "The Conjuring," "Insidious," and "Paranormal Activity" - that already stripped the original "Poltergeist" for parts. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted May 19, 2015
92% Slow West (2015) "Might meander a bit, but it never gets lost, and while the film is currently available on demand, it takes a big screen to fully appreciate the wide-open spaces and treacherous, stunning wilderness captured so effectively by cinematographer Robbie Ryan. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted May 15, 2015
65% Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) "Serves it all up again, with just enough flashes of absurdist wit, musical brio and new characters to keep this serviceably fun follow-up from going down like a plate of lukewarm leftovers. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted May 13, 2015
97% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) "In the same way that the original 1979 Mad Max was the Citizen Kane of gut-bucket Australian exploitation cinema, Mad Max: Fury Road may well be the Götterdämmerung of drive-in movies. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted May 11, 2015
72% Welcome to Me (2015) "It's the equivalent of tripping someone on crutches and then inviting her over for tea. " ‐ TheWrap
Posted May 1, 2015
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