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90% Inequality For All (2013) " There are certainly lessons to be gleaned from Reich's journey through politics." — Variety
Posted Jan 22, 2013
84% Kon Tiki (2013) " A visually impeccable, professionally crafted modern vessel that lacks any of the patched-together soul of its subject." — Variety
Posted Jan 10, 2013
76% Kill List (2012) " Displaying both a nasty edge and a playful sense of humor -- but thankfully, never at the same time -- Brit import Kill List is several cuts above its fellow midbudget horror brethren." — Variety
Posted Jan 8, 2013
38% The Guilt Trip (2012) " A timid, modestly pleasant time-passer distinguished mostly by its unexplored potential." — Variety
Posted Dec 17, 2012
49% The Man With the Iron Fists (2012) " As endearing as it is exhausting, The Man With the Iron Fists bears strong resemblance to a hyperactive puppy: sloppy, scatterbrained, manic and migraine-inducing, but possessing an earnest sense of excitement." — Variety
Posted Nov 1, 2012
25% Fun Size (2012) " A hydra-headed attempt to dirty up the Nickelodeon brand while simultaneously scrubbing raunchy high-school hookup tropes into family-friendly shape." — Variety
Posted Oct 25, 2012
76% Premium Rush (2012) " The lovably ridiculous bike-messenger thriller Premium Rush is a welcome throwback." — Variety
Posted Aug 23, 2012
57% Sparkle (2012) " Sparkle deals in such well-worn rise-and-fall music-bio tropes that it's hard to blame it for simply coasting on narrative shorthand at times. But the lackadaisical storytelling can inch toward outright laziness." — Variety
Posted Aug 16, 2012
42% Step Up Revolution (2012) " Step Up Revolution, the fourth entry in the venerable dance franchise, is a narrative failure but a triumph of sheer spectacle." — Variety
Posted Jul 25, 2012
17% Four Variety
Posted Jun 20, 2012
70% Men in Black III (2012) " In this age of blockbuster bloat, Sonnenfeld's willingness to wrap things up well before the two-hour mark, as well as his eschewal of sledgehammer product placement, count as gestures of considerable mercy." — Variety
Posted May 22, 2012
100% The New Year (2010) " [The New Year is] richly endowed with true-to-life moments, a generosity of spirit and an unsentimental perspective on the quarter-life crisis." — Variety
Posted Apr 30, 2012
74% Chimpanzee (2012) " As expected, the primate behavior on display is fascinating, as deftly framed by the filmmakers; one could watch this band of apes make tools and crack nuts for hours." — Variety
Posted Apr 16, 2012
25% Wrath of the Titans (2012) " It's a mess too, but it's far more defensible as a lazy Sunday lark for those who have just recently outgrown action figures." — Variety
Posted Mar 28, 2012
37% Musical Chairs (2012) " [The film] has its heart in the right place, but with default-setting characters, loudly telegraphed emotional beats and lack of any real sizzle to enliven its maudlin moralizing, it all feels like a cursory run through a well-trodden routine." — Variety
Posted Mar 22, 2012
—— All Tomorrow's Parties (2009) Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
94% Passenger Side (2010) Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
—— Unbeatable Harold (2007) " Unfashionable, irony-free and only sporadically funny, Ari Palitz's comedy nonetheless relies on a strong cast and an underlying sweetness to push its earnest charms to the forefront." — Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
—— Mavro livadi (Black Field) (2009) Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
—— Playing Columbine Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
—— The Korean (2009) Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
—— Teenage Dirtbag (2009) Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
—— Skiing Everest (2009) Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
—— Branson (2009) Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
—— Del amor y otros demonios (Of Love and Other Demons) (2009) Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
77% The Other F Word (2011) Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
—— Sawdust City Variety
Posted Feb 23, 2012
18% Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012) " Spirit of Vengeance is weighted down for long stretches in the middle, as it starts to treat its own religious hokum plotline with undue seriousness." — Variety
Posted Feb 18, 2012
—— About the Pink Sky Variety
Posted Feb 14, 2012
2% One for the Money (2012) " Tedious and tonally inept." — Variety
Posted Jan 27, 2012
—— A Cadeira do Pai (Father's Chair) " This low-key, quietly crowdpleasing odyssey about a yuppie father searching through rural Sao Paulo for his missing teenage son is highly engaging." — Variety
Posted Jan 25, 2012
71% Kevin Hart: Laugh At My Pain (2011) Variety
Posted Jan 20, 2012
26% L!fe Happens (2012) " Its smattering of femme-centric gross-out humor [melds] into its scenester single-mother storyline about as gracefully as the odd exclamation point does into its title." — Variety
Posted Dec 29, 2011
—— Dirty Old Town Variety
Posted Dec 21, 2011
7% New Year's Eve (2011) " Offering around a dozen barely there, aggressively agreeable mini-stories spliced together and spit out with lawnmower-style eloquence, the film is pushed to punishing lengths by the engorged cast list." — Variety
Posted Dec 6, 2011
3% Jack and Jill (2011) " The pic's general stupidity, careless direction and reliance on a single-joke premise that was never really funny to begin with are only the most obvious of its problems." — Variety
Posted Nov 10, 2011
—— Coffin (2011) Variety
Posted Oct 28, 2011
100% Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone (2011) " Effortlessly entertaining." — Variety
Posted Oct 5, 2011
4% Abduction (2011) " A haggardly slapdash Bourne Identity knockoff, never rising above the level of basic competence." — Variety
Posted Sep 22, 2011
82% Dolphin Tale (2011) " Though garnished with some heavy dollops of cheese, Dolphin Tale is a surprisingly solid, earnest family pic." — Variety
Posted Sep 19, 2011
41% Straw Dogs (2011) " The protagonists have become more likable and empowered, motivations have become more cut and dried, and references to underlying political schisms are downplayed." — Variety
Posted Sep 13, 2011
0% Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011) " Through all this, one feels nothing more strongly than an acute sympathy for all involved -- in particular Ricci, who gives her role more than it deserves, and Herrmann, a classy character actor who once won a Tony." — Variety
Posted Sep 12, 2011
91% The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011) " Like any mixtape, it offers some truly transcendent moments alongside a smattering of filler, and never quite assembles its pieces into a cohesive whole." — Variety
Posted Aug 31, 2011
14% Seven Days In Utopia (2011) " Little more than a pleasantly passable Christian sports parable delivered as a sort of Texan golfer's version of The Karate Kid." — Variety
Posted Aug 30, 2011
22% Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D (2011) " A cheap-looking, vaguely depressing echo of Robert Rodriguez's well-loved kidpic trilogy, assembled with minimal imagination or effort." — Variety
Posted Aug 19, 2011
0% The Lion of Judah (2011) " The slapdash animation is matched in kind by the patched-together story." — Variety
Posted Jun 3, 2011
34% The Hangover Part II (2011) " The stock dismissal "more of the same" has rarely been more accurately applied to a sequel than to The Hangover Part II, which ranks as little more than a faded copy of its predecessor superimposed on a more brightly colored background." — Variety
Posted May 23, 2011
33% Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) " Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides serves as a welcome corrective, reviving the fun, feather-light frivolity that any film based on a Disneyland ride ought to exhibit." — Variety
Posted May 12, 2011
13% The Big Bang (2011) " The Big Bang is a borderline unintelligible, scattershot attempt at Lynchian neo-noir that takes intellectual and aesthetic risks it has no reasonable hope of pulling off." — Variety
Posted May 11, 2011
76% Nanny McPhee Returns (2010) Variety
Posted May 11, 2011
—— The Ultimate Wave Tahiti (2010) Variety
Posted Apr 23, 2011
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