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92% Censored Voices (2015) "Expertly assembled across the board, Censored Voices tries and largely succeeds in providing a corrective to the idea that Israel's 1967 victory was a quick and clean operation. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 3, 2015
84% Alleluia (2015) "The true star of the film is Duenas, who goes all-out in portraying a woman so damaged and needy she will stop at nothing to get or protect what she wants. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 1, 2015
0% Search Party (2016) "[An] entirely generic gross-out comedy. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 28, 2015
82% Home from Home: Chronicle of a Vision (Die Andere Heimat) (2015) "This beautifully shot black-and-white feature is accessible even for those unfamiliar with Reitz's previous work. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 28, 2015
No Score Yet Little England (Mikra Anglia) (2015) "A woman's picture in the most positive sense of the word, this [is a] handsomely mounted and impeccably acted film. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 27, 2015
90% When Marnie Was There (2015) "A beautifully animated tale. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 18, 2015
No Score Yet The Grief of Others "Offers many quiet, often character-driven rewards but struggles to become larger than the sum of its parts. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 11, 2015
53% Saint Laurent (2015) "Classily assembled but narratively diffuse. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 4, 2015
64% Reality (2015) "None of these semi-absurd tales are particularly funny, though there's some fun to be had in the film's second half trying to keep up with Dupieux's storytelling and editing skills. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 27, 2015
70% Marie's Story (2015) "Based on a true story that's perhaps less famous than some others but just as intriguing, this serious-minded -- no Helen Keller jokes, please -- period film is nonetheless quite entertaining and, finally, moving. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 27, 2015
83% Far from Men (2015) "The original's existentialist undertow is mostly lost in shallow characterizations and scenes that perfunctorily tip their hat to genre tropes rather than illuminating the characters. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 27, 2015
77% Felix & Meira (2015) "Yaron is a luminous presence whose face is mesmerizing even if it isn't always readable. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 8, 2015
No Score Yet Morocco (Exit Marrakech) (2013) "Though the film tries to weld two genres together that are occasionally at odds with each other, there are quite a few powerful individual moments, the film looks and sounds gorgeous without overly fetishizing its exotic setting and the acting is strong. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 7, 2015
94% Güeros (2015) "The film's droll humor and unexpected twists go a long way towards sustaining audience interest, even if the film goes from homage into self-conscious parody territory several times, " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 7, 2015
96% The Second Mother (Que Horas Ela Volta?) (2015) "[The film] dissects with both chilling precision and humor such matters as class differences, real mothers vs. caretakers and whether privilege and one's own station are things that can be questioned or changed. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 23, 2015
36% Hunting Elephants (2015) "A comedy caper full of incorrigible old geezers that's as broad as barn door. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 18, 2015
88% Amour Fou (2015) "The narrative screws of Hausner's screenplay are impressively tightened. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 10, 2015
76% 3 Hearts (3 coeurs) (2015) "[Mastroianni and Gainsbourg] make for believable sisters who clearly adore each other. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 10, 2015
91% Eastern Boys (2015) "Campillo thankfully refrains from offering on-the-nose explications for behavior and decisions, instead letting audiences infer psychology and motivation from on-screen behavior. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 25, 2015
88% Traitors (2015) "A rare genre film from the Maghreb that centers on a female universe, Traitors benefits immensely from a spiky lead turn from newcomer Chaimae Ben Acha, whose innate charisma helps paper over the film's at times overly familiar plot twists. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 17, 2015
No Score Yet People of the Seventh Fire (1996) "A fascinating and important documentary that takes some time to get going. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 7, 2015
22% The Strongest Man (2015) "The kind of indie doodle of a movie in which several potentially interesting ideas co-exist but never quite come together and where supporters will call the narrative "freewheeling" while naysayers will insist on "rambling." " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 5, 2015
93% Durak (2015) "A distressing moral drama, gripping thriller and scathing sociopolitical portrait of Russia rolled into one. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 3, 2015
30% Don Verdean (2015) "A comedy with an identity crisis that's more quirky than actually comical. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 29, 2015
81% Glassland (2016) "A small but pretty impressive indie from Ireland with top-notch acting. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 26, 2015
88% Dope (2015) "A funny and often intelligent crowd-pleaser about three geeks who get smart about drug-dealing. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 25, 2015
75% I Am Michael "Thankfully, the screenplay doesn't portray the story in simple terms of good or evil but that doesn't mean that there's quite enough nuance or insight to constantly elevate the material above the level of a well-made but TV-ready biopic. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 24, 2015
38% Strangerland (2015) "The film remains stranded in a sort of genre no man's land. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 24, 2015
83% The Royal Road (2015) "If this ambitious film finally never quite coheres into a single whole, something which an artificial division into several chapters only helps to underline, it does provide a lot to chew on along the way. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 23, 2015
75% Salvation Army (2015) "Though the film's European scenes carry too little dramatic weight and might be confusing for those unfamiliar with the novel, the Morocco-set opening 40 minutes are beautifully and quietly observed. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 20, 2015
67% When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism (2015) "Takes a clichéd-seeming premise and carefully proceeds to turn it on its head through logic, absurd humor and the consumption of vast quantities of cigarettes. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 7, 2015
75% Beloved Sisters (2015) "The resulting menage a trois is the driving force behind this handsomely produced if occasionally rather old-fashioned feeling period drama, which plays like a soap opera in which the characters just happen to have better manners and finery. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 7, 2015
67% It's All So Quiet (2015) "The character development here is understated but beautifully laid bare by a quartet of top actors. " ‐ Variety
Posted Jan 7, 2015
100% Folies Bergère "Isabelle Huppert impresses as a middle-aged farmer's wife who decides to treat herself to three days in Paris. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 22, 2014
No Score Yet The Vatican Museums (2014) "A short and factually skimpy (and occasionally flat-out wrong) greatest-hits tour of the gargantuan collection of the Musei Vaticani. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 9, 2014
5% The Color of Time (2014) "Pretty and pretty derivative. " ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 9, 2014
54% Pioneer (2014) "Though technically quite an achievement and well-acted... [Pioneer] never [becomes] the character drama, white-knuckle thrill ride or -- even better! -- smart combination of both that the film clearly could be. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 1, 2014
99% Song Of The Sea (2014) "Song of the Sea is another satisfying smack in the face of computer-generated 3D animation from Irish director Tomm Moore, after his earlier, Oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 18, 2014
91% The Way He Looks (2014) "The sweet and beautifully observed feature debut of Brazilian writer-director Daniel Ribeiro. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 3, 2014
83% Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (Død snø 2) (2014) "A smoother sequel to the original that offers more B-movie fun and gore. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 6, 2014
B+ 87% The Blue Room (2014) "What impresses most in this modern-day update of the 1964 novel is Amalric's total dedication to making the passion between Julien and Esther feel palpable, since the entire story hinges on their rapport. " ‐ indieWIRE
Posted Sep 24, 2014
29% Burying the Ex (2015) "The film switches gears between genres with Dante's customary ease, even if none of it goes particularly deep. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 8, 2014
58% The Cut (2015) "An ambitious but only intermittently stirring historical epic from Turkish-German director Fatih Akin. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 8, 2014
84% Do I Sound Gay? (2015) "The overall result remains quite light, is occasionally funny but finally never manages to probe very deeply. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 8, 2014
No Score Yet Teen Lust "Uneven as a straightforward comedy and never pointed enough as a send-up of religion or sexuality. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 8, 2014
89% Wetlands (2014) "An accessible, stylish and ultimately even sweet film. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 2, 2014
89% We Are Mari Pepa (2014) "A rough-and-tumble, enjoyable yarn about a group of 16-year-old punk-rock wannabes from Guadalajara. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 13, 2014
43% Step Up: All In (2014) "Tthe film could have been written by a dance movie plot generator. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 7, 2014
45% Yves Saint Laurent (2014) "Two transformative performances compensate for a screenplay with no real third act. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 23, 2014
84% Violette (2014) "Though it has a rough start, this is a beautifully crafted and performed period drama. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 10, 2014
100% Gebo et l'ombre (2014) "The devastating yet logical closing scene is delicious in its poetic symmetry and irony. " ‐ Variety
Posted May 27, 2014
Showing 51 - 100 of 855