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40% Nacho Libre (2006) " Creating hermetic worlds in a manner so reminiscent of Wes Anderson that the Rushmore auteur should consider suing, Hess shows little affection for his characters." —
Posted Jun 15, 2006
36% The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) " Each film throws two or three okay action scenes into an otherwise wobbly blend of macho posturing, philosophically windy chitchat and moldy archetypes." —
Posted Jun 15, 2006
81% A Prairie Home Companion (2006) " This is an Altman show, through-and-through. Fans will be elated to discover that everything that makes him such a singular filmmaking voice is present and accounted for." —
Posted Jun 9, 2006
33% The Break-Up (2006) " He likes Social Distortion, she likes Alanis Morrissette. And quite frankly, either "Ball and Chain" or "Isn't it Ironic" are both better takes on the modern relationship." —
Posted Jun 1, 2006
93% An Inconvenient Truth (2006) " It's as a piece of entertainment that the movie scores its most surprising victory, taking the audience on a dizzying emotional and intellectual journey." —
Posted May 26, 2006
52% Down in the Valley (2005) " For all Jacobson's allusions to John Ford archetypes, Badlands and Taxi Driver, he has essentially made a spiritual cousin to The Purple Rose of Cairo." —
Posted May 22, 2006
37% Keeping Up With The Steins (2006) " If one were to compile a list of pop culture references that were barely funny three years ago, there would be a near-exact match with the gags tossed off here." —
Posted May 12, 2006
33% Poseidon (2006) " As quick, character-defining sketches go, Richard Dreyfuss' recently dumped gay architect hits the very bottom of the disaster flick barrel." —
Posted May 12, 2006
87% The Proposition (2005) " If there remains any doubt that the MPAA's Ratings Board grants screen violence more leeway than sex, The Proposition effectively quashes such uncertainty." —
Posted May 5, 2006
70% Mission: Impossible III (2006) " While M:I:III is the least successful series entry from a film-style standpoint, it is the most consistently suspenseful and action-packed, which counts for something." —
Posted May 4, 2006
23% RV (2006) " In a time when the majority of bad movies out there bore you with their plainness, this one deserves a shred of credit for failing on its own grotesque terms." —
Posted Apr 28, 2006
33% The Sentinel (2006) " A paint-by-numbers thriller so derivative that you can't help but think about how much you'd rather be watching the numerous movies it apes." —
Posted Apr 24, 2006
41% American Dreamz (2006) " Beyond the About a Cad subplot featuring Hugh Grant, this one is about as entertaining as your typical post-Weekend Update skit on SNL." —
Posted Apr 21, 2006
67% On a Clear Day (2006) " Finding similarity in a child overcoming a handicap and a former laborer trying to get his groove back is a notion far more insane than choosing to swim the English Channel." —
Posted Apr 10, 2006
72% Friends With Money (2006) " Writer-director Nicole Holofcener has brains to spare, even if she can't always figure out how to put them to good use." —
Posted Apr 10, 2006
44% Take the Lead (2006) " In refusing to sugarcoat the harsh realities of an impoverished region, the filmmakers make the ultimate message of hope that much more genuine and stirring." —
Posted Apr 6, 2006
86% Slither (2006) " I didn't have a date by my side, but I know a Bruised Forearm Movie when I see one, and I'm happy to report that Slither is the genuine article." —
Posted Mar 31, 2006
86% Inside Man (2006) " If the idea of Denzel Washington playing such a weirdo isn't in itself enough to convince you to see this film, then frankly I don't want to know you." —
Posted Mar 23, 2006
61% Find Me Guilty (2006) " The joy of this star turn isn't in the cosmetic adjustments Diesel has made to play Jackie. It's in the boundless energy and humor he brings to the courtroom shenanigans" —
Posted Mar 16, 2006
55% 16 Blocks (2006) " The results on a movie set can be great when Richard Donner yells 'Action!' But on this one, it feels more like, 'Lights, camera, ostentation!'" —
Posted Mar 1, 2006
58% Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) (2006) " In the film's most entertaining bit of sleight-of-hand, an errant screw travels from the hull of a flying airplane into the coffee cup of a woman down on the ground." —
Posted Feb 17, 2006
22% The Pink Panther (2006) " Here's all you need to know: Clouseau now surfs the Internet under the e-mail handle "Doctor Knockers," and has to take Viagra before getting comfy in the sack." —
Posted Feb 9, 2006
19% Firewall (2006) " We are treated to Ford's magnetic and understated inner buzz of panic, and his panache with purposefully silly, growled-out catchphrases like, "I'm gonna find my dog!"" —
Posted Feb 8, 2006
90% Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (2005) " As someone who can always be counted on to play a dark, squirmingly funny strain of arrogance and self-delusion, Steve Coogan is like a British Larry David." —
Posted Jan 27, 2006
10% Annapolis (2006) " As a naval take on the boot-camp movie, it's so bland and homogenized that it makes last year's decidedly so-so Jarhead look audacious in comparison." —
Posted Jan 27, 2006
32% Tristan & Isolde (2006) " Franco lays on mannered tics, like a slurred vocal delivery reminiscent of Benicio del Toro's mush-mouthed hood from The Usual Suspects." —
Posted Jan 12, 2006
51% The Producers (2005) " Ferrell hasn't been this enjoyably nuts since Old School, proving that his real talent is as an ensemble player rather than a marquee star." —
Posted Jan 3, 2006
82% The World's Fastest Indian (2005) " If you're looking for a solidly built, well-paced entertainment that puts a grin on your face, World's Fastest more than adequately fits the bill." —
Posted Dec 9, 2005
76% Transamerica (2006) " Boosted by plenty of choice dialogue, including a queer analysis of The Return of the King that sidesteps post-Tarantino cuteness." —
Posted Dec 2, 2005
57% Breakfast on Pluto (2005) " Murphy has played two deliciously perverse villains this year, and it's a measure of how amazing he is as Kitten that I never once thought of those earlier antagonists." —
Posted Nov 18, 2005
88% Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) " Once Potter ditches scenes that feel taken from Beverly Hills 90210 meets Scooby-Doo, I will approach the series with more than just guarded optimism." —
Posted Nov 17, 2005
10% Pulse (2006) " What really separates it from the pack is its thematically rich exploration of how communications technology can unwittingly bring about a sort of cultural death." —
Posted Nov 16, 2005
61% Jarhead (2005) " We don't know, but we've been told... Mendes' new film is far from gold." —
Posted Nov 3, 2005
50% Prime (2005) " Greenberg comes off as dull, which is ironic considering he excelled on Unscripted as a struggling actor who lands a big role opposite Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman." —
Posted Oct 27, 2005
58% The Weather Man (2005) " Inhabited by a courageously schlumpy Nicolas Cage, this strange and audacious character study becomes even more of a gleefully misanthropic blast." —
Posted Oct 26, 2005
61% Shopgirl (2005) " Danes, who has seemed too artificially precocious in most of her work before this, delivers her most intelligent, genuinely grown-up performance to date." —
Posted Oct 21, 2005
41% Where the Truth Lies (2005) " Nailing comedian Lanny Morris' sleazy come-ons and barely veiled air of pained regret, Bacon has rarely been better." —
Posted Oct 14, 2005
28% Elizabethtown (2005) " The blandest, most emotionally inexpressive performance yet from the least distinguished member of The Lord of the Rings' ensemble cast." —
Posted Oct 12, 2005
22% Two For the Money (2005) " At least when Pacino does one for the money, he doesn't look nearly as miserable as De Niro does in similar cinematic circumstances." —
Posted Oct 7, 2005
82% Serenity (2005) " As joyless, lurching, and filled with dull exposition as the TV show was giddy, fleet-footed, and packed with lively conversation." —
Posted Sep 30, 2005
60% Oliver Twist (2005) " Any parents thinking of bringing their young kids to this very-hard-PG-13 downer have hereby been warned." —
Posted Sep 22, 2005
56% Just Like Heaven (2005) " Somehow, the film thrives on the opposites-attract tension of throwing together the angular blonde goddess with the unconventionally attractive king of indie downers." —
Posted Sep 16, 2005
51% Transporter 2 (2005) " The scene involving a bomb planted on the bottom of Martin's Audi A8 is bound to provoke an astonished gasp of disbelief from even the most action-movie-averse viewer." —
Posted Sep 2, 2005
38% The Brothers Grimm (2005) " Heath Ledger gets better with every role, and the chance to inhabit a socially maladjusted introvert like Jacob has resulted in his most winning portrayal to date." —
Posted Aug 25, 2005
32% Pretty Persuasion (2005) " It's both the joy and folly of Pretty Persuasion that it attempts to skewer Beverly Hills, underage schoolgirls, post-9/11 America, TV news media sensationalism and more." —
Posted Aug 18, 2005
38% The Skeleton Key (2005) " Director Ian Softley seems shamelessly more interested in getting Kate Hudson into gratuitous shower scenes than into the nuances of her character." —
Posted Aug 12, 2005
13% The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) " With a hideously fake tan and an eerie smile, Simpson recites her lines with a chipper hollowness that makes it seem like she has just barely memorized them." —
Posted Aug 5, 2005
75% Wedding Crashers (2005) " The scene at a crowded dinner table is bound to become the most widely referenced sex gag since Cameron Diaz discovered a new kind of hair gel in There's Something About Mary." —
Posted Jul 15, 2005
55% Lords of Dogtown (2005) " I couldn't help but think of the episode of The Simpsons where the Itchy & Scratchy canine sidekick so self-consciously 'in-your-face' comes off as tame instead." —
Posted Jun 3, 2005
25% Mindhunters (2005) " How much fun you have depends on whether or not you can warm up to the idea of Agatha Christie done in the wildly overbaked style of Deep Blue Sea." —
Posted May 15, 2005
29% Madison (2005) " Unembarrassed with its rah-rah populism, the movie is definitely anti-cynicism, and often quite enjoyable in its sincerity." —
Posted Apr 22, 2005
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