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86% The Discoverers (2014) " T he Discoverers feels like a lot of indies you've seen before, only milder and more forgiving." — Seattle Weekly
Posted Jun 24, 2014
81% The Broken Circle Breakdown (2013) " This is a band you would pay to see on tour." — Seattle Weekly
Posted Nov 27, 2013
71% The Institute (2013) " You're unsure if he's a Werner Erhard-style huckster or a Silicon Alley tub-thumper about to do a product launch. That uncertainty mirrors the players' nervous yet giddy involvement." — Seattle Weekly
Posted Oct 17, 2013
53% The Muslims Are Coming (2013) " It's all very admirable, but you may find yourself nodding in agreement more than doubled with laughter." — Seattle Weekly
Posted Sep 26, 2013
93% The History Of Future Folk (2013) " This is a shaggy, enjoyable, homebrewed sci-fi tale where the costumes and plot resemble one of those lo-fi "sweded" remakes in Be Kind Rewind." — Seattle Weekly
Posted Aug 14, 2013
77% Somm (2013) " By the time we get to Dallas for the big exam, we're so invested in these four funny, personable fellows that failure would be shattering for us too." — Seattle Weekly
Posted Jun 21, 2013
67% I am Secretly an Important Man (2010) " Important Man sets Bernstein's nasal verse to elegant streetscape montages of the city then and now." — Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 6, 2013
28% Struck by Lightning (2013) " Struck by Lightning means well, but its gentle dissection of high school cliques brings nothing new to the genre ..." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 9, 2013
44% Walk Away Renee (2012) " Hermetic, autobiographical, messy, and ultimately touching." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 27, 2012
63% Café de Flore (2012) " This mushy, mystical French-Canadian melodrama tries to make parallel a pair of love stories: one between preteens with Down syndrome in 1969 Paris, and the second between a Quebecois DJ and his new amour some 40 years later." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 1, 2012
28% Backwards (2012) " Corny and predictable, sure, but Backwards will appeal to a few junior oarswomen around Seattle." — Seattle Weekly
Posted Oct 10, 2012
93% Indie Game: The Movie (2012) " An insightful new geek documentary, well directed by first-timers Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky." — Village Voice
Posted May 15, 2012
78% Jeff Who Lives at Home (2012) " Jeff is a surprisingly mutable, ultimately poignant day-in-the-life drama about a slacker who genuinely wants to stand tall." — Village Voice
Posted Mar 13, 2012
—— Ice Castles (2010) (2010) Village Voice
Posted Feb 15, 2012
67% On the Ice (2012) " On the Ice is a marvel of concentrated, classical storytelling." — Village Voice
Posted Feb 14, 2012
—— Greyfriars Bobby (2005) Village Voice
Posted Jan 25, 2012
32% Man on a Ledge (2012) " With his pickled shark's smile, Harris is a welcome presence left with regrettably little to do." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 24, 2012
55% How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? (2012) " It's essentially an infomercial for the company he unsuccessfully tried to sell before the 2008 crash." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 24, 2012
79% The Grey (2012) " I was told there would be more wolf-punching." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 24, 2012
85% Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos (2012) " It's silly and excessive, but Fullmetal Alchemist occasionally strikes a note of adolescent truth, as when Ed wishes for "some way to get our bodies back."" — Village Voice
Posted Jan 17, 2012
56% Seducing Charlie Barker (2011) " In adapting her recent play The Scene, Theresa Rebeck can't find a consistent tone for her material or players." — Village Voice
Posted Dec 6, 2011
80% Pianomania (2011) " Directors Lilian Franck and Robert Cibis fail to plumb their subject's frustrations or any other insightful biographical details." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 1, 2011
32% All Good Things (2010) Village Voice
Posted Oct 19, 2011
35% The Thing (2011) " John Carpenter should approve of this reasonably respectful and tough-minded prequel to his 1982 The Thing." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 14, 2011
84% Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2011) " Strikes an enjoyable tone of congenial gore." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 27, 2011
80% The Whale (2011) " While they fluff up the conflict between the "no touching" feds and Luna-besotted locals, all parties are simply too polite, decent, and Canadian for any real drama." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 20, 2011
44% Yellowbrickroad (2011) " The film is caught in the fatal demographic desert between the Scream and Baghead crowds -- neither funny nor quirky enough to sustain interest during its long march." — Village Voice
Posted May 31, 2011
11% Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011) " Apart from its deficiencies as fiction, whatever its philosophical limitations (the rich and able should only help themselves in Rand's "Objectivism"), the book proves proudly indigestible on film. " — L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 20, 2011
37% I Am (2011) " Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky are among the boldface-name philosophers he interviews, but their voices are soon drowned out by a torrent of pseudoscience from experts at places like the Institute of HeartMath and the Institute of Noetic Sciences." — L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 11, 2011
60% Everything Strange and New (2011) " The film conveys the intimate sense of reading a diary and provides no more consolation than we feel in writing in our own." — Village Voice
Posted Feb 22, 2011
71% Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance (2011) " The laser blasts and shimmering force fields in these contests are less violent than the repressed feelings of sensitive Shinji." — L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 27, 2011
53% The Mechanic (2011) " The Company Men with guns, but no families or pensions. All they have is their job, and retirement literally equals death." — L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 27, 2011
86% Unstoppable (2010) " It's like a mashup of classic commercials for Ford pickup trucks." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 9, 2010
60% A Marine Story (2010) " Relentlessly clumsy and predictable, A Marine Story is set in late 2008, just as a new political breeze is blowing. But its abrupt, wishful postscript is still just a fairy tale." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 2, 2010
55% Mao's Last Dancer (2010) " Mao's Last Dancer means well, but it stumbles between genres." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 17, 2010
76% The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest (2010) " Everest looks suitably majestic in this IMAX documentary, though five different expeditions on the peak are awkwardly cobbled into one dubious narrative." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 3, 2010
11% Killers (2010) " If you count the number of hairstyles Katherine Heigl wears in this dreary romcom-with-guns, the tally is likely to be four or five. Ashton Kutcher's facial expressions, one. " — L.A. Weekly
Posted Jun 10, 2010
74% Micmacs (Micmacs à tire-larigot) (2010) " Allusions are made to recent European arms deals in the Balkans and Afghanistan, but Micmacs is more fantasia than violent revenge tale. And its pleasing curlicues -- like a bouquet of spoons -- linger long after the predictable outcome." — Village Voice
Posted May 26, 2010
5% Multiple Sarcasms (2010) " A vanity production by Branch, previously a studio branding consultant, it's the kind of odious, self-validating wish fulfillment that actually makes you appreciate the more generous self-absorption of Henry Jaglom films." — Village Voice
Posted May 4, 2010
13% The Bounty Hunter (2010) " On the soundtrack, Jerry Reed sings "She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)." Viewers will know exactly the same feeling." — L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 18, 2010
53% Mystery Team (2009) " Just because you're a hit on YouTube doesn't mean you should be making movies." — L.A. Weekly
Posted Mar 11, 2010
74% Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum (District 13: Ultimatum) (2009) " Besson explains the plot three times more than necessary." — Village Voice
Posted Feb 2, 2010
60% San suk si gin (The Shinjuku Incident) (2009) " Shinjuku Incident forgoes flashy action scenes in favor of old-fashioned moralism. Warner Bros. could have made it in the 1930s, and that's a compliment." — Village Voice
Posted Feb 2, 2010
84% North Face (Nordwand) (2010) " Climbers who know the famous tale needn't be warned of spoilers: Shot on location, the film is slow, realistic, and excruciating in its latter stages." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 26, 2010
21% Leap Year (2010) " Adams and Goode are both appealing, but you can write Leap Year's opposites-attract itinerary yourself." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 5, 2010
26% Ninja Assassin (2009) " Shouldn't throwing stars be silent? If they're gonna sound like gunshots, why not just use guns?" — Village Voice
Posted Nov 25, 2009
21% Planet 51 (2009) " Planet 51 mainly succeeds at reminding you of all the better movies that inspired it." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 17, 2009
71% The Boys Are Back (2009) " Carr's original anecdotes don't supply much storyline, so Hicks spans the gaps with golden-lit montages set to Sigur Rós. They're a great advertisement for Australian vacations. And vasectomies." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 23, 2009
72% Fuel (2008) " There's not a single (even moderately) dissenting voice in Fuel; you're either on the biodiesel bandwagon or raping the planet." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 15, 2009
58% Art & Copy (2009) " Everyone quoted here, and perhaps Pray himself, wants to be seen as an artist. But in this economy, those of us who pay for ordinary stuff might not be so inclined to worship this particular art form." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 18, 2009
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