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C 44% This Is Where I Leave You (2014) " The movie is so festooned with clichés it proves that Tolstoy was dead wrong when he wrote that every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Sep 18, 2014
B+ 87% The Skeleton Twins (2014) " The two costars elevate the film beyond formula. Their onscreen rapport is infectious and believable." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Sep 3, 2014
B 100% No No: A Dockumentary (2014) " The fact is, Dock Ellis was...complicated. Probably a lot more so than No No makes him out to be." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Sep 3, 2014
C- 63% Life Of Crime (2014) " There have been good Elmore Leonard adaptations and bad ones. But this interpretation of his 1978 novel The Switch may be the worst of the bunch." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 28, 2014
C 76% The Congress (2014) " It spirals into logy animated nonsense." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 28, 2014
B 99% Starred Up (2014) " O'Connell bristles with terrifying hair-trigger unpredictability. Watching him, you feel like you're witnessing the arrival of a new movie star." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 27, 2014
B- 58% Coldwater (2014) " The best thing about it is its star, P.J. Boudousqué, who locates a sense of terror and betrayal that the script lacks." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 18, 2014
B 33% The Expendables 3 (2014) " Sometimes there really is no substitute for age and experience." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 14, 2014
B 80% The One I Love (2014) " Charlie McDowell's romantic brainteaser is disarmingly clever - too clever to spoil." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 13, 2014
C- 7% Are You Here (2014) " In Mad Men mastermind Matthew Weiner's big-screen directorial debut, the aggressively unfunny Are You Here, all of the dark humor and delicate character shadings we're used to seeing on his TV series are conspicuously absent." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 13, 2014
A- 86% The Trip To Italy (2014) " At its heart, The Trip to Italy is more than just a travelogue about food. It's about friendship and the appetite for experience we all share." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 13, 2014
B 40% Life After Beth (2014) " Plaza is terrific. She commits so fully to her rabid, Romero-esque alter ego, she chews the movie up." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 13, 2014
D+ 20% Into The Storm (2014) " Don't get me wrong, I'm as willing to check my brain at the door and sumbit to an idiotic late-summer spectacle as the next person. But this funnel-cloud fiasco tries to suck up everything in its path, and just winds up sucking." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 8, 2014
B 67% The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014) " It's soothing, easily digested comfort food. Which is to say it's the perfect recipe for a filmmaker like Hallström." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Aug 7, 2014
B- 78% Get On Up (2014) " The best thing the movie has going for it is Chadwick Boseman's live-wire channeling of Brown." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jul 31, 2014
B- 89% Calvary (2014) " Gleeson's beautiful acting deserves a better movie." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jul 31, 2014
A- 92% Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) " I've been pretty mixed on Marvel movies over the years - some have dazzled me, others have left me depressed. But Guardians is the first one that feels excitingly unpredictable." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jul 30, 2014
B- 50% Magic in the Moonlight (2014) " Breezy and funny and perfectly pleasant ..." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jul 18, 2014
B+ 90% Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014) " Surprisingly rollicking and resonant ..." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jul 9, 2014
D+ 18% Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) " Bay has said that this film will kick off a second trilogy of Transformers movies - and I think he's serious. That means there will be (at least) two more of these things. God help us all." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 28, 2014
A 95% Snowpiercer (2014) " Snowpiercer sucks you into its strange, brave new world so completely, it leaves you with the all-too-rare sensation that you've just witnessed something you've never seen before...and need to see again." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 26, 2014
A- 98% A Summer's Tale (2014) " Originally released in 1996 in France (but never before in the U.S.), Eric Rohmer's sun-kissed love quadrangle remains as fresh and romantically profound as it was 18 years ago." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 20, 2014
A- 85% Borgman (2014) " It's the hypnotic little thriller's disturbing twists that make it such a singular -- and singularly weird -- experience." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 20, 2014
C- 24% Third Person (2014) " By the time we're done taking in the sights and Haggis finally coughs up his third-act puzzle-box twist, it comes off as a big metaphysical So What." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 19, 2014
B- 53% Jersey Boys (2014) " What saves it are those nostalgic, soaring doo-wop numbers ... and Eastwood's measured doses of directorial playfulness, such as when the actors cheekily break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience, as they did on Broadway." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 19, 2014
B- 84% 22 Jump Street (2014) " Hill's neurotic-motormouth act and Tatum's lovable-lunkhead shtick still shoot giddy sparks." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 11, 2014
B+ 90% Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) " Despite its terribly unimaginative title, Edge of Tomorrow is a surprisingly imaginative summer action movie." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 4, 2014
B 80% The Fault In Our Stars (2014) " [A] funny, sweet, three-hankie tearjerker ..." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 4, 2014
55% Ping Pong Summer (2014) " A fun-but-slight coming-of-age story about an awkward Maryland teenager who becomes, well, not a man exactly, but a slightly more comfortable teenager, on a family vacation during the magical summer of 1985." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jun 2, 2014
B 33% A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) " MacFarlane, who wrote the script with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, keeps the gags flying like hot lead out of a Colt .45. And for every three that don't land, one or two hit the bullseye." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted May 29, 2014
B 86% Cold in July (2014) " Johnson has a nice little streak going of turning seemingly disposable characters into indelible scene-stealing rascals." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted May 21, 2014
B+ 91% X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) " Singer's return in the pretzel-logic pop fantasia X-Men: Days of Future Past is so triumphant because of how effortless he makes connecting the dots seem. It's an epic that couldn't be more Byzantine on paper but scans with ease on screen." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted May 21, 2014
B- 62% Million Dollar Arm (2014) " I'd be lying if I said the movie didn't get me a few times. But that's the thing about schmaltz: Just because you can see it coming doesn't mean you can resist it." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted May 14, 2014
B- 73% Godzilla (2014) " Edwards does know how to fashion some serious monster mayhem." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted May 12, 2014
B+ 73% Neighbors (2014) " It's a frat-house flick with more on its mind than beer, bongs, and beer bongs. It's also a razor-sharp commentary on desperately trying to remain carefree after the burdens of adulthood have taken over." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted May 7, 2014
B+ 83% Belle (2014) " Amma Asante's Belle is like a Jane Austen novel spiked with an extra shot of social conscience." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 30, 2014
B 53% The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) " It's a Marvel spectacle that manages to deftly balance razzle-dazzle, feel-it-in-your-gut slingshot moments of flight and believable human relationships. There's psychological weight to go with all of the gravity-defying, webslinging weightlessness." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 30, 2014
B- 36% The Quiet Ones (2014) " A retro possession story that will wind up being best remembered for its groovy '70s setting (lots of mutton-chop sideburns and T. Rex and Slade songs on the soundtrack) and a deliciously sinister performance from Jared Harris." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 25, 2014
B 73% Young & Beautiful (Jeune Et Jolie) (2014) " Even if Isabelle's inner motives remain enigmatic, at least Ozon is interested in posing questions about rebellion and female desire that few male directors even bother to consider." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 23, 2014
A 89% Locke (2014) " I can't think of anyone I'd rather see white-knuckled behind the wheel than Hardy, who with his bravura performance here has turned me into a true believer." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 23, 2014
C 19% Transcendence (2014) " The script by first-time screenwriter Jack Paglen is so full of half-explained cyber-nonsense and wheezy, kneejerk man-vs.-technology clichés, it borders on the ludicrous." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 18, 2014
B 62% Draft Day (2014) " Thanks to Costner's sly, dry-aged charisma, it marches down the field and scores." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 11, 2014
B 86% Joe (2014) " They may be all too rare these days, but there are still occasions when Nicolas Cage can surprise us, flashing hints of his old acting-without-a-net self." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 9, 2014
B 85% Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) " It's always a thrill to see what an artist as singular as Jarmusch will do next. I just wish that his foray into the world of the undead had a little more to sink its beautiful fangs into." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 9, 2014
B- 88% Alan Partridge (2014) " Steve Coogan's hilariously acidic creation, the buffoonish radio host Alan Partridge, is finally back. And like so many reunions, this one starts off all smiles and quickly grows tiresome." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
B 76% Anita (2014) " Hill, now a professor at Brandeis, looks back on the events of 1991 with courage and grace." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
B+ 82% The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came To Eden (2014) " A stranger-than-fiction gem." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
B 55% Breathe In (2014) " Buoyed by some nicely nuanced performances (especially by Pearce and Amy Ryan as his dream-dashing wife), Breathe In never quite rises above its predictable potboiler premise." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
A- 95% Finding Vivian Maier (2014) " More connect-the-dots detective thriller than traditional doc, John Maloof and Charlie Siskel's revelatory riddle of a film unmasks a brilliant photographer who hid in plain sight for decades" — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
C+ 77% Noah (2014) " Noah is a movie about big ideas (environmentalism, heavenly obedience versus earthly love) and even bigger directorial ambitions (how to tell a personal story on the grandest of grand scales). But, in the end, it's also a disappointment." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Mar 28, 2014
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