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A+ 90% Bonnie and Clyde (1967) " a seamless balancing act. Equal parts true-crime exposé, dysfunctional love story, and Depression-era think piece, the picture underscores American police departments' longstanding proclivity for short cuts to justice, i.e. murder." —
Posted Sep 18, 2014
C- —— Incompresa (Misunderstood) " "Misunderstood" is a movie that fails to shine any ostensibly promised light on the plight of a little girl who comes to take her problems far too seriously for her age. " —
Posted Sep 17, 2014
A+ 100% Goodbye to Language 3D (2014) " "Goodbye to Language" is a vibrant think piece about modern man's constant state of fear of the Frankenstein culture of violence that governments and corporations have created. " —
Posted Sep 16, 2014
C- 53% The Zero Theorem (2014) " Terry Gilliam's further slide down the stairs of filmic entropy is best summed up in an oft-repeated phrase by his latest film's hypochondriac protagonist Qohen Leth, "Q" for short. "We are dying." " —
Posted Sep 15, 2014
F+ 7% The Identical (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] A shoo-in for a spot on any worst movies of 2014 list, this poorly constructed slice of propaganda, courtesy of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA), is so unintentionally campy you can't help but laugh." —
Posted Sep 1, 2014
B+ 46% Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) " Graphic novelist Frank Miller once again shares directing credit with Robert Rodriquez toward creating a sequel that is every bit as narratively gripping and visually stunning as their original "Sin City" (2005)." —
Posted Aug 26, 2014
A 92% Wetlands (2014) " Challenging and provocative, co-writer/director David Wnendt's nervy adaptation of Charlotte Roche's presumably unfilmable popular novel, breaks new cinematic ground." —
Posted Aug 26, 2014
B 98% Love Is Strange (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] "Society Is Mean" might be a more applicable title, for it is not the palpable human connection of tenderness that seems "strange," but rather our culture of intolerance that comes across as most bizarre." —
Posted Aug 18, 2014
A+ 95% L'année dernière à Marienbad (Last Year at Marienbad) (1961) " Alain Resnais's transcendent filmic parlor game remains an innovative and exquisitely executed example of minimalist filmmaking, used to evoke mystery, romance, and a sprinkle social invective." —
Posted Aug 18, 2014
A- 86% The Trip To Italy (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Everywhere you look, history keeps rearing its inevitable head for Coogan or Brydon to tickle when they aren't feasting on Italian food and wine. This is a vacation you'll want to go on more than once." —
Posted Aug 11, 2014
A 89% Meet John Doe (1941) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Wikipedia lists "Meet John Doe" as an "American comedy film." How wrong they are. " —
Posted Aug 10, 2014
A 96% Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) " Thematically, the film's allegory regarding viral-groupthink has plenty of wiggle-room for interpretation because it is so profoundly vague yet universal." —
Posted Aug 5, 2014
B- 67% The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Even if its romantic tension gets muddled, and the film's pacing and editing go out the window in the third act, "The Hundred-Foot Journey" manages to connect its head, heart, and stomach..." —
Posted Aug 4, 2014
A- 78% Get On Up (2014) " Awesome! Between Chadwick Boseman's riveting portrayal of James Brown and this film's pitch-perfect kaleidoscopic narrative form, "Get On Up" is the kind of musical biopic that audiences await with bated breath." —
Posted Jul 30, 2014
B- 50% Magic in the Moonlight (2014) " ...a cinematic amuse-bouche. It's satisfying if you're not yet tired of Woody Allen's rubber-stamped comedies. " —
Posted Jul 26, 2014
A+ 96% Cleo From 5 to 7 (Cléo de 5 à 7) (1961) " The filmic transportation from the "ephemeral" to the "miraculous" - from the disguised to the unveiled - speaks volumes in unaffected feminist terms about female reality in Paris in 1961." —
Posted Jul 25, 2014
F 14% Rage (2014) " Judging from the lack of quality on the screen, perhaps it's time for Cage, Glover, and Stormare to throw in the towel." —
Posted Jul 22, 2014
A+ 95% Smultronstället (Wild Strawberries) (1957) " "Wild Strawberries" is a thematically abundant film that fluidly condenses a lifetime's worth of experience into succinct cinematic fragments under Ingmar Bergman's complex construction of abstract corollaries." —
Posted Jul 22, 2014
B- 91% A Most Wanted Man (2014) " Anton Corbjin's unconventional post-9/11 spy thriller (based on John le Carré dated 2008 novel‬) remains an engaging experience in spite of myriad aspects that weigh it down. " —
Posted Jul 21, 2014
A+ 80% Pink Flamingos (1972) " "Pink Flamingos" remains to this day the most cogently transgressive and anarchic film ever made. " —
Posted Jul 13, 2014
A+ 99% Boyhood (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun, Richard Linklater goes and makes the most anti-Hollywood movie ever conceived." —
Posted Jul 12, 2014
C- 97% Life Itself (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] In the end, "Life Itself" has too much to do with Roger Ebert's death than with the man who trademarked a couple of thumbs pointed either up or down." —
Posted Jul 4, 2014
A+ 100% Atlantic City (1980) " "Atlantic City" is full of compact social editorializing that elevates its seemingly run-of-the-mill trappings into something sublime by way of its emotionally dependent characters. " —
Posted Jul 1, 2014
A+ —— Stations of the Elevated (2014) " Kirchheimer relies on formal compositions of New York's subway rail yards, elevated platforms, and surrounding locations to tell a complex tale of environmental and urban dislocation where pop art billboards inform ghetto children.." —
Posted Jun 28, 2014
C- 66% The Rover (2014) " "The Rover" is a minimalist dystopian drama with more plot-holes than plot. " —
Posted Jun 23, 2014
A- 68% Me and You (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY]...a enduring character study that eschews clichés in favor of discovering elemental truths regarding how young people mature through the choices they make." —
Posted Jun 19, 2014
A 87% The Graduate (1967) " [VIDEO ESSAY] The otherness that Ben feels points to the film's most overlooked and underappreciated aspect; Ben is a Jew passing as an all-American WASP at a time in America when discrimination against Jews was prevalent. " —
Posted Jun 17, 2014
A 92% Venus in Fur (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Here is an energizing spoonful of soup-to-nuts fetishism, with teasing desert courses strewn throughout." —
Posted Jun 16, 2014
A+ 83% The Legend of Drunken Master (Jui kuen II) (Drunken Fist II) (1994) " Jackie Chan's physical ingenuity brings with it an enormous history as a naturally gifted storyteller whose development dates back to his life as a childhood actor." —
Posted Jun 10, 2014
C 84% 22 Jump Street (2014) " The filmmakers could at least have had the decency to create a new MacGuffin. No such luck." —
Posted Jun 9, 2014
A+ 100% Spoorloos (The Vanishing) (1988) " George Sluizer's spellbinding adaptation of Tim Krabbé's horror novella "The Golden Egg" is such an expertly layered suspense thriller than it serves as a textbook archetype of the genre. " —
Posted Jun 4, 2014
C 90% Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] All high-concept, but affording only minimal entertainment reward by way of its stale ghost-in-the-machine storyline, "Edge of Tomorrow" is the "Groundhog Day" of sci-fi movies." —
Posted Jun 2, 2014
B- 33% A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Of the hundred or so gags, jokes, and one-liners that comic genius Seth MacFarlane throws at the wall over the course of this bawdy and sometimes grotesque Western comedy, nearly half of them connect with a funny bone. " —
Posted May 28, 2014
A+ 95% Letyat zhuravli (The Cranes are Flying) (1960) " The visual simplicity that Kalatozov uses to establish the story allows the filmmaker to gradually - painstakingly - develop the film's thematic complexity toward a psychological and emotional crescendo that reveals key self-destructive elements of war." —
Posted May 21, 2014
A+ 93% The Dance of Reality (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY]..."The Dance of Reality" is a loving film that dares to reconstitute atrocious familial, social, and political trespasses as violations to be forgiven in the interest of altering reality. " —
Posted May 19, 2014
D+ 73% Godzilla (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Further confirmation that no one in Hollywood knows how to tell a story on film anymore, "Godzilla" starts out promisingly enough before slipping into a snooze-fest by the end of its first act. " —
Posted May 12, 2014
A- 83% Belle (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] The movie synthesizes a wealth of relevant historic elements with wit, romance, and scathing social commentary. A better "family" film, you are not likely to find this season. " —
Posted May 5, 2014
A+ 100% Burden of Dreams (1982) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Les Blank's haunting documentary about the four years Werner Herzog spent making "Fitzcarraldo" is such an essential companion piece to the actual film that it seems irresponsible for any would-be audience member to view only one of the two." —
Posted Apr 29, 2014
C- 53% The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Even the nerdiest members of that long-dead-gone cultural movement known as fanboys will admit that rebooting Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" is/was a mistake. " —
Posted Apr 28, 2014
A+ 73% Young & Beautiful (Jeune Et Jolie) (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] For his latest filmic exploration François Ozon addresses a complex mix of sexual, personal, social, familial, gender-based, and technological issues, inexorably honing in on a striking synthesis of generational catharsis." —
Posted Apr 27, 2014
A- 95% D.O.A. (1950) " [VIDEO ESSAY] A high-concept movie before there was such a thing, "D.O.A." foreshadowed the poisoning of (possibly) Yasser Arafat and (definitely) Alexander Litvinenko - via polonium-210 - by a half-century." —
Posted Apr 27, 2014
B- 89% Locke (2014) " Known as the screenwriter of such estimable films as "Dirty Pretty Things" and "Eastern Promises," Stephen Knight delivers a glorified one-act play that makes up for what it lacks in location variety and story-arc in keenly written dialogue. " —
Posted Apr 19, 2014
A- 99% Metropolis (1927) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Although it ends with an overwrought climax, topped off with a laughably banal cliché that unites the workers with their greedy overlord, "Metropolis" is filled with stunning archetypal imagery and grand-scale spectacle." —
Posted Apr 19, 2014
B- 19% Transcendence (2014) " In spite of its many assorted plot-holes, "Transcendence" is a captivating sci-fi movie, thanks to strong performances by a stable of reliable actors." —
Posted Apr 16, 2014
C- 48% Rio 2 (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Between the film's white-world-order depiction of a multicultural society and its ham-fisted treatment of an ostensibly pro-ecology agenda, "Rio 2" is a confused piece of animation propaganda. " —
Posted Apr 8, 2014
A+ 98% Badlands (1974) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Terrence Malick's self-penned feature debut is a haunting road movie pitched in '50s Americana. The film's razor-sharp tone of poetic irony is unique. " —
Posted Apr 1, 2014
C- 86% Under the Skin (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] Scarlett Johansson makes for one attractive hot-and-cold alien ice queen, but seduction and murder is all she has on her mind. " —
Posted Mar 31, 2014
D —— The Story Of Film: An Odyssey (2012) " Cousins's insanely repetitive delivery of every sentence sadly renders the documentary unwatchable - or at least unlistenable. Cousins has the annoying habit of ending every phrase like a question. Torturous." —
Posted Mar 30, 2014
B 41% Cesar Chavez (2014) " [VIDEO ESSAY] The movie reaches its goal of reminding audiences how far migrant workers have come in America since the '60s, and how far they have yet to go toward better working conditions and higher pay." —
Posted Mar 24, 2014
B 89% Le Week-End (2014) " [VIDEO COLUMN] Comedy and tragedy wear the same mask in the city that best represents romantic love. Just as with Paris, you'll want to revisit "Le Week-End."" —
Posted Mar 18, 2014
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