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East coast editor and video columnist, Nitrate Online (http://www.nitrateonline.com) Variety critic, Berlin, Toronto, Montreal, Karlovy Vary, Seattle, Denver festivals (http://www.variety.com) Catalogue editor/writer, Washington DC, Philadelphia,Hamptons, Sydney festivals Eddie Cockrell is a film critic, programmer and public speaker based in suburban Maryland. From 1994 to 1996 he presented sneak screenings at Washington's Biograph Theater, and continues to speak regularly at the Key Sunday Cinema Club, Talk Cinema and Sunday Cinema at the Charles program in New York, Washington, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Westchester. He contributes film catalogue notes to the Sydney and Hamptons film festivals, the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema and Filmfest DC, serving as Senior Catalogue Editor and Programmer for the latter since its inception in 1986. His recent programs for the Smithsonian Associates include "Understanding the Art of Film," "Comedy Today" and "The Hollywood Musical," and he has hosted programs at the Corcoran Gallery of Art exploring the films of Peter Weir and Stanley Kubrick and at the National Gallery of Art surveying contemporary Slovak Cinema. He has been film critic for Fox Morning News and Fox News at Noon in Washington, DC (Fox WTTG 5) and Programmer/Project Coordinator for "Films from the Americas," presented by the Cultural Center of the Inter-American Development Bank in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel. Since 1992 he has served as Executive Director of The Americas Film Festival Foundation, a non-profit organization which presents new Spanish- and Portuguese-language film events around the world. For many years he served as the Associate Director of Film Programming for The American Film Institute National Exhibition Programs, planning and presenting film and video series at the AFI's year-round repertory cinema at WashingtonÕs Kennedy Center. He researched and wrote Preview, the theater's monthly film schedule. Highlights include previously banned films from Romania, an ongoing weekly examination of new American Independent Cinema, contemporary German films and tributes to film personalities (including John Cassavetes, Greta Garbo, Satyajit Ray, Fred MacMurray, Barbet Schroeder, Marlene Dietrich, Ken Russell and the gangster in film). A veteran of television, radio, and classroom, he has appeared on the Panorama (WTTG), John McLaughlin (CNBC) and WorldNet (USIA) TV programs; the Derek McGinty (WAMU FM), Voice of America (USIA) and Morning Papers (WHFS FM) radio broadcasts; and at various movie presentations, on-stage celebrity interviews and fundraising events. A Washington area native, Cockrell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature/Cinema Studies from The American University and served on the adjunct faculty from 1990 to 1993. From 1979 to 1989 he was film critic for WGMS radio in Washington, and for a time wrote the "Film Talk" column for the Friday Weekend section of The Washington Post. As Film Specialist he was involved with the "Filmmaking in America" project for the United States Information Agency from 1982 to 1989. In this capacity he researched and wrote panels for the exhibit and traveled to Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, and Bratislava, where he trained the on-site tour guides and discussed the history of Hollywood with local media, academics and exhibit visitors. In 1992 he served as a juror for the inaugural edition of the Festival of First Films in Bratislava, (former) Czechoslovakia.
Nitrate Online , Sydney Morning Herald , Variety
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76% Canopy (2014) " To the suddenly white-hot adventure subgenre of one or two souls alone against nature... add the more modestly scaled but no less absorbing wartime survival adventure "Canopy."" — Variety
Posted Aug 28, 2014
4/5 42% Words And Pictures (2014) " The performances are first-rate." — The Australian
Posted Jul 23, 2014
4/5 91% Venus in Fur (2014) " What plays out is roller-coaster ride of shifting identity and sexual brinkmanship...Mischievous and sadistic by turns, it becomes a deadly serious battle of the sexes." — The Australian
Posted Jul 23, 2014
4/5 53% Jersey Boys (2014) " The combination of... [Woody Allen & Clint Eastwood] has resulted in a Broadway adaptation that hums with vigour, sings with the capricious unpredictability of fate and fame, and does firm and lasting justice to the legacy of that vintage studio logo." — The Australian
Posted Jul 9, 2014
4/5 89% Tim's Vermeer (2014) " Perhaps the ultimate take-away from Tim's Vermeer is the unquenchable curiosity of certain people, albeit those with the money to finance that inquisitiveness, to get to the bottom of history's mysteries. In that respect, Jenison is an artist." — The Australian
Posted Jul 9, 2014
3.5/5 100% The Last Impresario " Warm-hearted, respectful and somewhat melancholic." — The Australian
Posted Jun 27, 2014
2/5 18% Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) " There has been a puzzling yet distinctive tonal shift in this new edition. " — The Australian
Posted Jun 27, 2014
2.5/5 78% Rising From Ashes (2013) " So while the subjects explored in Rising from Ashes are worthy of contemplation, the methodology of doing so puts the brakes on the film's ability to inspire and persuade." — The Australian
Posted Jun 25, 2014
3.5/5 92% How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) " Those who made [this film] know the kids who adored the original have grown since the [first one] and they're trying mightily to grow with them. That counts for something in today's popular culture universe, even if they seem to be trying awfully hard." — The Australian
Posted Jun 25, 2014
4/5 97% Ernest & Célestine (2014) " Two styles combine to create a world at once impressionistic and lived in, infused with the kind of warm glow which emanates from a cosy fireplace." — The Australian
Posted Jun 19, 2014
3.5/5 95% Gabrielle (2014) " As a thought-provoking valentine to tolerance, acceptance and the yearning for love, Gabrielle wears its heart comfortably, and proudly, on its sleeve." — The Australian
Posted Jun 19, 2014
3.5/5 94% Good Vibrations " The team behind Good Vibrations have made a film that is determined to live up to its title, and does so." — The Australian
Posted Jun 19, 2014
2.5/5 14% Blended (2014) " It has become something of a tradition to dismiss the latest Adam Sandler movie outright or, if one is feeling particularly generous, damn it with faint praise. Blended is no exception to this strategy." — The Australian
Posted Jun 6, 2014
4/5 91% Omar (2014) " Bakri gives a richly detailed performance, often allowing his stoicism to slip and reveal the confused and angry young man within." — The Australian
Posted Jun 6, 2014
4/5 99% The Missing Picture (2014) " With his poignant, insightful narration read in French by Randal Douc, Panh tells of his vibrant life before 1975 and increasingly grim existence after that." — sbs.com.au
Posted Jan 16, 2014
3.5/5 75% Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) " Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues finds the pair in fine form, charging full-bore into their instantly recognisable brand of improvisational comedy that embraces elements of dada, surrealism and their specialty, scatological bons mots." — sbs.com.au
Posted Dec 23, 2013
92% I Am Breathing (2013) " Emma Davie and Morag McKinnon deliver an achingly reflective look at the life of a man struggling with ALS." — Variety
Posted Sep 17, 2013
90% Storm Surfers 3D (2013) " The twin Australian ideals of outdoor adventure and ecstatic camaraderie achieve harmonic convergence in the visceral, extreme-sport thrill-ride Storm Surfers 3D." — Variety
Posted Jun 18, 2013
96% Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton As Himself (2013) " A fond look back at a groundbreaking media celebrity and man of letters." — Variety
Posted Jun 11, 2013
36% Family Weekend (2013) " The direction by Benjamin Epps, who has an early cameo as a jump-rope judge, shows decent comic timing, but needs to dial the histrionics way down and find a script that has some substance beneath the shenanigans." — Variety
Posted Mar 27, 2013
—— The Gun: From 6 to 7:30 pm (2003) Variety
Posted Jan 22, 2013
—— Dealer (2004) Variety
Posted Jan 22, 2013
71% Loose Cannons (Mine Vaganti) (2010) Variety
Posted Jan 22, 2013
88% Tchoupitoulas (2012) " [A] provocative fusion of documentary and dramatic elements." — Variety
Posted Nov 30, 2012
67% Barbershop Punk (2011) " The urgency of this complex and far-reaching issue, coupled with the undeniable appeal of the Everyman story that triggered the debate, will propel "Punk" to harmonious fest exposure and tenacious afterlife." — Variety
Posted Oct 16, 2012
71% We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists (2012) " A cumulative feeling of urgency and you-are-there world-beating are key to the pic's seductive appeal, though lack of informed dissenting opinions reps an unfortunate editorial choice." — Variety
Posted Oct 16, 2012
78% Better Than Something: Jay Reatard (2012) " Better Than Something: Jay Reatard offers an uncommonly intimate portrait of the prolific garage-punk phenom who died of a drug/alcohol cocktail in 2010." — Variety
Posted Oct 12, 2012
—— On Coal River " A clutch of hillbilly Davids bests a corporate Goliath in keenly observed environmental docu On Coal River." — Variety
Posted Jul 5, 2012
89% Our School (2013) " Exercising admirable restraint in its expose of ingrained racism in the Romanian educational system, absorbing docu Our School follows the sad yet resilient journey of three Roma children over four years as they grapple with prejudice and stereotyping." — Variety
Posted Feb 27, 2012
90% Winnebago Man (2010) " At once scabrously funny and uncomfortably poignant..." — Variety
Posted Jul 6, 2010
89% Séraphine (2009) " A naive, between-the-wars French painter is brought to vivid life in the satisfying fact-inspired drama Seraphine." — Variety
Posted Dec 17, 2009
75% $9.99 (2008) " A deliberately coarse character style that's more Gumby than Gromit." — Variety
Posted Dec 16, 2009
—— Bored in Brno Variety
Posted Nov 6, 2009
81% Taxidermia (2006) " Taxidermia sets a benchmark for body horror in the cinema." — Variety
Posted Aug 14, 2009
—— Konyec Variety
Posted Jun 18, 2009
97% Howard Zinn - You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train (2004) Variety
Posted Jun 3, 2009
—— Monday (2000) Variety
Posted May 7, 2009
40% Gasoline (2002) Variety
Posted May 1, 2009
57% Phil the Alien (2004) Variety
Posted Apr 24, 2009
83% Up and Down (Horem Pádem) (Loop the Loop) (2004) Variety
Posted Apr 24, 2009
81% Disgrace (2008) " A focused, absorbing meditation on race, class, history and sex." — Variety
Posted Apr 23, 2009
80% Maya (2002) Variety
Posted Apr 16, 2009
91% Isn't This a Time! A Tribute Concert for Harold Levanthal (2005) Variety
Posted Apr 16, 2009
80% Czech Dream (Ceský sen) (2003) Variety
Posted Apr 16, 2009
—— S.O.S. szerelem! (2007) Variety
Posted Apr 10, 2009
—— Smell of Paradise Variety
Posted Apr 10, 2009
—— Carol's Journey (El Viaje de Carol) (2002) Variety
Posted Apr 8, 2009
8% Steve + Sky (2004) Variety
Posted Apr 7, 2009
—— Blood (2004) Variety
Posted Apr 2, 2009
—— Time We Killed Variety
Posted Apr 1, 2009
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