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4/5 91% Bridge of Spies (2015) "Spielberg should be applauded for coherently imparting a convoluted, international story and for skilfully showing how ideals can be compromised by the grip of paranoia. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Nov 27, 2015
4/5 85% Doctor Zhivago (1965) "Whatever its flaws, films made with this much chutzpah last forever. Doctor Zhivago wears its daunting runtime like the lightest of shawls and, even after all these years, it's still worth surrendering your heart to. " ‐ The List
Posted Nov 23, 2015
3/5 77% The Good Dinosaur (2015) "With a heart as big as its prehistoric creations, The Good Dinosaur is a likeable if lesser Pixar, a slightly lumbering beast that takes time to find its footing. " ‐ The List
Posted Nov 23, 2015
3/5 44% Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) "If the film lacks bite and panache, it's still true to the spirit of predecessors like Re-Animator and Zombieland in its fondness for wild horror and terrible taste laughs. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Nov 5, 2015
4/5 96% Black Souls (2015) "The focus moves fluidly around the key players, enriching the story, while the action is unflashy but precision-staged. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 29, 2015
3/5 64% Spectre (2015) "It's easy to enjoy but hard to care about. " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 22, 2015
4/5 84% Steve Jobs (2015) "Fassbender is appropriately assertive as Jobs, showing the level of maniacal self-belief it takes to convince the world to buy what you are selling, and how that might impact on those around you. " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 19, 2015
3/5 100% The Lady In The Van (2015) "Bennett's screenplay is a delight, routinely enriched by his masterful and richly comical turn of phrase. " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 14, 2015
4/5 69% Crimson Peak (2015) "A film that wants to be the final word on haunted house horror, as its director embraces and finesses myriad genre tropes, cranking the spectacle up so far it's astonishing it shows no sign of the strain. " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 14, 2015
4/5 83% A Bigger Splash (2016) "A Bigger Splash lives up to its title by being every bit as exuberant and refreshing as it sounds. " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 12, 2015
4/5 71% High-Rise "High-Rise is a feast of human depravity, flecked with blood, guts and filmmaking genius. " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 12, 2015
5/5 88% F for Fake (1974) "If Citizen Kane is testament to a young man's genius then F For Fake is testament to a veteran's rebellious spirit and wicked sense of humour. " ‐ The Arts Desk
Posted Oct 11, 2015
4/5 95% Son of Saul (2015) "Intense and challenging it may be but it's a film that's rich with both empathy and insight. " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 9, 2015
83% The Assassin (2015) "Martial arts fans will yearn for more action but this is a film that exercises restraint and prizes compassion, meaning those of a forbearing nature will see their patience pay off. " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 9, 2015
4/5 72% Suffragette (2015) "It's a tale that remains woefully relevant, and that in the hands of these film-makers is, finally, unforgettable. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 8, 2015
4/5 90% Beasts of No Nation (2015) "It's a confrontationally violent and equivalently humane portrayal of life in a volatile country where absolutely everything can be lost in a heartbeat - your family, community and entire way of life. " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 8, 2015
5/5 94% The Forbidden Room (2015) "A swirling, mutating apparition conjured from a crazed mind, this fluid and delirious film showcases a wealth of imagination as it drags us down through ever deeper, ever stranger layers of storytelling ... " ‐ The List
Posted Oct 8, 2015
4/5 88% Macbeth (2015) "This ferocious, masterful interpretation of the Scottish play lets rip with an onslaught of visual and emotional bravado, setting its story of ruthless ambition and spilt blood amid billowing smoke and red, raging fire. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 1, 2015
4/5 92% The Cabin in the Woods (2012) "This sassy, exhilarating monster mash will provide riotous entertainment for all but the faint-hearted. " ‐ The Arts Desk
Posted Sep 27, 2015
3/5 66% Life (2015) "Life depicts Dean as a sensitive, capricious creature, staring down his impending fame with paralysing foreboding. " ‐ The List
Posted Sep 21, 2015
4/5 88% Dohee-ya (A Girl at My Door) "A detective story with a satisfying social justice twist. " ‐ Little White Lies
Posted Sep 17, 2015
3/5 93% Bill "Bill is an entertainingly irreverent biopic, enlivened by modern references and liberated by being less obliged to educate than its televisual predecessor. " ‐ The List
Posted Sep 14, 2015
2/5 33% The Messenger "The Messenger tries to cultivate character by laying the stylish tics on thick (distractingly askew camera angles, frequent flashbacks) but most of the elements are at odds. " ‐ The List
Posted Sep 14, 2015
3/5 61% The Program "The Program delivers an efficient overview of the scandal and builds tension despite the inevitability of the outcome. " ‐ The List
Posted Sep 14, 2015
2/5 31% Kill Your Friends "An exposé of the music industry that takes superficially sinister turns yet lacks the comic chops or dynamism to amuse or excite. " ‐ The List
Posted Sep 14, 2015
3/5 59% Legend (2015) "An entertaining showcase for its versatile leading man, this oddly but defiantly upbeat film seldom fails to fascinate, even when it's for the wrong reasons. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Sep 11, 2015
4/5 89% Aaaaaaaah! "Oram's first-feature proves consistently intriguing and reliably amusing. The performers are beyond game, with the cream-of-the-British-comedy-crop cast investing proceedings with energy, conviction and variety. " ‐ The List
Posted Sep 1, 2015
4/5 95% The Second Mother (Que Horas Ela Volta?) (2015) "The terrifically effective premise allows for great humour and pin-sharp yet light-touch social commentary, and Val is a character to cherish. " ‐ The List
Posted Aug 31, 2015
3/5 87% Turbo Kid (2015) "Lovingly assembled, fist-pumping fun - a treat for big kids who like their triumph-over-adversity drenched in buckets of blood. " ‐ The List
Posted Aug 28, 2015
2/5 8% Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) "As insultingly cursory as the original, the film suffers from a fractured, sense-shorn narrative that makes huge leaps in logic and almost no attempt to address the complexities and controversies of its genetics storyline. " ‐ The List
Posted Aug 25, 2015
5/5 92% L'Eclisse (1962) "How wonderful that, especially in its newly finessed form, this cinematic milestone remains as pertinent, intriguing and seductive as ever. " ‐ The List
Posted Aug 24, 2015
4/5 95% The Dance of Reality (2014) "The Dance of Reality is a surprisingly moving, emotionally satisfying experience, which twirls you round in a warm, confident embrace, making sure to toss in plenty of its director's signature madcap moves. " ‐ The List
Posted Aug 17, 2015
4/5 85% Trainwreck (2015) "The laughs are hearty and abundant and Schumer's schtick is so distinct and refreshing that it's miles from the disaster the title suggests. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Aug 13, 2015
3/5 82% Mistress America (2015) "As ever with Baumbach, this is rich and intellectually ambitious but it flounders as it descends into farce - just like Brooke, it's not quite sure where it wants to go. " ‐ The List
Posted Aug 10, 2015
4/5 88% Marshland "Alberto Rodríguez's sixth film is a police procedural with real gravitas that pleasures in the contrast and competence of its grizzled leads. " ‐ The List
Posted Aug 3, 2015
5/5 87% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) "The Dark Knight Rises succeeds because it's rooted in real-world experiences and fears. " ‐ The Arts Desk
Posted Aug 1, 2015
4/5 96% The Wonders (2015) "Most of all, it's a film that knows the value of its appealing young stars and that makes their credible and entertaining antics its focus, winning you over with the squeals and strops of these tiny worker bees. " ‐ The List
Posted Jul 13, 2015
4/5 91% Dear White People (2014) "Simien helms with style to spare but makes sure the emphasis is firmly on substance, as he offers great insight into the contradictions and concerns of young black culture. " ‐ The List
Posted Jul 6, 2015
4/5 100% Li'l Quinquin (2015) "Rich with casually relayed social observation and parody, presenting its odd behaviour, incompetent police-work and murderous, hate-fuelled chaos without fanfare. " ‐ The List
Posted Jul 6, 2015
4/5 62% Magic Mike XXL (2015) "Magic Mike XXL is as sweet and steamy as oven-fresh cherry pie. " ‐ The List
Posted Jun 30, 2015
3/5 88% Dope (2015) "Famuyiwa's fifth film sets itself apart from gritty urban dramas with its non-conformist leads, bounce and cheerful aesthetic that skilfully fuses the retro and contemporary. " ‐ The List
Posted Jun 26, 2015
3/5 49% Manglehorn (2015) "An admirable but flawed film that's visually ambitious and that confronts difficult issues like isolation, romantic delusion and the terrible legacy of unchecked anger, not wholly successfully but with intermittent charm and no shortage of pathos. " ‐ The List
Posted Jun 23, 2015
3/5 82% The Overnight (2015) "Painfully funny and brilliantly performed. " ‐ The List
Posted Jun 22, 2015
3/5 54% Maggie (2015) "We've seen zombie films of all shades - from satires to splatterfests to rom-zom-coms - but rarely one which lingers so mournfully on the haemorrhaging of humanity, and which prizes it highly enough to do so. " ‐ The List
Posted Jun 18, 2015
4/5 98% 45 Years (2015) "The unusual premise turns out to be a fruitful way to explore the shadow of exes, and the danger of simply loving someone, in a film that's insightful, haunting and desperately sad. " ‐ The List
Posted Jun 18, 2015
4/5 87% Mr. Holmes (2015) "The ponderous pace and initial lack of focus will prove testing to some but this is a slow, steady film that builds in power almost imperceptibly, working its way deep under your skin. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jun 17, 2015
4/5 76% Love at First Fight (2015) "It's undeniably on the slight side but this is an endearingly scrappy film with a fighter's spunk and a lover's heart that doesn't surrender to sentimentality. " ‐ The List
Posted Jun 15, 2015
4/5 71% Jurassic World (2015) "Jurassic World has enough scares, scale, ideas and variety to keep every generation on the edge of their seats. It's good ol' family entertainment - just with much bigger teeth. " ‐ The List
Posted Jun 11, 2015
4/5 93% Spy (2015) "A hugely likeable, perfectly judged parody that provides empowering action and embarrassing incidents in equal measure. " ‐ The List
Posted Jun 1, 2015
94% Sherlock Jr. (1924) "Sherlock Jr. is notable for a series of scintillating, near-inexplicable stunts, Keaton's characteristically dexterous and deadpan performance, as well as for its fat-free rattling-good storytelling and witty intertitles. " ‐ Little White Lies
Posted May 29, 2015
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