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8% The Choice (2016) "The Choice is the cinematic equivalent of staring at a Hallmark Card for two hours. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 4, 2016
71% Southbound (2016) "The horror anthology genre gets a shot in the arm with Southbound, an uncommonly cohesive and intelligent example of the form. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 2, 2016
7% Norm of the North (2016) "Neither its animation nor voice performances are particularly memorable, but Norm of the North, especially in its early section set in the Arctic, has its appealing moments. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 29, 2016
9% Dirty Grandpa (2016) "It can be definitively stated that Dirty Grandpa is utterly unfunny. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 22, 2016
73% Band Of Robbers (2016) "Band of Robbers doesn't quite spin its imaginative conceit into comic gold, but it offers some minor pleasures along the way. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 21, 2016
53% Jeruzalem (2016) "The creepy evocativeness of its superbly utilized setting... and the well-realized creature designs make it a more than respectable horror effort. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 20, 2016
40% The Abandoned (2016) "The film is effective for long stretches, mainly due to Rockaway's superb use of his principal setting. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 8, 2016
70% Dementia (2015) "The pic is compelling for the most part, with Jones' riveting performance as the alternately sympathetic and nasty protagonist anchoring the proceedings. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 4, 2016
No Score Yet A Year And Change (2015) "A moving tale of personal redemption is delivered with admirable subtlety and complexity in Stephen Suettinger's directorial debut. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 23, 2015
83% Lamb (2016) "Lamb proves itself a deeply intriguing psychological drama that should inspire much spirited debate. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 21, 2015
0% Chander Pahar (2014) "Director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee's film version of the popular 1937 adventure novel by Bibhutishushan Bandyopadhyay struggles mightily for an epic quality. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 13, 2015
60% Sisters (2015) "It's a shame that this supremely talented duo is participating in such lowest-common-denominator, puerile material. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 11, 2015
88% The Tainted Veil (2015) "Rambling and unfocused, The Tainted Veil fails to do justice to its important subject matter, which the film itself seems to acknowledge toward its conclusion. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 9, 2015
46% Bleeding Heart (2015) "Despite its non-exploitative approach to its subject, the film... is too schematic and obvious to have the desired impact. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 9, 2015
82% Stinking Heaven "When one of the troubled figures runs fleeing from the stifling environs, it's hard for the viewer not to feel a touch of envy. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 8, 2015
79% Tales of Halloween "While it pales in comparison to such horror anthology predecessors as Tales from the Crypt, Asylum and Creepshow, Tales of Halloween offers enough minor diversions to make it enjoyable late-night viewing. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 7, 2015
50% Uncle Nick (2015) "Failing to live up to it anarchic convictions by adding sympathetic aspects to its central character shortly before the conclusion, Uncle Nick, much like the sorts of holiday celebrations it depicts, is ultimately too strained to be enjoyable. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 7, 2015
65% Krampus (2015) "While the violent sequences are very effectively staged, the results are a strange hybrid that doesn't quite work. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 3, 2015
80% Kingdom Of Shadows (2015) "Providing a chilling non-fiction parallel to the recent Sicario, Kingdom of Shadows is both heartbreaking and disturbing. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 19, 2015
25% Backtrack (2016) "[While Brody] delivers a typically intense turn in this Australian thriller, the film doesn't manage to shed its overwhelming air of familiarity and obvious debt to such genre predecessors as The Sixth Sense, among countless others. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 17, 2015
86% TransFatty Lives (2015) "Deeply moving and rambunctiously funny. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 16, 2015
No Score Yet Miles To Go "The story pretty much goes nowhere, with one key climactic element involving a dramatic episode that's inexplicably not depicted onscreen. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 9, 2015
No Score Yet Come Simi "It's an enjoyable enough road movie that, with a running time of a mere 74 minutes, is careful not to wear out its welcome. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 5, 2015
96% The Armor Of Light (2015) "The Armor of Light puts a human face on the perpetually divisive topic. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 27, 2015
19% Jem and the Holograms (2015) "Not being part of the generation that watched the show, I can't vouch for its merits. But it's safe to say that it must be miles ahead of this wan, bloated screen version which forgoes the original's sci-fi and thriller aspects. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 23, 2015
No Score Yet Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank (2015) "the film is most successful when it concentrates on its subject's personal life. His candor in discussing his sexuality and other subjects is endlessly refreshing in this era when politicians are mostly defined by their timidity. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 22, 2015
83% Woodlawn (2015) "Sports and religion are a potent combination, one that siblings Jon and Andrew Erwin (October Baby, Mom's Night Out) exploit to canny effect in their new film based on the real-life Woodlawn High School football team. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 19, 2015
No Score Yet Homemakers (2015) "As messy and unstructured as the inner life of its central character, Homemakers boasts an uncommonly ragged indie sensibility in its portrait of a disaffected young woman struggling with issues of self-identity. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 16, 2015
33% This Is Happening (2015) "Combining the most clichéd tropes of dysfunctional family comedies and wacky road movies, Ryan Jaffe's debut feature manages to squander the talents of several notable actors. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 7, 2015
63% The True Cost (2015) "The latest advocacy documentary that will either induce you into changing your ways or simply have you curling into a fetal position from despair. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 6, 2015
40% The Prime Ministers: Soldiers and Peacemakers (2015) "It also suffers from its one-sided perspective which often fails to provide sufficient informational context. But it nonetheless provides a vividly personal account of the country's travails during some of its most tumultuous times. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 6, 2015
100% Palio (2015) "Cosima Spender's documentary... plays like a classic sports drama thanks to its memorable central characters. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 29, 2015
No Score Yet Forever (2015) "While it doesn't quite manage to sustain that same level of tension throughout, Forever is an intriguing psychological thriller that bears attention. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 28, 2015
73% Unbranded (2015) "What viewers will come away with most is a renewed appreciation for the natural beauty of both the western region of the country and the wild animals that inhabit it. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 24, 2015
No Score Yet Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer (2015) "It doesn't delve too deeply into its subject's psyche or provide much context for his work, but fashionistas are likely to be entertained. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 21, 2015
21% The Perfect Guy (2015) "You've seen it a thousand times before. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 15, 2015
93% The Lady In The Van (2015) "It's Smith's eccentric oldster who is the film's driving force, and the 80-year-old actress doesn't disappoint. Not surprisingly, she fully exploits the humor in her character's bizarreness. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 14, 2015
18% Listening (2015) "Director/screenwriter Khalil Sullins makes an auspicious feature debut with his audacious sci-fi thriller that's as engrossing as it is thought-provoking. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 8, 2015
86% All American High Revisited (2014) "As amusing and sometimes painfully awkward as attending your own high school reunion, All American High Revisited is a vivid reminder of both how much things change and how they remain the same. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 8, 2015
17% The Transporter Refueled (2015) "The Transporter Refueled is running on cheap gas. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 3, 2015
36% Contracted: Phase II (2015) "It's all as ridiculous as it sounds, with only the occasional attempts at dark humor providing saving graces. Genre fans, at least, should be satiated by the copious amount of gore and viscera on display. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 2, 2015
No Score Yet A Reason (2015) "An overwrought family melodrama involving that hoariest of clichés, the reading of a will. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 1, 2015
34% War Room (2015) "It's not so much the plot or themes of the film that's the problem as the ham-fisted execution. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 28, 2015
78% Blood Punch (2015) "This supernaturally tinged comedic thriller is far more wickedly clever than most comparable Hollywood offerings. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 28, 2015
67% Pod (2015) "While there's something to be admired in the film's economy and tightly controlled atmospheric tension, its effectiveness is limited by the derivative storyline, mostly unmodulated performances and the obviously miniscule budget. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 24, 2015
95% We Are Still Here (2015) "Showcasing juicy performances by its actors who tear into their stock roles with admirable conviction, the film looks terrific. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 21, 2015
No Score Yet The Lost Key (2015) "[Manis says] the number one goal for couples should be to achieve "oneness" and "intimacy." The latter word is invoked time and time again, and... most viewers should assume that their relationship is sorely lacking it. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 17, 2015
31% Echoes of War (2015) "[A] sluggish post-Civil War drama directed and co-written by Kane Senes that wears its shopworn ideas too heavily on its sleeve. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 14, 2015
100% Diamond Tongues "That she nonetheless emerges as all too relatable is a credit to Moondi's astute screenplay and the nerve-rattling performance by its lead performer, here making an auspicious acting debut. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 12, 2015
61% The Boy (2015) "While it's admirable that director Macneill and his co-scripter Clay McLeod Chapman opted to emphasize mood and psychology over the story's more exploitable elements, it nonetheless results in a listless tedium. " ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 10, 2015
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