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100% Wild Zero (2000) "The sort of film that makes you want to down a bottle of vodka, throw your TV out of the window, set your house on fire, and pogo naked on the roof screaming, "ROCK AND ROLL!!!" " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Jul 19, 2010
67% It Happened Here (1999) "A chilling and thought-provoking film because it resists the clichés of Hollywood war movies, where good and evil are often clearly delineated. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Jul 12, 2010
88% Fantastic Planet (1973) "Grotesque yet graceful, it's a hallucinatory vision quite unlike everything you've ever seen. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Jul 5, 2010
No Score Yet Nude Vampire (2007) "A heady mix of old-fashioned romanticism with pulp comic books, Kenneth Anger, gratuitous nudity, S&M%u2026 and just a teensy hint of Ed Wood " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Jun 28, 2010
44% Zardoz (1974) "While it can't hope to achieve its grand ambitions, it's smart, it has some sharp dialogue, and the surrealism-on-a-shoestring visuals are undeniably striking. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Jun 21, 2010
88% Forbidden Zone (1980) "You could toss definitions at this thing all day and never hit the bullseye. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Jun 14, 2010
93% Suspiria (1977) "An eye-popping maelstrom of visual excess. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Jun 7, 2010
No Score Yet Jubilee (1978) "Flawed but fascinating, deliriously self-indulgent and perverse, it's the cinematic equivalent of having a mouthful of bile gobbed in your eye. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Jun 1, 2010
No Score Yet The Skull (1965) "The Skull succeeds against the odds... Freddie Francis enlivens a rote script with his visual flair. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted May 24, 2010
100% The Sorcerers (1967) "The Sorcerers interrogates the swinging sixties morality of 'pleasure with no consequences', prefiguring the way the hippy dream turned sour at the end of the decade. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted May 17, 2010
83% Android (1982) "In a line-up of all of Roger Corman's New World productions, Android stands out for its sensitivity and gentle humour. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted May 4, 2010
42% Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1973) "Like watching a George Romero rip-off, directed by Ed Wood, with a script scribbled by Joe Orton while he was ripped to the tits on poppers. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Apr 26, 2010
No Score Yet Matango:Attack of the Mushroom People (1963) "A surprisingly downbeat example of Japanese horror, with an extremely cynical view of human nature. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Apr 20, 2010
67% Fiend without a Face (1957) "A cinematic bad trip of the highest order. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Apr 12, 2010
3/5 34% The Wolfman (2010) "An adequately respectful but fairly forgettable film, which earns brownie points for the werewolf mayhem, good intentions and simply for not being Van Helsing. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Feb 19, 2010
3/5 74% Cold Souls (2009) "If you could buy Cold Souls in flatpack form from IKEA, when you laid out all the parts on the living room floor they'd look a lot like the components for a Charlie Kaufman movie. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Dec 1, 2009
3.5/5 89% Zombieland (2009) "There are more than enough good gags, but no moments that'll make you gag. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Oct 16, 2009
3.5/5 83% Pontypool (2009) "This is the sort of film that warrants a second viewing. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Oct 12, 2009
3.5/5 81% Bakjwi (Thirst) (2009) "The over-long duration makes it a gruelling journey at times, but it's worth sticking to the end, just to see what the hell Park will come up with next. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Oct 12, 2009
4/5 92% Drag Me to Hell (2009) "An uproariously entertaining piece of lunacy, studded with belly laughs. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted May 27, 2009
2.5/5 33% Terminator Salvation (2009) "Technically, this is a well-made movie, but that doesn't compensate for the predictability of the plotting, or the depressing lack of heart. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted May 22, 2009
5/5 98% Let the Right One In (2008) "Anyone who's ever felt marginalised will find their heart captured by this subtle, touching, highly original take on vampire mythology. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted May 12, 2009
5/5 95% Star Trek (2009) "By resurrecting Kirk, JJ Abrams has not only revived and revitalised Star Trek, he's given it a dose of Viagra. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted May 12, 2009
2/5 25% Friday the 13th (2009) "This is a desperately anodyne horror movie with all the flavour of soggy lettuce. " ‐ SFX Magazine
Posted Feb 19, 2009
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