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A- 85% Under the Skin (2014) " Johansson cuts a fascinatingly distant figure." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Apr 17, 2014
B+ 84% Joe (2014) " Ultimately, the plot feels second to a well-executed, beautifully shot look at various struggles around class, opportunity and crushing rural poverty." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Apr 10, 2014
B+ 89% Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) " Winter Soldier fares best when the characters get to breathe a bit. Evans is both a solid team player and a terrific solo act, playing well off of both Mackie and Johansson and going a bit deeper when required." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Apr 3, 2014
B- 96% The Lunchbox (2014) " Do not attempt to see The Lunchbox on an empty stomach. To do so is simply torture." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Mar 27, 2014
B- 41% Divergent (2014) " Woodley does a perfectly solid job as Tris (though she certainly doesn't have Lawrence's steady charisma), while James is all eyebrows, jawline and piercing eyes." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Mar 20, 2014
C 48% RoboCop (2014) " Over and over, the remake... moves right up to the edge of saying something powerful and pulls back at the last second, taking refuge in sub-formulaic dialogue and video-game action." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Feb 12, 2014
A- 96% The Lego Movie (2014) " Written and directed with confident, comedic fire by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, The Lego Movie careens with a joyous wit and energy more family movies could use." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Feb 7, 2014
C+ 33% The Monuments Men (2014) " Murray, John Goodman, and Bob Balaban, normally hardcore professionals, seem uncharacteristically unsure of their characters, all of whom seem to have indistinguishable motivations." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Feb 7, 2014
B 76% The Invisible Woman (2013) " Gorgeous and painterly from its opening frames and directed with a sure hand by its star Ralph Fiennes." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jan 23, 2014
C+ 18% Ride Along (2014) " Ride Along is a not particularly good, reasonably crowd-pleasing comedy designed as a vehicle for Kevin Hart first and Ice Cube second." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jan 16, 2014
A 94% Her (2014) " Her is a gorgeous fable about the way technological innovation is always a crapshoot and about the way such inadvertently violent changes can poke at the human heart. Jonze navigates such tricky spaces with a warmth he's never before shown." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jan 9, 2014
C 77% The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) " As Johnny Rotten famously asked, ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Dec 26, 2013
A 95% Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) " The music, supervised by Marcus Mumford and T Bone Burnett, is uniformly elegant and moving." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Dec 26, 2013
C- 50% The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013) " This is Mitty as emotionally bruised hipster who has been knocked around a bit, not as a quietly desperate, distracted man. Thurber's story is about secret longings; this movie reveals them all." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Dec 26, 2013
B 79% Saving Mr. Banks (2013) " At its best, Saving Mr. Banks is classic Disney, if not quite a Disney classic." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Dec 19, 2013
B 74% The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (2013) " Peter Jackson improves markedly upon The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. There is far more questing and far less talking about questing." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Dec 12, 2013
A- 83% The Punk Singer (2013) " The Punk Singer shows you that even the toughest, most heroic artists sometimes need a break, but the battle is always worth getting up and fighting again." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Dec 5, 2013
B+ 89% The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) " [Jennifer Lawrence's] skill set is wide: She might be the best on-screen crier in the business, but her Katniss is steely and vulnerable, her sexiness somehow self-deprecating. You absolutely want to follow her into battle." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Nov 21, 2013
B 94% Dallas Buyers Club (2013) " McConaughey and Leto are hypnotic to watch, and none of the above should take away from Woodroof's accomplishment. But one chooses the difficulty of one's dive, and Vallée has chosen a very difficult one indeed." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Nov 14, 2013
A- 90% Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013) " Blue is also one of the season's most emotionally engaging and complicated movies; it is to the credit of everyone involved that, ultimately, the sex scenes are the least interesting thing about the film." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Oct 31, 2013
A 97% 12 Years a Slave (2013) " There are moments that are less crushing than others, but there is no free-floating hope here, only that which Northup can make." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Oct 31, 2013
B- 29% Machete Kills (2013) " "Machete kills," U.S. President Rathcock says during, um, Machete Kills. "That's what he does." So, no false advertising here, folks." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Oct 10, 2013
B+ 57% Escape From Tomorrow (2013) " Escape from Tomorrow is a genuinely surprising, extremely uneven, downright experimental little movie that's bound to be buzzy in film and intellectual property circles because of how it was made as much as what it's about." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Oct 10, 2013
C+ 49% Parkland (2013) " JFK conspiracy advocates are invited to hold their letters; Parkland isn't really about all that, which is both a strength and a weakness. In contrast to, say, the phantasmagorical JFK, it is impossible to tell where history stops and Parkland begins." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Oct 3, 2013
B+ 89% Rush (2013) " Howard gives an epic, swinging story an appropriately epic, swinging treatment. You will likely race home afterward." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Sep 26, 2013
B 96% Enough Said (2013) " Both Gandolfini and Louis-Dreyfus do strong work, but it's virtually impossible not to look at anything other than Gandolfini when he's on screen." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Sep 26, 2013
C 35% Salinger (2013) " Holden would avert his eyes in mortification at such corniness. So should we." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Sep 19, 2013
B 71% I Declare War (2013) " I Declare War works best not as a Lord of the Flies riff but as a solid look at how close middle-school emotions are to the surface and how imaginary wars become real-life conflicts in the space of a too-harsh word." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Aug 29, 2013
B+ 86% Computer Chess (2013) " Computer Chess is packed with characters both specific to the tournament and familiar to anyone who has ever attended any sort of convention. You will recognize everyone's haircut from your 1981 yearbooks." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Aug 22, 2013
B+ 94% Fruitvale Station (2013) " Fruitvale Station shows us the last day of a young man, whose life was like a lot of young men's, who was shot in the back by public servants, his face against a cold subway platform." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jul 25, 2013
C+ 69% The Wolverine (2013) " Oh, Wolverine. Why, oh, why, in the name of all that is awesome and pointy, don't your movies work?" — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jul 25, 2013
B+ 87% What Maisie Knew (2013) " Both Moore and Coogan are note-perfect." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jul 11, 2013
B+ 72% Pacific Rim (2013) " It's actually a weird relief to see a summer actioner with the nerve to just say, "This is how this fantasy world works, take it or leave it, we have monsters to punch." It makes Pacific Rim the summer's most authentically comic booky movie/" — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jul 11, 2013
B+ 94% A Band Called Death (2013) " More than anything else, the movie is about family -- how we support them and they support us, what we sacrifice for them, how they inspire us and hold us back, what we tell them and what we leave out." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jun 27, 2013
B- 65% The Heat (2013) " When it clicks, when McCarthy is clearly riffing and Bullock floundering in the Judd-Apatow-school-of-comedy style to which we have become accustomed, the movie is good for cheap summer laughs. But after Bridesmaids, don't blame us for being let down." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jun 27, 2013
A- 84% Much Ado About Nothing (2013) " So, when can Whedon do the rest of the plays?" — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jun 20, 2013
B- 56% Man of Steel (2013) " As enjoyable as the action is, the final battle between Zod and Superman is city-smashing disaster porn that makes the final scene in Avengers look like a model of tasteful restraint." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jun 13, 2013
A 95% Stories We Tell (2013) " What Stories We Tell does so brilliantly is both tell the story and tell about how we tell our stories. The truth may not be out there." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Jun 6, 2013
C 11% After Earth (2013) " One tries not to get cranky about bad science in sci-fi blockbusters, but this is a staggeringly dumb idea." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted May 30, 2013
B- 68% Fast & Furious 6 (2013) " These are movies about driving cars really fast and destroying them. And, yes, the thing with the tank is awesome." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted May 23, 2013
B- 75% Pieta (2013) " It's a nasty, compelling thriller if you have the stomach, perhaps not as profound as it wants us to think it is, but sharply realized nonetheless." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted May 16, 2013
C+ 66% The Iceman (2013) " A movie that doesn't work as well as you might think it should." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted May 16, 2013
A- 87% Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) " If anything, Into Darkness shoves a Klingon dagger right between hard-core Trekkers shoulder blades. But those folks were never Abrams' target market, obviously. Everyone else may very well have a warp-speed blast." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted May 16, 2013
B 68% Renoir (2013) " Renoir really does have the lush glory of a Renoir, and that isn't easy to sustain. Any given freeze frame in this thing is lovely to behold. See Renoir for the glorious light and Theret's strong performance, but don't expect a whole lot of conflict." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted May 9, 2013
B+ 79% No Place On Earth (2013) " It is joyous to see these people, then children, now old, in natural light, and it is extraordinary to see them return to the cave that sheltered them." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted May 2, 2013
B 78% Iron Man 3 (2013) " If you have no investment in the larger Marvel movie universe, it could very well stand as the most accessible, easy-to-enjoy Iron Man movie." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted May 2, 2013
C 55% The Company You Keep (2013) " It's a big thing done in mediocre fashion, with a mystifying contempt for the audience's intelligence and faith." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Apr 25, 2013
A- 84% Upstream Color (2013) " Like Primer, Upstream Color will benefit from repeated viewings, from the ability to rewind, review, rethink. Dive in." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Apr 18, 2013
B —— The New Juarez (2012) " The New Juárez hopes for the best by reminding us of the worst." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Apr 18, 2013
B 77% Thor (2011) " Hemsworth gives the Thunder God all the spark he needs." — Austin American-Statesman
Posted Apr 12, 2013
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