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John J. Puccio

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Teacher, English and Film Study, retired. Classical Music Editor, $ensible Sound magazine. Review Editor, Member, Online Film Critics Society ( Bright, quiet, loyal, dependable. Easily trained. Will fetch. Make offer. Home theater: Sony KDL-40XBR6 widescreen HD television, Toshiba HD-A35 HD-DVD player, Panasonic DMP-BD50 Blu-ray player, Onkyo TX-SR705 A/V receiver, 7.1 Boston Acoustics Reference Series speakers with Energy e:XL subwoofer, Harmony One universal remote, Monster Cable speaker wire and interconnects. Primary target: The ICBM missile complex at Lapuda. My earliest recollection of motion pictures having a profound and moving impact on me was in about 1951 or 52 when my dad took me to see "All Quiet on the Western Front," the 1930 film in rerelease. I remember the lobby was filled with display memorabilia--World War I uniforms, rifles, a small cannon of some sort--fascinating stuff to an eight-year-old kid. I loved the movie, I loved the action, I loved the main character, and I was totally shocked and shaken when at the end he was killed! This was the hero. Heroes didn't die. Not in the movies. Not anywhere. It wasn't for another day or two that the second revelation sunk in. The hero was a German. Understand, I saw this film only seven or eight years after the Second World War, and the Germans had been our enemies. When my friends and I played army men, the bad guys were always Germans or Japanese. (Never mind that I was Italian; the Italians, as far as I was concerned, had never even been in WWII, let alone fought against us.) Anyway, "All Quiet's" hero, Paul Baumer, was a German, yet I was totally sympathetic toward him. It wouldn't be for another few years that I would recognize the significance in my life of books and literature in quite the same way as I had by then learned the value of movies. And they were lessons I would never forget. I tend to wonder sometimes if I'd be teaching English and Film today if it weren't for that hand reaching out to the butterfly. Sweet, touching, funny, exciting, romantic, unforgettable, and ofttimes monumentally poignant images make good films what they are, different and precious for everyone who watches them.
Some favorite films: Casablanca, Citizen Kane, The Godfather I & II, The Third Man, 2001, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, Dr. Strangelove, Snow White, Fantasia, Pinocchio, A Night at the Opera, Some Like It Hot, To Kill a Mockingbird, M. Hulot's Holiday, Psycho, Cabaret, Day for Night, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, The Music Man, The Outlaw Josey Wales, The Haunting (1963), The Uninvited, True Lies, Contact, Moonstruck, Cool Hand Luke, Alien, Dark City, Devil in a Blue Dress, My Fair Lady, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Singin' in the Rain, Stardust, Pan's Labyrinth, and about a thousand more. Not-so-guilty pleasures: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, The Ghost Breakers, Them! John
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5/10 46% Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2012) " When it was finally over, I found myself not just disappointed, but a little annoyed. Frankly, it seems more than a little like a cheat." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Mar 22, 2012
5/10 —— Carry On... Follow That Camel (Carry on in the Legion) (1991) " I can't say I had a great time with 'Follow That Camel,' but it's all clearly in good fun." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Mar 17, 2012
5/10 80% Young Adult (2011) " A cautionary tale? A slice of life? A demeaning of big-city shallowness or small-town complacency? Who knows. It's certainly a depressing black comedy." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Mar 12, 2012
5/10 46% Happy Feet Two (2011) " Not a bad film, just a disappointing one." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Mar 9, 2012
7/10 75% The Adventures of Tintin (2011) " If the movie reminds you of an animated Indiana Jones adventure, don't be surprised." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Mar 6, 2012
4/10 12% Striptease (1996) " The cynic in me leads me to suspect that Demi Moore only wanted to make the film to show off her newly buffed and enhanced body." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Mar 4, 2012
7/10 59% Disclosure (1994) " Little more than another Hollywood sizzler, a highly melodramatic and perhaps opportunistic look at a couple of topical themes; that said, it's also a lot of fun." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Mar 1, 2012
8/10 94% Hugo (2011) " ...not only pays tribute to the splendors of filmmaking by talking about them but by demonstrating them. It's a picture for film lovers of all ages." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Feb 26, 2012
7/10 84% Puss in Boots (2011) " Clever and witty enough for adults and colorful and zany enough for children. Moreover, it's adventurous enough for anyone to like, no matter what their age." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Feb 23, 2012
5/10 43% J. Edgar (2011) " Hoover may have been the sweetest, kindest, gentlest man in the world, or he may have been a ruthless bastard; we wouldn't know from Eastwood's cautious portrayal of him." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Feb 19, 2012
6/10 85% Spellbound (1945) " It may not be first-rank Hitchcock, but even second-tier Hitchcock is better than what most other directors produce." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Feb 16, 2012
7/10 —— Carve Her Name with Pride (1958) " Chronicling the real-life exploits of WWII British spy Violette Szabo, the film serves its purpose and presents its subject matter in a moving and dignified manner." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Feb 13, 2012
5/10 68% A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011) " For me, this was the best 'Harold & Kumar' film yet. Unfortunately, the film still comes off as too juvenile in its humor to have pleased this adult for very long." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Feb 2, 2012
8/10 100% Rebecca (1940) " While the film offers no overt violence or thrills, it is a model of sustained mystery and eerie suspense." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Jan 30, 2012
4/10 57% Love Story (1970) " If you're going to make a serious tearjerker, somebody's got to die. It's in the handbook of romantic platitudes." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Jan 24, 2012
6/10 97% Wings (1927) " big as they came in 1927, with a host of extras in the battle scenes and aerial footage that is often stunning." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Jan 16, 2012
4/10 68% Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) " For me, it was a matter of diminishing returns on a product that wasn't very good to begin with." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Jan 12, 2012
6/10 —— Reach for the Sky (1957) " Kenneth More's performance is at the heart of it all, a bigger-than-life realization that is hard to resist." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Jan 4, 2012
6/10 84% Contagion (2011) " A first-rate cast, excellent acting, and a reasonably taut pace help a somewhat lackluster and sometimes melodramatic story line over its more-predictable soft spots." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Dec 31, 2011
3/10 —— Santa Claus (1959) " I couldn't help feeling as I watched it that it must have a strong cult following somewhere simply because it's so...strange." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Dec 28, 2011
7/10 60% Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) " If viewers go in expecting another Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett as a cerebral Holmes, star Robert Downey Jr.'s vigorous portrayal of the character will surely be unsettling." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Dec 21, 2011
6/10 82% Dolphin Tale (2011) " While some adults may get impatient with it, kids will undoubtedly find it appealing." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Dec 17, 2011
6/10 61% Final Destination 5 (2011) " It's a neat, tidy, tightly wound little horror picture with a single-minded intent to startle you out of your seat while causing you to laugh immoderately." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Dec 14, 2011
5/10 81% Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) " The characters do a lot of chasing around, running, punching, and kicking, making the movie more exhausting than exciting." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Dec 8, 2011
7/10 70% Mission: Impossible III (2006) " The best of the first three for its nonstop action and sometimes pulse-pounding excitement." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Dec 5, 2011
6/10 61% Mission: Impossible (1996) " What used to be an IMF team effort turned into another star vehicle for Tom Cruise." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Dec 5, 2011
3/10 34% The Hangover Part II (2011) " ...almost the same gang of dimwits are up to the same shenanigans, with Thailand substituting for Vegas." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Nov 29, 2011
7/10 —— The Silver Fleet (2011) " A good, taut little WWII thriller that makes unique and worthwhile viewing." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Nov 22, 2011
6/10 71% Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) " It's best to watch it for its glorious cinematography and settings, and forget about Brando's participation." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Nov 13, 2011
7/10 82% Super 8 (2011) " While it's often tense and exciting, it's also more than a little exaggerated and corny at the end. You take what you get." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Nov 10, 2011
8/10 96% Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (2011) " It makes a fitting conclusion to a series that most of the film-going public has been following for over a decade." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Nov 6, 2011
7/10 66% Scrooged (1988) " It's got Bill Murray, and that's always a good thing." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Nov 4, 2011
6/10 78% Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) " The characters and their predicaments rather grow on you. Silly? Yeah, a little. Touching? Yeah, a lot." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Nov 1, 2011
3/10 —— Alien Outlaw (1976) " Yes, of course, there is gratuitous nudity. What respectable pulp sci-fi B-movie would be without it." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Oct 27, 2011
7/10 79% Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) " Because of its period atmosphere and its successful combination of characterization and action, it tops my list of best superhero films of the year." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Oct 19, 2011
5/10 —— The Riddle of the Sands " Perhaps director Tony Maylam was being too literal in adapting the novel to the screen, a novel that didn't translate well." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Oct 13, 2011
5/10 69% Horrible Bosses (2011) " While it may only be an average comedy, derivative of better things, these days it appears we have to be thankful for what's available." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Oct 7, 2011
4/10 26% Green Lantern (2011) " It drones on, needlessly complicating the story line with too many character relationships and too many dull stretches." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Oct 4, 2011
5/10 68% The Bad Seed (1956) "'s hard now to see what all the fuss was about." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Oct 1, 2011
6/10 94% Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) " Typically Hughes: funny, zany, silly, a little bit dull and annoying, and, eventually, a whole lot sentimental." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Sep 28, 2011
4/10 36% Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) " takes a certain talent to create as much action as Bay does without generating an ounce of excitement." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Sep 24, 2011
6/10 —— The History of Mr. Polly (1949) " Parts of the movie are engaging, parts lightly amusing, parts awkward, and parts a little dull." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Sep 17, 2011
5/10 77% Thor (2011) " ...although it looks good, it feels fragmented, the action never coming fully to life and the central character rather colorless." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Sep 9, 2011
8/10 —— Genevieve (1953) " ...a delightfully humorous frolic. Fun stuff, this." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Sep 7, 2011
6/10 —— Campbell's Kingdom " For what seems a pretty trite story, it develops some good dramatic action, romance, and interest in the main characters." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Aug 29, 2011
5/10 16% Assassins (1995) " The further into the action we get, the more ludicrous things become." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Aug 26, 2011
6/10 —— Agent 8 3/4 (Hot Enough for June) (1965) " ...enjoyably amusing. " — Movie Metropolis
Posted Aug 25, 2011
5/10 67% Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (Nightmare) (1973) " If you were a child and saw it for the first time on television some four decades ago, it might have seemed pretty scary." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Aug 23, 2011
4/10 4% The Specialist (1994) " Nothing in it should surprise you, despite the twists the story attempts to take. Formula is formula." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Aug 21, 2011
6/10 74% Sleepers (1996) "'s more than a bit disconcerting to see how the narrative makes serious wrongdoers sympathetic. Therefore, a qualified success." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Aug 16, 2011
7/10 —— Doctor in the House (1955) " One can understand after watching it why the public wanted to see more of the characters and their misadventures." — Movie Metropolis
Posted Aug 13, 2011
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