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96% The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) ""After experiencing 'The Two Towers' you'll realize that 'The Fellowship' was merely a nice appetizer to the extravagant main course. Now we can't wait for dessert!" " ‐
Posted Jan 8, 2003
96% Catch Me If You Can (2002) ""It's a fascinating story, and 'Catch Me If You Can' is just as fascinating to watch, especially with Leo taking the reigns as the suave, persuasive con artist." " ‐
Posted Jan 8, 2003
86% Chicago (2002) ""You can't wait for the next song to blast onto the screen in all its chic, sexy, stylish glory." " ‐
Posted Jan 8, 2003
81% The Hours (2002) "Ultimately, "The Hours" just beats us over the head one too many times with its depressing message. " ‐
Posted Jan 8, 2003
8% Extreme Ops (2002) ""Extreme Ops" completely goes off the deep end when it decides to turn its light-hearted stunt exhibition story into some sort of terrorist thriller. " ‐
Posted Nov 27, 2002
48% Jackass - The Movie (2002) "The most amazing super-sized dosage of goofball stunts any "Jackass" fan could want. " ‐
Posted Oct 25, 2002
16% Abandon (2002) "If writer-director Steven Gaghan would have limited himself to one topic and created a meditative drama on college life, "Abandon" would have been worthwhile. " ‐
Posted Oct 18, 2002
79% Punch-Drunk Love (2002) "A beautifully crafted film that truly exemplifies the art of filmmaking. " ‐
Posted Oct 10, 2002
69% Red Dragon (2002) "An all-star cast in a thoroughly entertaining suspense flick that will give even the sleepiest members in the audience a jolting wake up call from the very first minute. " ‐
Posted Oct 4, 2002
38% Sweet Home Alabama (2002) "If it weren't for Witherspoon, the only thing we'd remember about "Sweet Home Alabama" is its classic title song. " ‐
Posted Sep 27, 2002
63% Moonlight Mile (2002) "A naturally heart-wrenching dramedy that takes its viewers through the cathartic experience of a family's first few weeks following the sudden death of their daughter. " ‐
Posted Sep 27, 2002
22% The Tuxedo (2002) "If you think the plot is ridiculous, we dare you to see the movie. " ‐
Posted Sep 27, 2002
41% The Four Feathers (2002) "An intense war epic that offers Heath Ledger the performance of his career. " ‐
Posted Sep 20, 2002
47% The Banger Sisters (2002) "Sarandon's transformation from conservative suit-wearing suburban mom to a wanna-be Pat Benetar is hilarious! " ‐
Posted Sep 20, 2002
0% Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002) ""Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" is one of those movies that you should see tucked away and the bottom of the New Release section in Blockbuster where all the other straight-to-video, Z-grade explosion flicks are kept. " ‐
Posted Sep 20, 2002
4% Serving Sara (2002) "Anyone associated with this god-awful movie should be suspended from Hollywood for the rest of the year. " ‐
Posted Aug 23, 2002
81% The Good Girl (2002) "After a series of lame romantic comedies, Jennifer Aniston finally proves herself to be worthy of a leading role on the big screen. " ‐
Posted Aug 7, 2002
81% Road to Perdition (2002) "If the screenwriters could have accompanied the beautiful visuals with a unqiue and unpredictable story this would have been a movie to place in AFI's Top 100 of all time. " ‐
Posted Jul 15, 2002
66% Me Without You (2002) "It's a pleasure to actually watch a chick flick that appeals to all audiences because of its strict emphasis on human emotion, rather than fluffy pillows, pom-poms and makeovers. " ‐
Posted Jul 8, 2002
39% Men in Black II (2002) "Beyond the crowd-pleasing dog, Frank the Pug, "MIB 2" drowns in familiar territory. " ‐
Posted Jul 8, 2002
22% Mr. Deeds (2002) "It's not his best, but it is far from his worst. " ‐
Posted Jun 28, 2002
90% Minority Report (2002) "Spielberg has managed to pick from all his best attributes as a director and combined them to make this roller coaster ride through a fantastically detailed future world. " ‐
Posted Jun 21, 2002
30% Scooby-Doo (2002) "Since "Scooby-Doo" stoops to such bottom-of-the-barrel laughs I have no qualms about using a few childish words to bash this infantile attempt at creating a live-action update of a classic cartoon. Scooby-Doo is poo. " ‐
Posted Jun 14, 2002
44% Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002) "The film's parade of conflicts feels so forced that you just wish all of these women would just seek some serious mental help. " ‐
Posted Jun 11, 2002
Showing 1 - 36 of 36