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49% Heaven Is for Real (2014) " Leaves you feeling the film has somehow missed its mark, copping out with a mealymouthed, almost relativistic reading of the cosmic conundrum it has presented us with ..." — Variety
Posted Apr 15, 2014
—— Bad Country (2014) " A blandly executed action-thriller whose cast names (Matt Dillon, Willem Dafoe) and mild '80s Louisiana flavor offer only modest compensations for the story's workmanlike construction and routine twists." — Variety
Posted Apr 11, 2014
82% Afflicted (2014) " A nifty found-footage thriller that marks a promising debut for writing-directing duo Clif Prowse and Derek Lee." — Variety
Posted Apr 3, 2014
73% Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar (2014) " A serviceable Imax 3D nature documentary that duly meets the requirements of the form: majestic and intimate outdoor imagery, a grave yet reassuring lesson on the importance of wildlife preservation, and a short-and-sweet 40-minute running time." — Variety
Posted Apr 1, 2014
48% Rio 2 (2014) " Finally proves more exhausting than exhilarating as it lectures you about respecting Mother Nature one minute, knocks you over with a Gloria Gaynor cover the next, and squeezes in a lot of questionable comic relief in between." — Variety
Posted Mar 27, 2014
100% Journey to the South Pacific (2013) " Splendid views of marine life and the dulcet tones of narrator Cate Blanchett help a message of mild ecological alarm go down easily." — Variety
Posted Mar 17, 2014
—— The Great Invisible (2014) " A complex, deeply sobering appraisal of the fallout from the BP oil spill." — Variety
Posted Mar 13, 2014
79% Muppets Most Wanted (2014) " The creative spark and sense of purpose are gone in this hokey transcontinental caper." — Variety
Posted Mar 12, 2014
67% 13 Sins (2014) " A creepy little diversion that ultimately unravels long before its hero's fragile psyche does." — Variety
Posted Mar 9, 2014
—— Predestination " A breakout performance by Sarah Snook distinguishes this entrancingly strange science-fiction drama." — Variety
Posted Mar 9, 2014
77% Veronica Mars (2014) " Veronica is still hard as nails yet also, in her honest self-appraisal, as soft as a marshmallow - a description that unfortunately also applies to the movie." — Variety
Posted Mar 9, 2014
100% Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films 2014 (2014) " Themes of isolation and friendship play out in another fine crop of Academy-nominated toon shorts." — Variety
Posted Mar 2, 2014
13% Winter's Tale (2014) " Akiva Goldsman's feature-directing debut is a cloying, sledgehammer-subtle adaptation of Mark Helprin's vastly richer novel." — Variety
Posted Feb 12, 2014
92% The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) " Wes Anderson's captivating 1930s-set caper offers a vibrant and imaginative evocation of a bygone era." — Variety
Posted Feb 6, 2014
80% Land Ho! (2014) " Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson give pitch-perfect performances in this gently elegiac road comedy from helmers Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz." — Variety
Posted Jan 26, 2014
100% The Overnighters (2014) " [A] tough-minded, admirably unresolved film ..." — Variety
Posted Jan 26, 2014
80% The Raid 2 (2014) " A longer, slower, more expansive sequel that nevertheless delivers deep, bone-crunching pleasure for hardcore genre fans." — Variety
Posted Jan 22, 2014
—— Hits " Actor-turned-filmmaker David Cross misses the mark more often than not in this scattershot debut." — Variety
Posted Jan 22, 2014
—— Happy Valley " Amir Bar-Lev offers a typically gripping and thoughtful take on the Penn State scandal." — Variety
Posted Jan 21, 2014
91% A Most Wanted Man (2014) " Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a German intelligence operative in Anton Corbijn's steadily absorbing John le Carre adaptation." — Variety
Posted Jan 20, 2014
88% Dear White People " While it veers toward smugness and self-satisfaction at times, the Spike-Lee-lite exercise nonetheless heralds a fresh and funny new voice on the scene in writer-director Justin Simien ..." — Variety
Posted Jan 20, 2014
92% Calvary (2014) " Brendan Gleeson gives a performance of monumental soul in John Michael McDonagh's masterful follow-up to 'The Guard.'" — Variety
Posted Jan 20, 2014
55% Laggies (2014) " Keira Knightley gives a delightfully loose-limbed performance in Lynn Shelton's polished sixth feature." — Variety
Posted Jan 19, 2014
17% God's Pocket (2014) " A strained pileup of small-town stupidity that might more honestly have been titled "Sad Sacks 'R' Us."" — Variety
Posted Jan 19, 2014
77% Infinitely Polar Bear " Mark Ruffalo gives one of his most appealing performances in writer-director Maya Forbes' irresistible feature debut." — Variety
Posted Jan 19, 2014
83% Lilting " Hong Khaou makes a fine debut with this quietly resonant cross-cultural chamber piece." — Variety
Posted Jan 17, 2014
56% Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) " This conspicuous attempt to breathe new life into a long-dormant action franchise gets at least a few things right, chiefly the shrewd casting of Chris Pine." — Variety
Posted Jan 15, 2014
95% Blue Ruin (2014) " A lean and suspenseful genre piece that follows a bloody trail of vengeance to its cruel, absurd and logical conclusion." — Variety
Posted Jan 14, 2014
78% Big Bad Wolves (2014) " Despite its undeniable chops, this comic thriller from directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado never becomes more than a stylishly gruesome exercise." — Variety
Posted Jan 14, 2014
50% Divorce Corp. (2014) " A vigorous but clumsily argued expose of the corrupt family-court practices that have turned one of life's more painful experiences into a $50 billion-a-year industry." — Variety
Posted Jan 14, 2014
43% Cold Comes The Night (2014) " "Cold Comes the Night" mines the sort of B-movie territory elevated by the likes of "Fargo" and "A Simple Plan," but minus the dark humor and the inexorable sense of dread." — Variety
Posted Jan 9, 2014
50% Beyond Outrage (2014) " The narrative haze clears eventually, and the action-dialogue ratio balances out with a succession of swift, punchy setpieces." — Variety
Posted Jan 2, 2014
75% The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (2013) " After a bumpy beginning with 'An Unexpected Journey,' Peter Jackson's 'Hobbit' trilogy finds its footing in this much more exciting and purposeful second chapter." — Variety
Posted Dec 6, 2013
93% American Hustle (2013) " A brilliant cast shines in David O. Russell's deliriously funny account of the notorious Abscam case." — Variety
Posted Dec 4, 2013
20% The Last Days On Mars (2013) " A murkily derivative sci-fi-horror entry that basically amounts to Red Planet of the Dead." — Variety
Posted Dec 2, 2013
42% Oldboy (2013) " Revenge, like octopus, is a dish best served cold, but Spike Lee's disappointingly straight remake of "Oldboy" is a lukewarm meal at best." — Variety
Posted Nov 26, 2013
49% Black Nativity (2013) " A bold but clumsy attempt to bring Langston Hughes' popular musical to life onscreen." — Variety
Posted Nov 25, 2013
76% Lone Survivor (2014) " A scorching, often unbearably brutal account of a June 2005 military mission that claimed the lives of 19 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan's Kunar province." — Variety
Posted Nov 13, 2013
18% Free Birds (2013) " This seemingly innocuous toon fantasy becomes another noxious-but-sanitized exercise in family-friendly cultural insensitivity." — Variety
Posted Oct 29, 2013
65% Thor: The Dark World (2013) " This robust, impersonal visual-effects showpiece proves buoyant and unpretentious enough to offset its stew of otherwise derivative fantasy/action elements." — Variety
Posted Oct 22, 2013
49% Carrie (2013) " Peirce's film works for a considerable stretch as a derivative but impressively coherent vision." — Variety
Posted Oct 17, 2013
93% All Is Lost (2013) " An impressively spare, nearly dialogue-free stranded-at-sea drama starring a superb Robert Redford." — Variety
Posted Oct 14, 2013
22% Romeo and Juliet (2013) " A desultory new version of Shakespeare's tragedy that feels shorn of eroticism, intensity or purpose." — Variety
Posted Oct 9, 2013
43% The Face of Love (2014) " Annette Bening and Ed Harris bring potent conviction to this maudlin but strangely compelling psychological love story." — Variety
Posted Sep 18, 2013
67% How I Live Now (2013) " Held together by a forceful performance from Saoirse Ronan, director Kevin Macdonald's adaptation of Meg Rosoff's novel makes up in emotional immediacy what it lacks in broad dramatic sweep." — Variety
Posted Sep 14, 2013
44% Blind Detective (Man Tam) " This madcap mystery-romance sustains a light, bouncy tone and a decent hit-to-miss laff ratio even in scenes involving strangulation, dismemberment and cannibalism." — Variety
Posted Sep 14, 2013
83% The Armstrong Lie (2013) " Alex Gibney delivers not just a detailed, full-access account of his subject, in all his defiance, hubris and tentative self-reckoning, but also a layered inquiry into the culture of competitiveness, celebrity, moral relativism and hypocrisy." — Variety
Posted Sep 13, 2013
93% Top of the Lake: Season 1 (TV, 2013) " Absorbing and richly atmospheric. " — Variety
Posted Sep 13, 2013
92% Philomena (2013) " A howl of anti-clerical outrage wrapped in a tea cozy, "Philomena" applies amusing banter and a sheen of good taste to the real-life quest of Philomena Lee." — Variety
Posted Sep 13, 2013
79% Tracks (2014) " Mia Wasikowska gives a fine, flinty performance in this beautifully rendered adaptation of Robyn Davidson's international bestseller." — Variety
Posted Sep 13, 2013
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