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4/5 100% We Are the Best! (2014) " You'd have to have a heart of Arctic ice to finish the film not smiling with joy." — Radio Times
Posted Apr 18, 2014
2/5 —— Super Duper Alice Cooper (2014) " This competent but underwhelming portrait of the 70s/80s rock star sticks to the usual wave-graph structure of a thousand other rock bio-docs ..." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Apr 17, 2014
3/5 47% Reaching for the Moon (2013) " The atrociously sentimental score is an irritant, but the performances are solid." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Apr 17, 2014
2/5 50% Khumba (2013) " There's a pretty score of harmonic, Isicathamiya-influenced music, but this is a tedious time-killer for those desperate to keep kids occupied." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Apr 10, 2014
1/5 48% L'étrange couleur des larmes de ton corps (The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears) " This hyperstylised horror thriller plays like a feature-length advert for a perfume that would smell like tuberose, leather and rotting meat, with top notes of fake blood and old cheese." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Apr 10, 2014
72% The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) " The plot gets itself tangled up in multiple villain strands, but in the main this installment is emotionally weightier and more satisfying than its predecessor." — Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 8, 2014
73% The Pirate Fairy (2014) " So much better than one would expect for a fifth installment in a franchise, this tribute to female friendship and girl power is a kick." — Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 7, 2014
3/5 18% Honour (2014) " It's hard to work out for whom this semi-interesting hot mess was intended." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Apr 3, 2014
2/5 0% Almost Married " The actors gurn away like they're auditioning for roles in a Carry On reboot, and the denouement is as predictable as it is bizarrely abrupt." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Mar 27, 2014
4/5 67% Afternoon Delight (2013) " The cast is uniformly excellent, but special mention is due to Jane Lynch as a narcissistic therapist with distracting glasses." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Mar 27, 2014
3/5 67% Leave The World Behind (2014) " Very much an in-house-made, authorised portrait, the film does a solid job of capturing the sweat, spectacle and subsonic kick of the live performances, but delivers only a sanitised version of why they're splitting up." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Mar 27, 2014
3/5 81% G.B.F. (2014) " The result is mostly swishy, sweet fun, although admittedly it might have benefitted from a bit of tweaking to fluff up bigger, better, and bitchier one-liners." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Mar 20, 2014
3/5 81% The Machine (2014) " James overflogs the what-is-the-nature-of-being-dead horse, but directs with brio. Meanwhile, Lotz, with her child-like fragility and snappy kickboxing moves, is eminently watchable." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Mar 20, 2014
2/5 77% The Robber (2011) " Something of an endurance test." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Mar 20, 2014
78% Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) " The film's saving grace is its character design and use of 3D techniques to speed things up in every sense when the plot starts to flag." — Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 6, 2014
2/5 79% Lamb Of God's As The Palaces Burn (2014) " It's only mildly interesting unless you're one of the band's many rabidly loyal fans, especially since Argott, clearly thoroughly embedded, chooses not to dig very deep into the personalities and issues around the incident." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Feb 27, 2014
3/5 —— Bette Bourne: It Goes With The Shoes " As a documentary, it is hardly radical or ground-breaking (although the archive material is ace), but it's an engaging oral history, about a lovely person who gives good quip." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Feb 13, 2014
4/5 92% The Departed (2006) " It all makes for extremely watchable entertainment." — Radio Times
Posted Feb 11, 2014
48% RoboCop (2014) " This remake of the 1987 dystopian classic has a better cast, more meticulous script and, naturally, flashier effects, but it lacks the original's wit and subversive slipperiness." — Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 5, 2014
—— Fonzy " Apparently there is an Indian version in the works; perhaps eventually, by UN decree, there will be one from every country in the world." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Jan 23, 2014
2/5 75% Oh Boy " Seemingly aims to transplant a mumblecore aesthetic into Berlin, with all the requisite aimless hipsters, whimsical touches and rambling narrative dips and dives; but someone forgot to add spontaneity or edge." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Jan 16, 2014
36% Summer in February (2014) " A poor script and patchy performances drag down this Edwardian-era drama." — Variety
Posted Jan 14, 2014
5/5 97% 12 Years a Slave (2013) " A tale of suffering, endurance, courage and abiding humanity about a freeborn man kidnapped and sold into slavery, which packs all the more wallop for the elegance with which it's made." — Radio Times
Posted Jan 10, 2014
92% Grzeli nateli dgeebi (In Bloom) (2014) " An absorbing, intelligently assembled coming-of-ager that revolves around two pubescent gal-pals growing up in 1992, just after independence was restored." — Variety
Posted Jan 9, 2014
3/5 77% How To Make Money Selling Drugs (2013) " Deploys lots of sans serif graphics and handy statistics to explain how people escalate up the drug-dealing ladder." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Dec 26, 2013
79% Saving Mr. Banks (2013) " An affecting if somewhat soft-soaped comedy drama, elevated by excellent performances." — Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 9, 2013
2/5 38% A Long Way From Home " Rutherford does lovely things with the Provençal light, but Fox is too much of a cipher to care about." — Guardian [UK]
Posted Dec 5, 2013
90% Paradise: Hope (2013) " Austrian weirdmeister Ulrich Seidl's sometimes grueling but consistently compelling Paradise trilogy concludes on a surprisingly wistful, tender note." — Variety
Posted Dec 2, 2013
65% Thor: The Dark World (2013) " Too much hammer time, not enough fun, except when Loki's onscreen." — Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 5, 2013
51% A Single Shot (2013) " A Single Shot aims to serve up gritty backwoods noir but misses its target by some distance." — Variety
Posted Sep 16, 2013
74% Young & Beautiful (Jeune Et Jolie) (2014) " A nuanced, emotionally temperate study of a precocious youth." — Variety
Posted Sep 14, 2013
86% Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) " A smidge more commercial than Jarmusch's meandering previous effort, "The Limits of Control." But it still feels like an in-joke intended only for select acolytes, who will probably love it with an undying passion." — Variety
Posted Sep 13, 2013
85% At Berkeley (2013) " This unblinking study of academia offers a summation of sorts of Frederick Wiseman's exceptional career." — Variety
Posted Sep 13, 2013
91% Locke (2014) " An exceptional one-man show for Tom Hardy, this ingeniously executed study in cinematic minimalism has depth, beauty and poise." — Variety
Posted Sep 8, 2013
75% Moebius " Kim Ki-duk's latest is a gloriously off-the-charts study in perversity." — Variety
Posted Sep 8, 2013
54% The Zero Theorem " Ends up dissolving into a muddle of unfunny jokes and half-baked ideas, all served up with that painful, herky-jerky Gilliam rhythm." — Variety
Posted Sep 3, 2013
71% Paradise: Faith (2013) " Ulrich Seidl is back on home turf in Austria with Paradise: Faith, but no less willing to challenge auds with startling imagery, ambiguous morality and ruthless black humor." — Variety
Posted Aug 19, 2013
69% About Time (2013) " Gleeson and McAdams have a radiant, believable chemistry that keeps the film aloft, while the other actors glide through effortlessly ..." — Variety
Posted Aug 8, 2013
4/5 94% March of the Penguins (2005) " The avian protagonists' comical ungainliness on land and deadpan manner make for adorable viewing, while the austere, glacial landscape is consistently breathtaking." — Radio Times
Posted Aug 5, 2013
86% Alan Partridge (2014) " A scissor-sharp comedy of ineptitude and failure." — Variety
Posted Jul 24, 2013
60% Arcadia (2013) " The ever-reliable Hawkes does what he can with the material, but his part is too thinly written to convince." — Variety
Posted Jul 18, 2013
89% The World's End (2013) " The latest highly enjoyable exercise in jaunty pastiche from writer-director Edgar Wright and writer-thesp Simon Pegg, the brains behind "Shaun of the Dead," and "Hot Fuzz."" — Variety
Posted Jul 8, 2013
86% In the Fog (2013) " Sergei Loznitsa's sophomore feature is a more conventional work than his audacious debut, My Joy, but no less accomplished in its craft, especially thanks to sterling work by ace Romanian lenser Oleg Mutu." — Variety
Posted Jun 10, 2013
97% Ernest & Célestine (2014) " Ernest and Celestine is a charming animated feature inspired by Belgium writer-illustrator Gabrielle Vincent's wholesome children's books of the same name" — Variety
Posted Jun 7, 2013
38% The Purge (2013) " That old horror-movie standard, a homestead besieged by psychos, gets remixed with a bit of Occupy-era class-conflict satire in the disappointing future-set thriller The Purge." — Variety
Posted Jun 7, 2013
—— Lullaby To My Father Variety
Posted May 23, 2013
41% As I Lay Dying (2013) " Franco offers up a competently acted, technically adequate Cliff Notes take on Faulkner's narratively refracted tale of dirt-poor Mississippi folk in mourning." — Variety
Posted May 20, 2013
75% Pieta (2013) " This tidy, ultimately moving thriller about a loan shark who meets a woman claiming to be his mother offers up the director's vintage blend of cruelty, wit and moral complexity." — Variety
Posted May 15, 2013
60% Kiss Of The Damned (2013) " Kiss reimagines its bloodsuckers as horny, supercilious Eurotrash with addiction issues, sucking the life blood from naive American thrill-seekers." — Variety
Posted Apr 29, 2013
0% Lotus Eaters (2013) " Lotus Eaters wants desperately to be a portrait of the beautiful and the damned, with its tale of West London rich kids doing drugs and shagging each other, but it's more like a spectacle of the spoiled and annoying." — Variety
Posted Apr 5, 2013
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