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MaryAnn Johanson
  • "It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage." -- Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • "One should not believe in an ism." -- Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • "It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care." -- Office Space
  • "There's not a lot of money in revenge." -- The Princess Bride "

    Agrees with the Tomatometer 76% of the time.

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    21% Old Fashioned (2015) " Old-fashioned is right. Like how the Taliban is old-fashioned. Behold some pretty despicable passive-aggressive othering of women in the name of 'respect.' " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 12, 2015
    97% Two Days, One Night (2014) " A genuine horror story, sweaty with a palpable ring of truth about the unending fear that accompanies life on the knife edge of financial despair. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 11, 2015
    No Score Yet Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts (2015) " An extraordinary group of films concerned with corralling confusing and conflicting human experience at emotional borderlands. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 6, 2015
    99% Selma (2015) " A magnificent film, vital and alive, with the most profound sense of immediacy I think I've ever felt in a historical story. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 6, 2015
    100% Shaun the Sheep " Charming in that gloriously detailed Aardman way, but with its simple slapstick humor, it's strictly for the littlest tykes. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 6, 2015
    25% Jupiter Ascending (2015) " Sees no need to engage metaphor or dispense with cliché, so when you haven't seen it before, you can't believe what you're seeing. And not in a good way. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 5, 2015
    73% Gone Too Far! " Something like a Shakespearean comedy, full of highly amusing, sharply drawn characters and offering wicked insight into how identity is shaped by city living and immigrant culture clash. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 5, 2015
    86% Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts (2015) " Three of the five nominees are about women, and it's hardly a surprise that their fresh perspective results in stories that are new and original. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 4, 2015
    27% The Devil's Violinist (2015) " A hilariously histrionic depiction of 19th-century superstar violinist Niccolò Paganini's rise to fame, far more Monty Python than Mozart. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 3, 2015
    100% Tales Of The Grim Sleeper (2014) " Filmmaker Nick Broomfield does something completely astonishing (though it shouldn't be): he listens to people the cops utterly ignored. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 3, 2015
    86% Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts (2015) " In the deeply moving 'The Bigger Picture,' Daisy Jacobs uses a fresh and unique animation style to tell a story that is full of humanity. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Feb 2, 2015
    74% Amira & Sam (2015) " A delightfully engaging, convention-busting slice of of-the-moment America that is far from the typical culture-clash romantic dramedy. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 30, 2015
    74% Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) " I cannot recall a film that left me with such a sour taste in my mouth by its end. Does the movie deliberately defy itself with obnoxious intent? " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 30, 2015
    94% Bad Hair (2014) " A heartbreaking child's-eye view of the moment when it begins to dawn that the world is going to be unimaginably cruel to a nonconformist. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 30, 2015
    59% Son of a Gun (2015) " Misogynistic, predictable, crammed with tonal shifts, and devoid of likable characters. Another young filmmaker has taken all the wrong cues from Hollywood. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 29, 2015
    70% Trash " This isn't a children's movie... and yet it kind of is, too, with its odd mishmash of social realism, action thrills, misplaced comedy, and simplistic drama. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 29, 2015
    89% Big Hero 6 (2014) " Joyous and exhilarating. A fresh and funny animated adventure that subverts genre clichés at every turn. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 28, 2015
    75% Pump (2014) " You will be shocked, I am sure, to discover that Big Oil has put its profits before all else (including you). " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 26, 2015
    89% Ex Machina (2015) " There's nothing fresh or even usefully true in its cartoonish dichotomy about men, but this pseudo-SF flick will expound upon it with pretentious tedium. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 23, 2015
    46% The Gambler (2014) " It doesn't quite work as a package, but Wahlberg is a real pleasure to watch as he crafts a portrait of a tormented anti-hero with an apparent death wish. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 22, 2015
    13% Mortdecai (2015) " This painfully unfunny spoof of teddibly British nonsense couldn't be less amusing if it were actually calculated to be totally laugh-free. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 22, 2015
    28% Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) " Simultaneously the dullest and the most insulting version of itself it could possibly be. If only it had managed to be campy, that'd be something... " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 21, 2015
    95% Whiplash (2014) " If you didn't think music could involve actual blood, sweat, and tears, this breathtakingly visceral coming-of-artistic-age drama will set you straight. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 16, 2015
    73% American Sniper (2015) " A banal, bland tribute to things no one questions as laudable (though it has to misrepresent its subject to do so). But Bradley Cooper is very good. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 14, 2015
    10% Taken 3 (2015) " This is a movie as its own death wish. To call it cheap, lazy, and perfunctory grants it a dignity that implies there was another path it could have taken. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Jan 9, 2015
    22% The Woman in Black 2 Angel of Death (2015) " Thinks it's hitting notes of subconscious dread, but it's just swinging a sledgehammer of tropes and hoping one of them sticks. (Spoiler: None do.) " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 31, 2014
    51% Unbroken (2014) " Jack O'Connell is the most exciting young actor to break out in years, and he makes this overly familiar film worth your time... if only just. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 27, 2014
    28% Annie (2014) " Quvenzhané Wallis is adorable and Cameron Diaz is a hoot. But the movie is energetic yet bland, inoffensive and instantly forgettable. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 17, 2014
    90% Wild (2014) " A film full of spectacular landscapes of both the natural world and the human spirit. This is what it looks like when women get to be people onscreen. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 15, 2014
    88% Merchants Of Doubt (2015) " Opens our eyes to the PR sleight of hand that huge corporations deploy to protect their profits when facts and science aren't going their way. Enraging. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 11, 2014
    78% Electricity " Model-turned-actor Agyness Deyn is strange and lovely in a visually innovative and dramatically unexpected tale of personal adventure. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 11, 2014
    60% The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) " I fear that Peter Jackson has been suffering from a similar affliction to the dwarf king's 'dragon sickness': a compulsive lust for epicness. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 10, 2014
    71% Penguins Of Madagascar (2014) " Gloriously bonkers. Like, Looney Tunes levels of cartoon madness. You will laugh your homo sapien head off. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 5, 2014
    82% Black Sea (2015) " An underwater heist of Nazi loot? Awesome. Submarine movies don't get much better than this intensely suspenseful popcorn adventure. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 5, 2014
    90% Eastern Boys (2015) " Repugnant drama about the tender relationship between a man who pays for sex and the boy he hires. At least Pretty Woman pretended to be a fairy tale. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 5, 2014
    71% Bonobo " A gentle, poignant dramedy about getting out of your comfort zone, one that smashes the tropes of microbudget films with its wildly original story. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 4, 2014
    54% Pioneer (2014) " What is intended to be a suspenseful period drama of paranoia and conspiracy is far too slow-moving and meandering to truly engage. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 3, 2014
    91% The Way He Looks (2014) " A charming teen drama bursting with a warmth and compassion unexpected in the genre, and with a freshly sweet surprise of young love. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 3, 2014
    76% Get Santa " Or, That Time That Santa Went to Prison and Dad Broke Parole to Spring Him. You know, for kids! A new classic in the annals of Yuletide movie misfires. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 3, 2014
    1/5 35% Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) " Horrible Bosses 2 left such a rancid taste in my mouth that it left me reconsidering the fact that I liked Horrible Bosses. " ‐ Orlando Weekly
    Posted Dec 2, 2014
    No Score Yet Delusions Of Guinevere (2014) " It's overambitious for its tiny budget, but hooray for female filmmakers pushing in and taking space for their own stories of sympathetic screw-ups. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 1, 2014
    84% Antarctica: A Year on Ice (2014) " I've been waiting for a movie like this, and I can't believe no one has done this before: shown us life over a full year in the most remote place on Earth. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Dec 1, 2014
    100% Hockney " You don't need to be a fan of the artist to enjoy this spirited celebration of his life and art. But you may end up a fan afterward. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 28, 2014
    33% Before I Disappear (2014) " The 90-minute expansion of an Oscar-winning short chooses art over heart, and lacks the emotional conviction of its progenitor. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 27, 2014
    98% Paddington (2015) " Adorable. So witty and compassionate and bittersweet and just the right little bit of snarky that you will cry tears of joy from the perfection of it. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 26, 2014
    35% Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) " It's not funny, only its villains speak truth, and its putative heroes are now the horrible bosses... though the movie doesn't seem to realize that. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 24, 2014
    59% My Old Lady (2014) " A bitterly funny pas de trois character dramedy performed by three compulsively watchable actors. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 21, 2014
    80% Get On Up (2014) " Solid biopic of the godfather of funk and soul, but there's not much genuinely memorable about it beyond Chadwick Boseman's stunning breakout performance. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 21, 2014
    96% What We Do In The Shadows (2015) " An absolutely hilarious mockumentary combination of utter silliness, social satire, pop-culture cramdown, and heartfelt pathos. And vampires. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 19, 2014
    75% Rosewater (2014) " Jon Stewart's first film is passionate and principled, as I expected, but also hopeful, almost serene, and even gently amusing, which I did not. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 14, 2014
    65% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014) " One of the best SF series ever deepens its critique of the power of propaganda in ways complicated, intriguingly contradictory, and a little bit horrifying. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 13, 2014
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