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49% The Bastard Executioner: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Maybe by 2019 the hero will have finally gotten revenge. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Sep 15, 2015
100% Key & Peele: Season 5 (TV, 2015) "Key & Peele ended its five-season run with a spot in the comedy pantheon secure. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Sep 10, 2015
91% The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Colbert didn't reinvent the wheel, but he took it for quite a spin, and his charisma enlivened even the bits that didn't quite work, like his "gotcha" question to Bush about the ways in which he differs politically from his brother George. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Sep 9, 2015
3.5/4 74% Time Out Of Mind (2015) "Watching "Time Out of Mind" is not like the ordinary experience of watching a movie; it's more like being in a public place and deciding to allow the scene around you to become a drama. " ‐
Posted Sep 8, 2015
1/4 26% Dirty Weekend (2015) ""Dirty Weekend" is a decent idea for a low-budget movie that never gets past the idea stage, and after a brief while, you may start to question whether it should have been a movie at all, much less a 90-minute one. " ‐
Posted Sep 4, 2015
96% Mr. Robot: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "I have no idea how the show's cultural and technological jokes and references will date (probably quickly, and badly; that's how this sort of thing tends to go), but I love them. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Sep 3, 2015
97% Hannibal: Season 3 (TV, 2015) "No series, Twin Peaks included, has quite managed to be as deadly serious but also as winkingly ludicrous, so that you can't easily separate one mode of presentation from the other. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Aug 31, 2015
67% The Carmichael Show: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Even though this series is far from perfect, it's intelligent and unusual, and it's trying to do something besides distract us and turn our brains into mush: the Lear mandate. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Aug 31, 2015
2.5/4 78% Z For Zachariah (2015) ""Z for Zachariah" is ultimately too dramatically slight and brief for its ambitions, despite its sometimes labored myth-making script and visuals. " ‐
Posted Aug 28, 2015
2.5/4 74% 7 Chinese Brothers (2015) "You've seen this movie before in different guises. Byington does seem to have a vision of life, though, which is more than you can say for most comedy directors working at this budget level. " ‐
Posted Aug 28, 2015
3/4 82% Mistress America (2015) ""Mistress America" is a very funny and observant movie, albeit squirm-inducing, with endlessly quotable dialogue. " ‐
Posted Aug 14, 2015
1.5/4 9% Fantastic Four (2015) "Maybe "Fantastic Four" is a cursed property, or maybe just one that shouldn't be turned into a film? " ‐
Posted Aug 6, 2015
20% Mr. Robinson: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "I like Craig Robinson a lot, and I wish his self-titled NBC sitcom about a small-time Chicago musician and substitute teacher were better. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Aug 5, 2015
85% Difficult People: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Not too many [post-Seinfeld sitcoms] are willing to really, truly commit and create unpleasant characters that you ultimately like because they're funny and make an art out of going too far. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Aug 5, 2015
3/4 91% The End Of The Tour (2015) "Certainly one of cinema's finest explorations of an incredibly specific dynamic - that of the cultural giant and the reporter who fantasizes about one day being as great as his subject, and in the same field. " ‐
Posted Jul 31, 2015
4/4 93% Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) "If you watched all of the "Mission: Impossible" films in a row, starting with 1996's original, would they feel like a James Bond version of "Boyhood"? Maybe. " ‐
Posted Jul 30, 2015
3.5/4 96% Listen To Me Marlon (2015) "The actor's ruminations are sometimes barely coherent but more often delightful: by turns bawdy, sentimental, self-pitying, self-lacerating, philosophical and bewildered. " ‐
Posted Jul 29, 2015
3.5/4 89% Horse Money (2015) "As gorgeous and impenetrable as a dream. " ‐
Posted Jul 24, 2015
59% Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "What middle-aged man is this obsessed with the chastity of his daughter, let alone one he didn't know existed until recently? " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Jul 17, 2015
1.5/4 42% Irrational Man (2015) "It is not merely a bad film. It is a collection of notes for a film that never quite evolved to the rough draft stage, much less cohered into a finished movie. " ‐
Posted Jul 17, 2015
79% The Jim Gaffigan Show: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Mainly it's content to do things you've seen done a million times, and well. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Jul 15, 2015
3/4 96% Tangerine (2015) "Assured and immensely likable, truly independent in story and style. " ‐
Posted Jul 10, 2015
79% The Strain: Season 2 (TV, 2015) "I don't hate-watch this show, I hope-watch it. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Jul 9, 2015
100% Rectify: Season 3 (TV, 2015) "Rectify is such a quiet, patient series that it takes awhile to realize how radical its storytelling is. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Jul 8, 2015
3/4 62% Magic Mike XXL (2015) "Does the movie work? Intermittently, sometimes brilliantly. " ‐
Posted Jun 30, 2015
100% Catastrophe: Series 1 (TV, 2015) "You'll smile whenever you say the title; the show's first season, a brisk six episodes, leaves you no other option, because it's so damn likable. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Jun 29, 2015
3.5/4 83% Runoff (2015) "This isn't a perfect movie... But I can say without hesitation that if you want to be able to say you were there when a great American filmmaker's career kicked off, you need to see Runoff. " ‐
Posted Jun 26, 2015
54% The Brink: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "The Brink is a throwback to the early days of HBO, when the quality of the cable... mattered less than the novelty of being able to show men on TV doing drugs, having sex with hookers, throwing F-bomb-laden insults at each other, and generally carrying. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Jun 22, 2015
3/4 87% Gabriel (2015) "Is "Gabriel" trying to say anything about mental illness, or society's attitude toward it? I don't think so, and that's probably for the best, because it's a big part of what makes the movie so refreshing. " ‐
Posted Jun 21, 2015
3/4 100% 3 And 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets (2015) "It's told in a contemplative style that brings the story's emotions to life without hyping them. " ‐
Posted Jun 19, 2015
4/4 98% Inside Out (2015) "The kind of classic that lingers in the mind after you've seen it, sparking personal associations. And if it's as successful as I suspect it will be, it could shake American studio animation out of the doldrums it's been mired in for years. " ‐
Posted Jun 18, 2015
3/4 20% Chagall-Malevich (2015) "Bichevin is the anchor for all of the director's flights of invention. When his Chagall says that life can be wondrous no matter how dire things get, you believe him. " ‐
Posted Jun 15, 2015
65% True Detective : Season 2 (TV, 2015) "The result often plays like a cousin of The Wire as directed by Michael Mann - the kind of series that presents its broken, brooding heroes as if they were characters in an opera about the many different flavors of corruption, institutional and personal. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Jun 12, 2015
3/4 71% Jurassic World (2015) "It's possible to filter out the irritating aspects and enjoy the movie as a raucous, often brilliantly assembled spectacle. But we shouldn't have to. " ‐
Posted Jun 10, 2015
3/4 49% Tomorrowland (2015) "The film is a personal work of art that seems born of stubborn passion. " ‐
Posted May 19, 2015
92% Mad Men: Season 7 Episode 14 "Maybe what we're seeing here is the reconciliation of Don Draper and Dick Whitman. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted May 18, 2015
86% Wayward Pines: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "It takes a while - two episodes, at least - for the viewer to really tune into its odd wavelength. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted May 17, 2015
2.5/4 75% Good Kill (2015) "An intelligent but not terribly effective drama. And its discussion of military ethics, especially with regard to what it means to be able to kill people without physical consequences, is promising, but it does not go far enough. " ‐
Posted May 17, 2015
100% The Birthday Boys: Season 1 (TV, 2013) "Is IFC's The Birthday Boys hilarious and weird and wonderful, or do I just miss HBO's great, long-ago-canceled sketch classic Mr. Show With Bob and David? Probably the latter. But I'll take it anyway. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted May 15, 2015
4/5 96% Mad Men: Season 7 Episode 13 "The contrast between Henry's stridently macho denial and Betty's nearly serene acceptance is a perfect illustration of classically gendered responses to irrevocable bad news. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted May 11, 2015
3/4 88% Noble (2015) "Intelligent, sincere and unabashedly goodhearted. " ‐
Posted May 8, 2015
97% Mad Men: Season 7 Episode 12 "I loved everything about the Peggy-Roger scenes, including the bestowing of the oral octopod painting, Roger's Phantom of the Opera-like audio "entrance" offscreen, and the business with Roger convincing her to go out for liquor. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted May 4, 2015
3/4 48% Ride (2015) "This is an unusual movie, especially when you look back and realize how usual it seemed going in. " ‐
Posted May 1, 2015
3/4 74% Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) ""Age of Ultron" proves that a movie with stealth fighter jets, levitating cities and Hulk-on-robot fisticuffs can be as freewheeling as a no-budget indie. " ‐
Posted Apr 28, 2015
5/5 97% Mad Men: Season 7 Episode 11 "Though some spectacular and unforeseen upheaval could still happen in the final three episodes and reverse everything, what's been going on feels like a "life goes on" TV-series ramp-down that ties up loose ends in its own way. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Apr 27, 2015
3/4 54% The Age of Adaline (2015) "I've never seen a less involving movie become so compelling at the exact moment when you've resigned to write it off as just okay. What happened? " ‐
Posted Apr 24, 2015
2/4 63% The Water Diviner (2015) "To watch "The Water Diviner" it be warned constantly that we must break ourselves of our addiction to imagery that the film we're watching can't seem to resist. " ‐
Posted Apr 24, 2015
2.5/4 36% Misery Loves Comedy (2014) "While genial and never dull, the film is all over the place, a classic example of trying to do and say too much. " ‐
Posted Apr 23, 2015
4/5 89% Mad Men: Season 7 Episode 10 "Mad Men heads into its final stretch seeming not terribly interested in giving the audience what it wants. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Apr 20, 2015
3.5/4 100% Rebels of the Neon God (2015) "[Rebels of the Neon God] is the director's most accessible film. That will seem like a funny observation once you've seen it, because Tsai's most accessible film is more unusual and uncompromising than any you're likely to see this year. " ‐
Posted Apr 14, 2015
100% Silicon Valley: Season 2 (TV, 2015) "Suzanne Cryer fills in as Peter's replacement, Laurie Bream. Both the character and the actress are excellent - at once reassuringly familiar and off-putting in ways that don't register right away. " ‐ New York Magazine/Vulture
Posted Apr 13, 2015
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