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3/5 63% One Direction: This Is Us (2013) " Spurlock upholds docu-clichés (childhood photos, time-lapse set-building) but brings fizz to the 3D songs and presents the fab five as your typical, likeable, everyday millionaire idols." — Total Film
Posted Aug 28, 2013
4/5 75% The Kings of Summer (2013) " The kids are superb - the ups and downs of the Joe/Patrick friendship ring true, while oddball Moises Arias steals scenes left, right and off-centre." — Total Film
Posted Aug 12, 2013
4/5 72% Pacific Rim (2013) " A huge, CGI-heavy popcorner that still feels personal. Come for the epic monster-on-mecha showdowns, stay for the likeable humans." — Total Film
Posted Jul 8, 2013
4/5 55% Man of Steel (2013) " A bracing attempt to bring the legend back into contention that successfully separates itself from other Super-movies but misses some of their warmth and charm." — Total Film
Posted Jun 11, 2013
2/5 19% The Hangover Part III (2013) " Less abrasive than Part II, but lacking any of Part I's freshness, this is the most lacklustre return-to-Vegas, trilogy-closing caper since Ocean's Thirteen." — Total Film
Posted May 21, 2013
4/5 87% Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) " After a confident take-off, Abrams keeps the franchise flying with a faster, faster, FASTER sequel that makes for the most thrilling Star Trek since First Contact." — Total Film
Posted Apr 25, 2013
3/5 36% The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013) " Carell and Carrey shine like sequinned suits in a comedy that allows them endless fun with the dressing-up box. More narrative verve and it could've been The Prestige in a big-cat wig." — Total Film
Posted Mar 10, 2013
5/5 64% The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) " Peter Jackson's return to swords, sorcery and beards deserving of their own postcodes is fantasy how it ought to be." — Total Film
Posted Dec 5, 2012
3/5 24% Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) " Aside from the usual self-slamming doors and flying bodies, there are enough creepy kids and hiding knives to distract from a plot that's increasingly mobile yet running on the spot." — Total Film
Posted Oct 16, 2012
2/5 71% The Wedding Video (2014) " For a better Webb/wedding bet, try Confetti or Peep Show's Season 4 finale." — Total Film
Posted Aug 6, 2012
5/5 88% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) " A smart, stirring spectacle that faces down impossible expectations to pull off a hugely satisfying end to business." — Total Film
Posted Jul 16, 2012
4/5 84% The Hunger Games (2012) " Like its source, this is both credible science fiction and a teen tale that doesn't patronise or pander to its audience." — Total Film
Posted Mar 16, 2012
94% Moneyball (2011) " Possibly the smartest, sharpest baseball movie since 1988's Bull Durham." — Total Film
Posted Nov 16, 2011
3/5 84% Contagion (2011) " A level-headed take on a topic that's often an excuse for madness and melodrama." — Total Film
Posted Oct 19, 2011
3/5 75% The Adventures of Tintin (2011) " Like the 3D, an adventure that's serviceable but doesn't reach out and grab you as often as you'd expect. Frenetic to a fault, it'll divert the under-10s; older viewers may feel there's not enough lift in the quiff." — Total Film
Posted Oct 13, 2011
3/5 84% Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2011) " Genre staples and stereotypes are slain only for convention to wreak revenge; but it'd sure be sweet to follow the loveable lugs on another misadventure." — Total Film
Posted Sep 14, 2011
4/5 83% Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) " Prepare to lose yourself - in every sense - in a labyrinth of double-agents, deception and damn fine acting from the year's best British line-up. Oldman at least deserves the Oscar nod he's been long denied." — Total Film
Posted Sep 7, 2011
5/5 94% Days of Heaven (1978) " Wholly divine." — Total Film
Posted Aug 26, 2011
3/5 44% Cowboys & Aliens (2011) " Solid bordering on stolid. It's Favreau in control again after Avengers advert Iron Man 2 - but given the possibilities, a mild, mild west. More horsing around and another set-piece or two might've helped." — Total Film
Posted Jul 29, 2011
3/5 79% Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) " The final piece of the Avengers jigsaw falls efficiently into place: decent acting, decent action, a few too many "we're all heroes inside" platitudes." — Total Film
Posted Jul 21, 2011
3/5 79% Chalet Girl (2011) " It's steered to success - just - by Jones, a natural, likeable everygirl who will make you care, possibly against your will, about a story as old as the Alps." — Total Film
Posted Mar 7, 2011
2/5 24% The Dilemma (2011) " A film with an identity crisis: an awkward hybrid of comedy and drama that's never sure of which avenue to pursue." — Total Film
Posted Jan 20, 2011
3/5 53% Knight & Day (2010) " Diminishing returns eventually topple it, but not before Cruise has cemented one of his most relaxed and likeable performances in some time." — Total Film
Posted Aug 12, 2010
4/5 92% Ponyo (2009) " Bar the climactic dip, another Ghibli charmer that finds story, subject matter and style in freewheeling harmony. You haven't seen the sea until you've seen it through Miyazaki's goggles." — Total Film
Posted Feb 16, 2010
3/5 57% It's Complicated (2009) " Not too sickly-sweet, but not sour either - still, Meyers' sex-with-the-ex comedy is an entertaining poke in the eye for Hollywood ageism." — Total Film
Posted Jan 8, 2010
4/5 89% Inglourious Basterds (2009) " This exploitation epic is a unique beast that molests history, wrong-foots expectations and royally entertains. The movies' coolest Basterd is back on his game." — Total Film
Posted Aug 21, 2009
3/5 35% G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) " Sommers bucks the bad buzz with a throwaway blast of solid, stupid fun. You laugh at it rather than with it, but a sequel would be worth it just for more of Gordon-Levitt's one-eyed dramatics." — Total Film
Posted Aug 7, 2009
4/5 89% Red Cliff (Chi Bi) (2009) " A sweeping, stirring breath-snatcher that finds the director on his finest form since Face/Off. Even half-cut, it's a whole lot of epic." — Total Film
Posted Jun 12, 2009
4/5 63% The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) (2008) " There are plausibility issues - no German accents; no guards noticing the kids' frequent chats - but Herman builds a tightening sense of dread that finds no release in the final, tragic twist. Expect a sleepless night." — Total Film
Posted Sep 12, 2008
2/5 42% Wild Child (2008) " Shame on Iggy Pop for letting them (ab)use his anarchy-anthem 'Real Wild Child' in a girls'-own flick that is so paltry it makes the recent St Trinians addition look like Picnic At Hanging Rock." — Total Film
Posted Aug 15, 2008
3/5 18% Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) " John Williams' music elbowed in favour of Kevin Kiner's pale imitations... Little things that jar and jar, but at least there's no Jar Jar." — Total Film
Posted Aug 15, 2008
3/5 77% Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008) " Stagey fluff, yes, but old romantics will spare a sigh for the fairytale fade-out." — Total Film
Posted Aug 15, 2008
4/5 89% Metropolitan (1990) " A witty, urbane portrait of Manhattan's debutante scene." —
Posted Jul 18, 2008
3/5 82% Charlie Wilson's War (2007) " Less than the sum of its A-list parts, Nichols' grown-up satire only catches fire when Hoffman's steamed up." — Total Film
Posted Jan 11, 2008
3/5 93% Enchanted (2007) " Subversive enough for older brother, sweet enough for kid sis, this cine-panto's a safe if not spectacular choice for a Chrimbo family outing. The cartoon chipmunk almost steals it, but Adams' dippy dazzle is the movie's heart, soul and lungs." — Total Film
Posted Dec 13, 2007
3/5 77% Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror) (2007) " A bona fide trash pastiche. So good it's bad, then? Almost, but the panache and playfulness machine-gun most of the shortcomings. DVD suppliers! Can we have the two films plus trailers in one now, please?" — Total Film
Posted Nov 9, 2007
3/5 51% 30 Days of Night (2007) " This has more bite than we've come to expect from Sam Raimi's Ghost House production outfit. Some of the action misses the jugular, but Danny Huston makes for a sensational baddie." — Total Film
Posted Nov 1, 2007
2/5 22% Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) " Scaling dizzy heights of sheer averageness, the third in writer/ producer Paul WS Anderson's stillborn zombie saga is the best - or least worst - yet." — Total Film
Posted Oct 10, 2007
4/5 96% Ratatouille (2007) " Novel in concept, exquisite in execution, another family feast from Pixar suitable for all palates. Not a studio chef d'oeuvre, perhaps, but still the richest of this year's animations. Don't miss the starter course, hilarious space short Lifted." — Total Film
Posted Oct 10, 2007
3/5 41% December Boys (2007) " A warm, sentimental glow prevails at the end, while copious shots of rolling landscape offset the teatime-telly feel of veteran goggleboxer Rod Hardy's direction." — Total Film
Posted Sep 14, 2007
4/5 88% Superbad (2007) " The funniest film since, um, Knocked Up. What it lacks in novelty it makes up for with consistency. Supergood." — Total Film
Posted Sep 14, 2007
2/5 33% Marigold (2007) " A sari attempt to hybridise Hollywood and Bollywood." — Total Film
Posted Aug 17, 2007
3/5 89% Waitress (2007) " A stylised indie chick-flick, Waitress gets itself into a tonal puree but still offers flavoursome pleasures and full-on food-porn visuals. A funny and touching testament to Shelly's multi-talent - savour it." — Total Film
Posted Aug 10, 2007
3/5 79% Ghosts of Cité Soleil (2006) " Captured at hair-raisingly close quarters by the fearless filmmakers, the sense of lawlessness grabs the throat and haunts the mind." — Total Film
Posted Jul 20, 2007
3/5 94% The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde inseglet) (1957) " Fear, peril and hoplessness soak every frame." —
Posted Jul 20, 2007
3/5 79% Ghosts of Cité Soleil (2006) " Arguably the film romanticises its morally challenged protagonists, but there's little hint of rose-tint in the fear, peril and hopelessness that seem to soak every frame like a cold sweat." —
Posted Jul 17, 2007
2/5 81% Taxidermia (2006) " Where Hukkle's circle-of-life surrealism had a certain twisted charm, this film's sense of the grotesque is more glum than fun. On the tail of such a promising debut, it can't help feeling like a hiccup." —
Posted Jul 13, 2007
3/5 81% Sketches of Frank Gehry (2006) " More a thumbnail than a full portrait." —
Posted Jun 26, 2007
2/5 81% Fong juk (Exiled) (2006) " Saved by set-piece action." —
Posted Jun 15, 2007
5/5 99% La Battaglia di Algeri (The Battle of Algiers) (1967) " A riveting reconstruction of the struggle for independence in mid-50s Algiers, its pseudo-documentary style still feels as headline-fresh as its content." —
Posted May 15, 2007
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