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71% Jurassic World (2015) "If the action is a throwback to cheesy late-night creature features, complete with a Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla climax, the "relationships" provide a reactionary response to contemporary women "leaning in." " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jun 11, 2015
1/5 7% Hot Pursuit (2015) "Why Reese Witherspoon would choose to play an obsessive, hyper-focused cop in Anne Fletcher's action comedy Hot Pursuit is even more puzzling than why she would decide to produce the movie. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jun 8, 2015
93% Spy (2015) "Spy is one of the most genial and affectionate spoofs since the Star Trek satire Galaxy Quest, yet it generates belly laughs that are closer to Mel Brooks's Young Frankenstein or Stan Dragoti's Love at First Bite. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jun 3, 2015
20% Aloha (2015) "In Aloha, Crowe's fabled generosity toward his characters and actors becomes special pleading. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jun 1, 2015
77% Red Beard (1965) "Kurosawa somehow manages to imbue every moment of this three-hour-plus movie with the transcendent vitality and intelligence of a great Victorian novel. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Jun 1, 2015
49% Tomorrowland (2015) "For a movie that celebrates dreams, Tomorrowland is too mechanically plotted and replete with robot-on-robot and human-on-robot violence. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted May 24, 2015
97% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) "Movement, images, and some plucky actors carry all the emotion and humor a movie of this scale needs, and its kinetic force delivers an adrenaline boost to your system. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted May 14, 2015
100% Samurai Rebellion (1967) "No one could seethe better than Mifune, but what gives the movie equal shares of exhilaration and heartbreak is the feeling that pours out of him ... " ‐ New Yorker
Posted May 11, 2015
86% Far From the Madding Crowd (2015) "This adaptation of Thomas Hardy's towering 1874 novel is triply smart. It uses dramatic concision, snappy country-life couture, and bold, graphic-novel colors to bring a contemporary tang to a capacious Victorian classic. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted May 7, 2015
78% The Brood (1979) "A cinematic bad dream that generates recurring nightmares. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted May 4, 2015
74% Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) "At 141 minutes, it's a miracle the movie is never merely mechanical, but like JARVIS or Ultron, it's not fully human, either. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted May 1, 2015
92% Ex Machina (2015) "Ex Machina is the best kind of speculative fiction: its action is brisk, its characters startling, and its meanings multifarious. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Apr 22, 2015
75% Bell, Book and Candle (1958) "Stewart, playing the foil, deserves better material, and the movie's midsection is perfunctory. But the fun quotient is high ... " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Apr 20, 2015
85% Tangerines (2015) "As a writer-director, Urushadze has the vision to come up with lingering images-like Ivo's long, sensitive hands guiding pieces of wood to a buzzing saw-and the taste and the film sense to pick them up again only when needed. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Apr 15, 2015
89% Clouds of Sils Maria (2015) "Stewart is here as marvelous as only a natural movie star can be: she's "real" yet heightened, and there's nothing narcissistic about her intensity. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Apr 14, 2015
76% To Sleep With Anger (1990) "Burnett and his cast tap depths of mystery, soulfulness, and glee. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Apr 6, 2015
81% Furious 7 (2015) "There's so much destruction at the climax that it's like an apocalypse with a happy ending. Furious 7 is the demon love child of Fast & Furious 6 and a Mad Max movie. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Apr 1, 2015
89% White God (2015) "White God wants audiences to be moved because stray dogs are persecuted like homeless people. But viewers are prodded to despise the one actual street person in the movie for taking advantage of a dog. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Mar 26, 2015
80% Carlito's Way (1993) "Penn, in curled hair and wire-rims, makes a brilliant, slippery high-end shyster; his modulated hysteria is amazing. So is Brian De Palma's direction. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Mar 23, 2015
17% The Gunman (2015) "Penn conjures no special aura in The Gunman. When it comes to the lunatic game of macho heroics, he's only a super-respectable contender. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Mar 18, 2015
87% Memories of Underdevelopment (1973) "This audacious, sensual portrait of an alienated intellectual in the early days of Castro's Cuba, released in 1968, is one of the great movies of its era. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Mar 15, 2015
84% Cinderella (2015) "Without resorting to post-Wicked good-girl/bad-girl reversals in the manner of Maleficent and (dare I say it?) Frozen, Branagh and Weitz see the fairy tale afresh. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Mar 11, 2015
100% The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964) "Commodus, played here by the flamboyant Christopher Plummer, forsakes the Pax Romana and turns Rome into an empire of camp. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Mar 9, 2015
63% The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015) "Douglas's halting evolution as a reborn man and Nighy's engaging reenactment of his stammers, ardor, and honesty, are prime examples of what's right in this erratic follow-up. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Mar 6, 2015
84% The English Patient (1996) "Anthony Minghella believes in ghosts -- and, at his best, makes believers out of viewers, too. " ‐ New Times
Posted Feb 22, 2015
78% Queen and Country (2015) "The strength of Boorman's film is that it reminds us of what a service comedy is-the spectacle of cogs rising up against their machine. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Feb 19, 2015
96% Island of Lost Souls (1933) "A tight, gruesome shocker, featuring Karl Struss's spooky cinematography and Charles Laughton's creepy portrayal of the mad vivisector Dr. Moreau ... " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Feb 16, 2015
75% Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) "The main reason Kingsman: The Secret Service leaves you feeling rooked is that it wastes a once-in-an-actor's-lifetime opportunity. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Feb 12, 2015
38% Beyond Rangoon (1995) "Arquette gives the kind of mighty physical performance usually delivered by men in existential action classics like "The Wages of Fear," but she suffuses it with something all her own-she's bulletproof yet vulnerable. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Feb 9, 2015
72% The Voices (2015) "Satrapi's powers of invention keep you watching; so does Reynolds's remarkable range, from crybaby to butcher to dazzling song-and-dance man. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Feb 5, 2015
99% Timbuktu (2015) "Timbuktu is bracingly original and unexpected-a welcome shock to the system for American moviegoers who've grown used to seeing prosaic melodrama in topical or torn-from-the-headline movies " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jan 29, 2015
50% The Humbling (2015) "The Humbling is frisky and buoyant, with laughs that bubble up unpredictably, often when you least expect them. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jan 22, 2015
34% Blackhat (2015) "Blackhat is a visual blowout, but it's no Blow Out " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jan 16, 2015
51% The Interview (2014) "Rogen is far better at directing other performers-or at least performers who are not close friends-than he is at directing himself. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jan 9, 2015
99% Selma (2015) "It's understandable that DuVernay would make a priority of avoiding excessive detail. But too much of the movie is like the opening: deliberate, broad, uninspired. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jan 9, 2015
84% Predestination (2015) "Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook, who plays The Unmarried Mother, are nearly ideal casting for these characters. They're engagingly enigmatic-a requirement for playing mystery men-yet they also react to each other body and soul. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jan 8, 2015
80% Let There Be Light (1946) "The film becomes a moving document of the social and psychological tensions that reach the surface of American life in war. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Jan 5, 2015
A+ 99% The Missing Picture (2014) "Panh fulfills his debts to the dead not just by adding to the visual record of genocide, but also by creating a transcendent work of art. " ‐ Orange County Register
Posted Jan 5, 2015
86% Top Five (2014) "As a writer, Rock sets up one volatile situation after another, no sweat, and as a director, he captures his performers at their most explosively spontaneous. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Dec 17, 2014
60% The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) "The performances of Freeman, Armitage as Thorin, and Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey secure Jackson's sprawling spectacle to visceral bedrock. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Dec 17, 2014
96% 3 Women (1977) "Throughout, Duvall is brilliant: she coins a brand-new caricature of the confident yet clueless single female, then suggests a real person underneath. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Dec 15, 2014
B+ 95% The Dance of Reality (2014) "Say this about the godfather of midnight movies, Alejandro Jodorowsky: He loves a parade and he puts on a doozy " ‐ Orange County Register
Posted Dec 8, 2014
100% He Ran All the Way (1951) "Berry turned a standard ticking-clock melodrama into an action-movie meditation on manhood. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Dec 8, 2014
51% Unbroken (2014) "Any filmmaker who celebrates "a triumph of the human spirit" risks falling into hagiography. And that's what happens with Jolie's Unbroken, which dramatizes Zamperini's wartime ordeals as his Stations of the Cross. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Dec 5, 2014
90% The Imitation Game (2014) "Unlike self-consciously unconventional biopics, The Imitation Game melds fact and invention with lucidity and sweep. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Nov 26, 2014
No Score Yet The Organizer (1963) "A nearly forgotten near-great movie, with one of Marcello Mastroianni's classic tragicomic performances. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Nov 24, 2014
65% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014) "Lawrence never lets the oversized settings swamp his talented performers. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Nov 21, 2014
82% The Homesman (2014) "The final half-hour rambles between ambiguous sentiments and savage ironies. With Jones's multiple talents, and a deeper, sharper adaptation, he could have made a great Midwestern. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Nov 13, 2014
89% Big Hero 6 (2014) "Big Hero 6 finds the studio summoning up a fresh combination of action and whimsy. It's swift, inventive, antic, and ardent, with virtuoso comic choreography and split-second slapstick timing. " ‐ Film Comment Magazine
Posted Nov 6, 2014
100% Only Angels Have Wings (1939) "Howard Hawks's stirring tale of a fledgling airmail service that traverses the Andes from a strip in a South American banana port is the ultimate workplace dramedy. " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Nov 3, 2014
93% Little Fugitive (The Coney Island Kid ) (1953) "At its core, this pioneering independent film, from 1953, is just an urban heart-warmer, but it has a fresh, gritty surface and a Grade A horror-comic hook ... " ‐ New Yorker
Posted Oct 6, 2014
Showing 51 - 100 of 887