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72% The Ring (2002) " Director Gore Verbinski maintains a consistently unsettling mood and look to the film, even if the story often falls by the wayside." — Screen International
Posted Jul 25, 2014
10% I Dreamed of Africa (2000) " It's very similar in story and theme to Out Of Africa but lacks that film's grandeur and real sense of what makes the heroine love the country." — Screen International
Posted Jul 23, 2014
69% Policeman (2014) " Policeman is a notable debut from young Israeli film-maker Nadav Lapid which packs quite a punch." — Screen International
Posted Jun 11, 2014
100% The King of Escape (2014) " [The film is] infused with unexpected streaks of whimsy and fantasy." — Screen International
Posted Apr 9, 2014
87% Far From Heaven (2003) " [Haynes'] discomfiting ability to get under the puritanical skin of the US is hampered here by the confines of imitative homage." — Screen International
Posted Apr 1, 2014
91% High Fidelity (2000) " Speaking to camera for much of the running time, Cusack creates an engaging portrait in male insecurity and selfishness as flawed record shop owner Rob Gordon." — Screen International
Posted Feb 10, 2014
84% The Princess and the Frog (2009) " [The film is] colourful, funny and imaginative and should be a favourite with younger children in theatres and on DVD." — Screen International
Posted Nov 26, 2013
94% The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) " The grand finale of Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings trilogy meets the high expectations set up by its two predecessors." — Screen International
Posted Nov 19, 2013
95% Hero (2004) " Intoxicatingly beautiful, structurally enigmatic and decidedly brief." — Screen International
Posted Aug 5, 2013
90% Minority Report (2002) " [Minority Report] takes themes from Blade Runner, Total Recall and especially the little seen Gary Fleder-directed Impostor and stirs them up into an absorbing thriller." — Screen International
Posted Aug 5, 2013
92% Insomnia (2002) " Christopher Nolan, the promising writer-director behind Following and Memento, makes an elegant and assured transfer to big-budget, star-driven film-making with Insomnia." — Screen International
Posted Aug 5, 2013
96% Ratatouille (2007) " The Academy might as well hand over the animated feature Oscar to Brad Bird right now, since it is hard to imagine any other film coming close to his glorious new film Ratatouille in this or any year." — Screen International
Posted Aug 4, 2013
91% Little Miss Sunshine (2006) " A genuinely delightful comedy about a family of misfits on a roadtrip to a beauty pageant." — Screen International
Posted Aug 4, 2013
91% Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) " Cuaron delivers a genuinely spooky and emotionally involving adventure which gives the world of Potter much-needed character and atmosphere." — Screen International
Posted Aug 3, 2013
92% The Departed (2006) " An expertly-crafted genre thriller which stands a chance at becoming one of his biggest box office hits yet." — Screen International
Posted Feb 24, 2013
98% Mud (2013) " A confident, nuanced, richly satisfying coming-of-age story which is part Huckleberry Finn, part Badlands, the film is another illustration that Nichols is becoming one of the most assured US auteurs at work today." — Screen International
Posted May 26, 2012
43% The Paperboy (2012) " It's a film of vivid colours, steamy atmosphere and sexual desire rather than tight plotting, but no less entertaining for that." — Screen International
Posted May 24, 2012
83% Laurence Anyways (2013) " Alternately absorbing and grating, with the former ultimately winning out." — Screen International
Posted May 21, 2012
—— Mystery " Although the central story leans towards the melodramatic, Lou's confident blend of realism and poetry keeps it on track." — Screen International
Posted May 21, 2012
67% Lawless (2012) " John Hillcoat's latest movie is a well-paced and entertaining story. But if the film will boost Hillcoat's stock as a commercial director, it is lacking in both the poetry that infused The Proposition and The Road." — Screen International
Posted May 20, 2012
81% Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2011) Screen International
Posted May 18, 2012
—— Kronjuvelerna (The Crown Jewels) (2011) Screen International
Posted Feb 10, 2012
3/5 76% Invictus (2009) Independent
Posted Nov 17, 2011
43% J. Edgar (2011) " As always, when Eastwood turns his compassionate eye onto the frailties and emotions of his characters, the film flies and reminds us why he remains one of the world's most vital filmmakers." — Screen International
Posted Nov 4, 2011
83% From Up On Poppy Hill (2013) " it's a gem of classical 2D imagery that stands out in a world turned upside down by the digital revolution." — Screen International
Posted Oct 5, 2011
—— They Are Among Us (2004) Screen International
Posted Oct 4, 2011
29% Machine Gun Preacher (2011) " It might look like a powerful true life drama but don't be fooled by the wrapping: it is in fact a naïve Hollywoodised biopic without much nuance or narrative sophistication." — Screen International
Posted Sep 21, 2011
36% Restless (2011) " Gus Van Sant's latest is a delicate teenage love story which overcomes some self-conscious quirks to resonate as a gently moving hymn to life." — Screen International
Posted May 13, 2011
76% Outside the Law (Hors-la-loi) (2010) Screen International
Posted Apr 22, 2011
55% The Conspirator (2011) " With Robert Redford at the helm, it is a story that questions the fundamental tenets of the US constitution in a far more compelling, even daring manner than Redford's last movie Lions For Lambs." — Screen International
Posted Apr 13, 2011
86% Letters from the Big Man (2011) " An ambitious, warm-hearted drama about the Sasquatch." — Screen International
Posted Feb 10, 2011
—— Brownian Movement (2014) Screen International
Posted Feb 10, 2011
70% Mumbai Diaries (2011) " A reflective portrait of contemporary Mumbai largely devoid of cliché or overt exoticism, the multiple storyline film presents its characters with a subtlety never seen in traditional Bollywood fare." — Screen International
Posted Jan 19, 2011
91% The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos) (2010) " Packs an emotional punch, despite a rambling mid-section and leisurely pacing throughout." — Screen International
Posted Mar 3, 2010
56% Edge of Darkness (2010) " Although its paranoid trappings about nuclear weapons and radiation are more fitting to the eighties than today, Campbell's new Edge Of Darkness is a taut adult thriller." — Screen International
Posted Jan 25, 2010
28% Extraordinary Measures (2010) " Looks and feels remarkably like a made-for-TV movie but for the star presence of Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford." — Screen International
Posted Jan 21, 2010
48% The Book of Eli (2010) " The Book Of Eli is a post-apocalyptic western cursed by laborious pacing and a sense of self-importance which its nutty story does not warrant." — Screen International
Posted Jan 11, 2010
89% Sin Nombre (2009) " Cary Fukunaga makes a strong impression with his debut feature, a visually rich Spanish-language thriller which borrows the conventions of the western and applies them to a world of gang brotherhoods and travelling immigrants in Mexico." — Screen International
Posted Dec 17, 2009
83% Avatar (2009) " An epic film born entirely of Cameron's imagination, Avatar uses tailor-made technology to create the most astonishing visual effects yet seen on screen and blends them seamlessly into a mythical sci-fi story." — Screen International
Posted Dec 10, 2009
57% It's Complicated (2009) " Nancy Meyers' latest confection is like a rich dessert that tastes good to start with but gradually leaves you feeling overstuffed." — Screen International
Posted Dec 10, 2009
37% Nine (2009) " Breezily superficial and emotionally hollow, it steers well clear of the surreal self-examination of its seminal source movie 8 1/2 and works best as a slick music video-styled spectacle of retro Italia." — Screen International
Posted Dec 4, 2009
94% Les beaux gosses (The French Kissers) (2009) " A notable directorial debut for comic book writer Riad Sattouf, this French teen sex comedy possesses a nice blend of humour and intelligence that places it somewhere between American Pie and Wild Reeds." — Screen International
Posted Dec 3, 2009
91% Crazy Heart (2009) " Crazy Heart is a story of redemption which has been told a thousand times before, but is infused with energy here by Cooper's dialogue and his work with the actors." — Screen International
Posted Dec 3, 2009
76% Invictus (2009) " An old-fashioned crowd-pleaser which is both a rousing sports movie and a testament to the nobility of Nelson Mandela, Invictus is another strong entry in Clint Eastwood's fast-growing body of work." — Screen International
Posted Dec 3, 2009
32% The Lovely Bones (2009) " Jackson captures the grim essence of the novel even while compressing much of its character development and plot detail." — Screen International
Posted Nov 24, 2009
63% Brothers (2009) " Brothers is that rare animal, a US remake of a fine foreign language film which works on both a creative and thematic level in its conversion to an American setting." — Screen International
Posted Nov 24, 2009
28% The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) " The actors appear at sea on more than one occasion, and some of Melissa Rosenberg's risible dialogue doesn't help them." — Screen International
Posted Nov 18, 2009
39% 2012 (2009) " A deliriously ludicrous, guilty pleasure of a blockbuster in which the end of the world is turned into a two-and-a-half-hour rollercoaster ride." — Screen International
Posted Nov 10, 2009
81% Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) " While it reveals little about Jackson from conversation or dialogue, it offers some valuable insight into his character as a performer and showman." — Screen International
Posted Oct 28, 2009
79% The Informant! (2009) " Far more serious than either the broad trailer campaign or the exclamation mark in its title would indicate, the film can't quite decide its tone." — Screendaily
Posted Sep 9, 2009
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