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3/5 100% Fifi Howls From Happiness (2014) " Farahani's direction is artfully suggestive but also, at moments, oblique; she seems to think that she's making a Godardian essay-film." — BBC.com
Posted Aug 14, 2014
4/5 95% The Dog (2014) " The film keeps you riveted, yet its achievement is finally more humanistic than cinematic." — BBC.com
Posted Aug 14, 2014
5/5 78% Get On Up (2014) " A movie that conducts the crackling electricity of Brown's music with a heat and swagger and verve that rivals the achievement of what Taylor Hackford's Ray brought off 10 years ago." — BBC.com
Posted Jul 31, 2014
3/5 49% Magic in the Moonlight (2014) " Magic in the Moonlight is Allen's most gratifyingly airy concoction in a while, but it's also a comedy that insists, in the end, on making an overly rational case for the power of the irrational." — BBC.com
Posted Jul 18, 2014
B- 60% Nymphomaniac: Volume II (2014) " A notch more watchable than Volume I." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
A 89% Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil Le Clercq (2014) " A spooky, heartbreaking documentary about Tanny le Clercq." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
A- 100% Big Men (2014) " This moral-economic drama plays out in backroom deals that Boynton records in all their stunning and at times shameless candor." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
B+ 40% Cesar Chavez (2014) " It should have been made 40 years ago, but this biopic about the Mexican-American leader who spearheaded the fight for farmworkers' rights couldn't be more timely." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
A- 91% Mistaken for Strangers (2014) " The finest rock doc since Anvil: The Story of Anvil." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 4, 2014
B- 84% The Unknown Known (2014) " The film's message seems to be that in corrupt governments, words are used not to communicate but as a kind of fascist confetti." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 3, 2014
A 58% Dom Hemingway (2014) " The real amazement of Dom Hemingway is that, as written and directed by Richard Shepard, the movie picks up this snarling hooligan and treats him like a character out of Shakespeare." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 3, 2014
B+ 89% Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) " Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the first superhero film since the terrorist-inflected The Dark Knight that plugs you right into what's happening now." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Apr 3, 2014
B+ 99% The Missing Picture (2014) " The film captures how Pol Pot took Mao's Great Leap Forward to new levels of Marxist madness." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Mar 21, 2014
B+ 77% Teenage (2014) " Director Matt Wolf uses startling archival footage to capture the rise of pre-Elvis youth culture as the defining surge of the 20th century." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Mar 21, 2014
B+ 41% Divergent (2014) " Woodley, at every turn, lets us feel as if we're in her shoes, not so much Dauntless as thrillingly daunted." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Mar 19, 2014
A- 65% Bad Words (2014) " Bateman deserves props for sustaining Bad Words as a little balancing act between sulfurously funny hatred and humanity." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Mar 12, 2014
B 78% Veronica Mars (2014) " The film gets us to see, in a new way, the strengths and weaknesses of weekly series television that viewers too often take for granted." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Mar 12, 2014
B 79% Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) " Back in his day, Mr. Peabody was a dog whose over-civility had bite. Now he's a genius you want to cuddle with." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Mar 7, 2014
A- 92% The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) " I've had my Wes Anderson breakthrough - or maybe it's that he's had his. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a marvelous contraption, a wheels-within-wheels thriller that's pure oxygenated movie play." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Mar 5, 2014
C- 29% 3 Days To Kill (2014) " The movie never finds a way to blend the emotional and the rat-a-tat-tat into one seamless package the way that Besson did in his one and only good movie, The Professional." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Feb 23, 2014
C+ 29% Pompeii (2014) " Pompeii, the new historical-kitsch disaster movie, raises the question: Is there something about ancient classical settings that inspires actors to act badly?" — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Feb 21, 2014
B 68% About Last Night (2014) " On paper, About Last Night is a third-generation copy of David Mamet's 1974 stage play Sexual Perversity in Chicago -- but if anything... it comes closer to Mamet's rancorous vision of dueling hormones than the '80s screen version did." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Feb 14, 2014
B- 48% RoboCop (2014) " The film has lots of energized mayhem, and Murphy's unraveling of the conspiracy against him isn't dumbed down, yet it's as if the comic-book action poetry of the original has been encased in a suit of generic armor." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Feb 13, 2014
B 15% Endless Love (2014) " If the movie works at all (and I think it does), it's as a swoony love story threatened by a basic, cornball Oedipal drama. But for a film that's coming out on Valentine's Day, that more than passed as respectable." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Feb 12, 2014
C- 32% The Monuments Men (2014) " The Monuments Men sounds like a what's-not-to-like? movie, but it turns out to be a bizarre failure. It's not just that the film is dull - it's that there's no there there to like." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Feb 5, 2014
A 96% The LEGO Movie (2014) " It's fast and original, it's conceptually audacious, it's visually astonishing, and it's 10 times more clever and smart and funny than it needed to be. Here, at last, is an animated comedy that never stops surprising you." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Feb 5, 2014
99% Boyhood (2014) " The film has that deadpan Linklater tone of slacker haphazardness, but you could also say that it's almost Joycean in its appreciation of the scruffy magic of everyday life." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jan 21, 2014
97% Life Itself (2014) " What does the movie version of Life Itself really have to show or tell us? A great deal, it turns out." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jan 21, 2014
B- 55% Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) " Costner is in fine dry form, Knightley is at her most open and gorgeous, and Pine goes through the motions of saving the Western world with a swaggery concentration that keeps you watching." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jan 15, 2014
B+ 94% Stranger by the Lake (2014) " The movie is voyeuristic, sure, but in a way that evokes Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window more than William Friedkin's Cruising." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jan 15, 2014
A 89% Tim's Vermeer (2014) " An exquisitely fun documentary that hits on a profound aesthetic question, one first posed in 2001 by David Hockney: Did the 17th-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer use optical devices to achieve his visual poetics of light?" — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jan 8, 2014
A 94% The Past (2013) " A wrenchingly intimate tale of lives torn asunder by forces within and without them." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jan 8, 2014
A 81% Driving Miss Daisy (1989) " Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman give exceptional performances" — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Jan 6, 2014
B 64% August: Osage County (2013) " When a movie is based on a celebrated play, the first question to ask is, Does it play? In the case of August: Osage County... the answer is yes. " — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Dec 26, 2013
B- 19% Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas (2013) " You can see, and hear, the clanking of his melodramatic machinery - the gears and pulleys of emotion - but by the time the movie is over, you've been wedged into those gears; they have you." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Dec 13, 2013
A 93% American Hustle (2013) " It's a film of jaw-dropping virtuosity and pleasure, one that leaves you revved, enthralled, tickled, moved, and amazed." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Dec 12, 2013
A- 74% The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (2013) " Jackson's direction is spiky and majestic ..." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Dec 12, 2013
A- 42% Oldboy (2013) " Josh Brolin, with his loping physique and handsome, hangdog scowliness, is like Nick Nolte's volatile younger brother, and in Spike Lee's rivetingly intense Oldboy, he gives a terrific and harrowing performance as a slimeball out for justice." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Nov 26, 2013
B+ 89% Frozen (2013) " Frozen is a squarely enchanting fairy tale that shows you how the definition of what's fresh in animation can shift." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Nov 26, 2013
B 89% The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) " Catching Fire is more energized than the first Hunger Games movie; it's been directed, by Francis Lawrence, with a darkly sustained verve." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Nov 20, 2013
B- 68% The Best Man Holiday (2013) " The Best Man Holiday is an eggnog that's sticky-sweet and heavy at the same time." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Nov 13, 2013
B- 65% Thor: The Dark World (2013) " The new film sprawls, often with more spirit than reason." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Nov 6, 2013
B- 47% Last Vegas (2013) " I steeled myself for the moment when these four would fall into what-happens-in-Vegas ''high jinks,'' but fortunately, they don't." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Oct 30, 2013
B 69% About Time (2013) " Gleeson and McAdams make a touching, lifelike couple, but by the time the movie starts telling us to live each day as if we were going back and doing it all over again, you may feel Curtis has mistaken hokum for wisdom." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Oct 30, 2013
B- 60% Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013) " You'll occasionally laugh out loud, but the heart of the movie is safe enough to chuckle at." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Oct 25, 2013
B- 49% Carrie (2013) " She blows stuff up real good, in a way that would make the devil - or Bruce Willis - proud." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Oct 17, 2013
A 93% All Is Lost (2013) " This is only the second film by Chandor, and he works in a style of great purity. There's hardly a 'movieish' moment to speak of in All Is Lost." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Oct 16, 2013
B+ 93% Captain Phillips (2013) " Greengrass keeps you off balance - he's a jittery poet of reality." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Oct 9, 2013
B+ 29% Machete Kills (2013) " Rodriguez's only real sin as a filmmaker is that he wants to give you way too much of a crazy ultraviolent good time." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Oct 9, 2013
B+ 99% 20 Feet From Stardom (2013) " As long as you're hearing the singing and stories of Lisa Fischer, Merry Clayton, and the great Darlene Love, you can bliss out on their passion." — Entertainment Weekly
Posted Oct 4, 2013
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