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Peter Sobczynski
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4/4 86% Abuse of Weakness (2014) "This examination of power, greed, emotional manipulation and simple need is gripping and powerful to behold even if you don't know the story behind the story. " ‐
Posted Aug 15, 2014
3/4 82% A Master Builder (2014) "[Shawn] is so commanding in the part that by the time the film ends, it is almost impossible to imagine anyone else in the role. " ‐
Posted Aug 8, 2014
2/4 57% The Fluffy Movie (2014) "Iglesias is an undeniably genial presence as a performer and there are some strong bits here and there, though not quite enough of them to win over anyone outside of his fan club. " ‐
Posted Jul 25, 2014
1/4 8% America: Imagine the World Without Her (2014) "The cinematic equivalent of one of those forwarded e-mails of mostly discredited "facts" that you receive from an uncle ... " ‐
Posted Jul 2, 2014
3/4 90% Norte, the End of History (2014) "There are moments of staggering beauty and power on display here and yet there are also moments when it seems to be ambling around with no clear idea of where it wants to go. " ‐
Posted Jun 20, 2014
3.5/4 78% 2 Autumns, 3 Winters (2014) "What separates this film from others of its type is the highly specialized manner in which writer-director Sebastien Betbeder has elected to recount the lives and loves of a group of young Parisians ... " ‐
Posted Jun 6, 2014
97% We Are the Best! (2014) "We Are The Best is, well, one of the best and without giving anything away, I can assure you that its grand finale is as wonderfully satisfying as any ending that I have seen in a long time. " ‐
Posted Jun 3, 2014
4/4 95% The Dance of Reality (2014) "One of the most unforgettable films of this or any other year in recent memory. " ‐
Posted May 23, 2014
2/4 89% For A Woman (2014) ""For A Woman" tells a story that is pretty much fraught with both romantic and political intrigue and it is therefore a little surprising to report that the end result is itself not especially intriguing. " ‐
Posted May 2, 2014
4/4 86% Joe (2014) "This is not just the best performance that [Cage] has given in ages-this is one of the very best performances of his long and strange career. " ‐
Posted Apr 11, 2014
1.5/4 19% Sabotage (2014) "So preposterous that no sane person could possibly celebrate it as anything other than inadvertent comedy. " ‐
Posted Mar 28, 2014
2.5/4 55% Nurse (2014) "I don't quite have the nerve to give it a full recommendation but I do have a certain affection for it and I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from seeing it for themselves if they were inclined to do so. " ‐
Posted Feb 7, 2014
1/4 18% Devil's Due (2014) "It makes such gumdrops as "The Devil Inside" and "The Last Exorcism Part II" seem borderline competent by comparison-that is, if anyone watching it could stay awake long enough to make the comparisons. " ‐
Posted Jan 17, 2014
1.5/4 18% The Christmas Candle (2013) "The kind of vaguely distasteful Yuletide concoction that viewers normally find playing on cable channels that they don't even realize that they have. " ‐
Posted Nov 25, 2013
0% The Starving Games (2013) ""The Starving Games" has the look and feel of a talent show put on by a high school whose imminent closing has not inspired any noticeable public outcry. " ‐
Posted Nov 13, 2013
3.5/4 89% The Trials Of Muhammad Ali (2013) "The Trials of Muhammad Ali allows us a chance to see Muhammad Ali not as an icon but as a man willing to take a stand, even an unpopular one, for something that he believed in. " ‐
Posted Nov 11, 2013
No Score Yet Life Tracker (2013) "This is the first feature from writer-director Joe McClean and he has made a debut that is admittedly uneven but not without promise. " ‐
Posted Nov 4, 2013
3/4 100% La Camioneta: The Journey of One American School Bus (2013) "What makes "La Camioneta" so interesting is not so much the story that it tells as it is the way that Kendall has chosen to tell it. " ‐
Posted Nov 1, 2013
1.5/4 29% Hellbenders (2013) "Expends so much time and effort in trying to become the next big cult sensation that it never gets around to simply being a good movie. " ‐
Posted Oct 18, 2013
2/4 91% The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete (2013) "Proves to be as awkward as its title thanks to its uneven screenplay and tone, and questionable casting in supporting parts. " ‐
Posted Oct 11, 2013
2/4 14% Dracula 3D (2013) "As he did with his adaptation of "Phantom of the Opera," Argento offers up a version that plays like a choppy condensation based on hazy memories of the book, then augments it with nudity and gore. " ‐
Posted Oct 4, 2013
3.5/4 85% We Are What We Are (2013) "One of the more remarkable horror films of late-one that does not rely on sudden shocks or outrageous gore to get under the skin of its viewers. " ‐
Posted Sep 29, 2013
3/4 67% Herb & Dorothy 50x50 (2013) "As the saying goes, I may not know art, but I know what I like. I like this movie. " ‐
Posted Sep 13, 2013
2/4 58% Bounty Killer (2013) "Are you consumed by an overwhelming desire to fork over the price of a movie ticket in order to see the kind of meagerly funded nonsense that the SyFy network provides for the price of a basic cable package? " ‐
Posted Sep 6, 2013
2/4 42% Closed Circuit (2013) "A dreary and derivative thriller that is nowhere near as smart or controversial as it clearly believes itself to be. " ‐
Posted Sep 2, 2013
1/4 6% Paranoia (2013) "Here is a film that clearly wants to be a gripping techno-thriller but feels as if it was designed both by and for people who still have not quite figured out how to get their Kindles to work. " ‐
Posted Aug 16, 2013
4/5 23% The Canyons (2013) "An oddly fascinating creation that offers viewers some skilled filmmaking and a performance by Lindsay Lohan that is among the most galvanizing that I have seen this year. " ‐
Posted Aug 2, 2013
4/4 35% Passion (2013) "Brian De Palma is one of the great seducers of the cinema, and he proves it with "Passion," a spellbinding thriller. " ‐
Posted Aug 1, 2013
1/4 13% Hustlers (2013) "The problem with "Pawn Shop Chronicles" is not the fact that it is a clone of "Pulp Fiction." The problem is that it is a lousy clone. " ‐
Posted Jul 30, 2013
0.5/4 11% Killing Season (2013) "Badly written, ineptly staged, horribly acted, historically suspect and boring beyond belief ... " ‐
Posted Jul 17, 2013
1/5 50% Now You See Me (2013) "Less Houdini and more "who cares?" " ‐
Posted May 30, 2013
1/5 11% After Earth (2013) "Watching "After Earth" is not only akin to watching someone playing the old "E.T." game that Atari put out back in the day but it is one of the few entertainment experiences that compares unfavorably to that legendary betrayal of audience goodwill " ‐
Posted May 30, 2013
2/5 48% The Great Gatsby (2013) "a.k.a Jay-Zzzzzzzzzz " ‐
Posted May 9, 2013
1/5 7% The Big Wedding (2013) " Ten minutes into this one and I was all set to hack off my arm "127 Hours"-style in order to escape and I wasn't even pinned underneath anything but a mounting sense of dread. " ‐
Posted Apr 27, 2013
1/4 15% Temptation (2013) "Tyler Perry's Temptation is an awful, awful film and while it is easy to mock and dismiss, it is also kind of a shame to behold. " ‐ Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Apr 1, 2013
3.5/4 27% Upside Down (2013) "Simply put, this is one of the craziest films to come along in a while and I can confidently say that anyone who sees it will either hail it is some kind of crackpot masterpiece or dismiss it as one of the silliest damn things they've ever seen. " ‐ Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Mar 15, 2013
1/5 16% The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) "Lacking the cleverness and √©lan of its title, "The Last Exorcism Part II" is complete crap that somehow manages to give idiotic demonic possession films a bad name. " ‐
Posted Mar 1, 2013
0.5/4 40% Dark Skies (2013) "Dark Skies is a bore that even the most forgiving genre buffs will find difficult to defend or endure. " ‐ Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Feb 22, 2013
1/5 15% A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (2013) "It allows moviegoers the dubious pleasure of experiencing what a film by the late Bob Fosse might have been like if only Fosse had been a moron. " ‐
Posted Feb 14, 2013
2/5 46% Beautiful Creatures (2013) "a.k.a. The Satanic Rites of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. . . " ‐
Posted Feb 13, 2013
1/5 14% A Good Day To Die Hard (2013) " It plunges to the depths of "Superman IV," "Death Wish V" and other sorry sequels that now exist today largely as the least-played discs in Blu-Ray box sets. " ‐
Posted Feb 13, 2013
5/5 46% Bullet to the Head (2013) "A hugely entertaining work of pop cinema of the sort that will play equally well with the multiplex crowds and art-house goons alike. " ‐
Posted Feb 1, 2013
1/5 4% Movie 43 (2013) "A confounding crapfest that squanders a cast of stars that would put most award shows to shame on material that would be rightfully rejected from most third-grade recess periods for lacking the requisite wit and dignity. " ‐
Posted Jan 25, 2013
1.5/4 41% Parker (2013) "Although working with material that is lackluster even by his standards, Statham manages to demonstrate a commanding screen presence that cannot be dismissed. " ‐ Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 25, 2013
3.5/4 No Score Yet Tiger Tail In Blue "Infinitely more interesting and watchable than most of its lo-fi brethren and fully deserving of the praise that it has already received in indie film circles. " ‐ Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 24, 2013
2/5 42% Step Up Revolution (2012)
Posted Jan 22, 2013
2/5 64% The Campaign (2012)
Posted Jan 22, 2013
4/5 71% Fracture (2007)
Posted Jan 22, 2013
1/5 28% Broken City (2013) "A junkpile of cliches that would be laughable were it not so utterly tedious. " ‐
Posted Jan 22, 2013
5/5 92% Silver Linings Playbook (2012) "A cinematic high-wire act that audaciously blends edgy comedy together with genuinely touching drama into one of the most purely and surprisingly entertaining movies of the year. " ‐
Posted Jan 22, 2013
2/5 65% 2 Days in New York (2012)
Posted Jan 22, 2013
Showing 51 - 100 of 1179