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92% Force Majeure (2014) "While the film does have its over-the-top moments and abrupt shifts in tone, it also finds subtle dramatic power in gestures as simple as who closes the toilet seat. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Sep 27, 2014
29% The Song (2014) "I do want to give this film props for pushing, however gently, the boundaries of acceptable storytelling within the "faith-based" genre - and for basing its efforts on biblical passages that really don't get enough attention within this milieu. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Sep 27, 2014
90% Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) "By the second half of the film, I was utterly invested in these characters and their relationship, even though Cage is the only one who "remembers" all their experiences together. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Jun 5, 2014
2/5 32% Windtalkers (2002) "From the fluttering flags to James Horner's shamelessly manipulative music, this is more like a patriotic "Heritage Moment" than a film about actual people. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Jun 5, 2014
91% The Shawshank Redemption (1994) "Watching these actors work together is a real treat, and they more than make up for the script's deficiencies. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Jun 3, 2014
48% Star Trek Generations (1994) "The one major drawback to this film is its summary dismissal of Captain Kirk from the Star Trek universe. The torch that is supposedly being passed between generations here is little more than a fizzled matchstick. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Jun 3, 2014
63% Priest (1995) "The makers of Priest claim that their film is meant to be a catalyst for change within the Catholic church, but their confrontational approach does more harm than good to their cause. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Jun 3, 2014
94% Central Station (Central do Brasil) (1998) "Central Station tells a familiar story, but it makes use of its setting in an original and thoughtful way. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Jun 3, 2014
18% Moms' Night Out (2014) "While the gender roles here may be a bit archaic, I actually found myself thinking that the film went out of its way to show at least some diversity among its characters. " ‐ Patheos
Posted May 21, 2014
89% The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) "The main thing that stayed with me on the trip home after seeing the film was the characters themselves, who are believably vulnerable, resourceful, devious and empathetic as the story demands. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 23, 2014
46% Heaven Is for Real (2014) "Things get sticky when the film changes the actual content of Colton's visions, and the lessons that both Colton and his father draw from those visions. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 22, 2014
19% Legion (2010) "There are so many things that could have been done with this premise that the movie simply doesn't do. Doesn't even think of doing. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 21, 2014
63% Spider-Man 3 (2007) "If only good intentions were enough. The newest film in the series offers us more of the same - and indeed, it offers us too much more. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 21, 2014
89% Spider-Man (2002) "Raimi, working from a screenplay credited to David Koepp, powerfully captures the moral issues at stake as Peter grows into the web-slinging super-hero. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 21, 2014
63% From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) "These bad-boy auteurs will have to discover some new ideas if they don't want to end up as terminally soulless as the monsters who stalk their movie. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 19, 2014
14% Four Rooms (1996) "An utterly lackluster production that most involved would be wise to keep out of their portfolios. The only director to come out of this mess looking good is Rodriguez. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 19, 2014
89% Inglourious Basterds (2009) "Raises a host of fascinating questions about the nature of justice and vengeance, and how these things are understood in both the Jewish and Christian traditions. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 19, 2014
19% Transcendence (2014) "The film sets up a conflict but can't decide whose side it's on -- which makes for a curiously subversive bit of entertainment but also leaves the story feeling quite muddled, especially in its final moments. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 18, 2014
15% God's Not Dead (2014) "A sloppily written, badly argued, unevenly acted film about a first-year college student who tries to prove the existence of God within weeks of setting foot on campus. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Apr 16, 2014
28% Pompeii (2014) "In a nutshell, for all its digitally-enhanced, disaster-movie bombast, Pompeii is a fairly boring, predictable and uninspired little film. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Mar 31, 2014
13% The Bible: Season 1 (TV, 2013) "Instead of coming away changed, the viewer comes away feeling good about a story of "change." And that is not quite the same thing. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Mar 26, 2014
50% Samson and Delilah (1949) "The film cannot avoid the broad contours of Samson's story, of course, but it does tweak things in ways that make Samson look a little more heroic. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Mar 26, 2014
70% About Time (2013) "The film matures from a mere romcom into something older and wiser, as Tim and his dad have some heart-to-hearts that end up becoming lessons for all of us in how to live. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Mar 26, 2014
97% Gravity (2013) "The fact that the film touches on spiritual themes at all is worth noting, and makes this film just a little bit more than the thrill ride that all the ads have promised. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Mar 26, 2014
76% Noah (2014) "But the fascinating thing about this film is how utterly different it is from the Bible movies that came before it. Aronofsky has not revived the genre so much as he has utterly transformed it. " ‐ Patheos
Posted Mar 25, 2014
2/4 39% Surrogates (2009) "Good ideas rub up against bad ideas, and the result is a movie that is worth a look but could have been much more. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Oct 31, 2009
1.5/4 11% Couples Retreat (2009) "Somewhere in all of this, there is the potential for a pretty good comedy, but this movie isn't it. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Oct 31, 2009
2/4 15% Year One (2009) "A buddy comedy that takes a relentlessly lowbrow look at the Book of Genesis. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Jun 24, 2009
3/4 95% Star Trek (2009) "For those who want a thrilling ride, Star Trek should do the trick. It has just enough old-school stuff to keep longtime fans intrigued, even if a bit disappointed. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted May 7, 2009
3/4 84% I Love You, Man (2009) "A bit of a mess, but it's funny more often than not, and at times it has real heart. If you can handle the language and gross gags, it could be good for a date or a guys' night out. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Mar 23, 2009
3/4 33% Knowing (2009) "The film takes our expectations and rattles them around a bit, and it may be just the sort of thing that can tease us into active thought about what we believe and why. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Mar 23, 2009
3/4 62% Valkyrie (2008) "To Singer's credit, the film is remarkably suspenseful, even though we know pretty much how it will end. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Dec 25, 2008
2.5/4 61% The Reader (2008) "Moviegoers may find themselves unable to dismiss the film outright, but also unable to put a finger on what the movie is really about, or how it should have been about it. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Dec 23, 2008
3.5/4 85% Wendy and Lucy (2008) "You have to admire Wendy's determination to keep forging ahead, little by little, despite the seriously disappointing setbacks that keep coming her way. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Dec 23, 2008
2/4 25% Bedtime Stories (2008) "For parents who aren't Sandler fans, Bedtime Stories may seem like just another dumb comedy that their kids will drag them to over the holidays. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Dec 23, 2008
2/4 21% The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) "Caught between the need to bring the material up to date and the pressure to recycle familiar elements from the original, even when they don't seem to fit. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Dec 16, 2008
3/4 89% Bolt (2008) "Funny, charming, and a feast for the eyes. It is also quite probably the best animated film made by Disney in years. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Nov 20, 2008
2.5/4 64% Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) "Definitely not a film for the ages, and you might not even remember it by the end of the year, but as it is, it's a reasonably pleasant, amusing and diverting bit of animation. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Nov 7, 2008
2.5/4 63% The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) (2008) "It prompts us to admit, however sadly, that childlike innocence is not sufficient in a world like ours%u2014that we need to be wise as serpents even as we remain innocent as doves. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Nov 7, 2008
3.5/4 93% Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) "There is something infectious and unique about Poppy's joy, and Leigh seems to have caught the bug. Poppy can't make everyone happy, but for many of us, she'll do all right. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Oct 24, 2008
2/4 No Score Yet Billy: The Early Years (2008) "Hammer does a credible Graham impression, but if the script isn't up to snuff, none of the other stuff matters. And this particular screenplay is nowhere close to that. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Oct 10, 2008
2/4 26% Eagle Eye (2008) "If you have a taste for this sort of nonsense, then all this hyper-implausibility is actually kind of fun. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Sep 29, 2008
3/4 40% Fireproof (2008) "After a shaky start and a steady middle, the film ends on a genuinely moving note; the folks at Sherwood Baptist Church have made their most impressive movie yet. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Sep 29, 2008
2.5/4 68% Save Me (1993) "Where other films would have demonized Christians outright, Save Me presents a world where gays and Christians can go their separate ways while wishing each other well. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Sep 5, 2008
2.5/4 83% Tropic Thunder (2008) "A bizarre little film that manages to be both an exercise in tasteless humor and a commentary on Hollywood's tastelessness. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Aug 15, 2008
2/4 68% Pineapple Express (2008) "The noisier and bloodier it gets, the more you notice how uninspired the movie is. If you're high, this might not be a problem. But for the rest of us, it's a bit of a drag. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Aug 8, 2008
2.5/4 38% Swing Vote (2008) "Near the end, Bud admits that his situation used to be funny, but now it isn't any more. The same, alas, can be said of the movie as a whole. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Aug 1, 2008
1.5/4 34% Space Chimps (2008) "The movie is so routine that you welcome offbeat things like an alien who makes incredibly high-pitched noises. It's the sort of thing that might jolt you out of your sleep. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Jul 18, 2008
2.5/4 61% Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) "At times, Journey has an enjoyably stupid feel. At other times, it's simply stupid. But it does have one thing going for it: being released in 3D in many theaters. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Jul 11, 2008
3/4 72% Wanted (2008) "The plot has its share of holes, but for those who like shutting off their brains but discovering they might be thinking deeply anyway, Wanted is a worthy diversion. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Jul 10, 2008
2/4 38% You Don't Mess With the Zohan (2008) "Any positive messages are practically drowned out by the film's relentless crude humor, much of which is too dumb to be all that funny. " ‐ Christianity Today
Posted Jun 6, 2008
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