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Prairie graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University and is the mother of twin sons. She is a multimedia journalist online, and in print and radio. She has written articles and poems here and internationally, and aspires always to the excavation of the lyrical muse in journalism and the poetry in history. Prairie also has two published poetry collections, including Arguments With America (Pemmican Press), and Legends (John Brown Press).
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100% Downeast (2013) " Self-interest butts heads with class interests, in this solemn investigative documentary shedding light on how the collusion of local politicians and conflict of interest outsourcing brought down the economy and plant workers in a depressed Maine town." — WBAI Radio
Posted Mar 8, 2013
69% Greedy Lying Bastards (2013) " Exposes why nothing much is being done about global warming and its toxic effects, and just which fossil fuel capitalists are profiting from that. Along with the power of propaganda in their bid to control the related national conversation." — WBAI Radio
Posted Mar 8, 2013
90% A Place at the Table (2013) " An explosive investigative documentary about the injustices emanating from agricultural capitalism, how it's more about who gets to define what food is, and exactly who hugely profits from it." — WBAI Radio
Posted Mar 1, 2013
56% Snitch (2013) " Serious action thriller filmmaking for a change in Hollywood, bristling with the strange connection between drug cartels and the US government when it comes to the draconian drug sentencing laws on the books. " — WBAI Radio
Posted Feb 22, 2013
64% Ferlinghetti A Rebirth of Wonder (2013) " Explores what exactly people have been hungry for that the poet has touched in them for over half a century, and fed their souls. And whether or not this filmmaker's quest has perhaps unleashed his inner stalker. At least according to Ferlinghetti." — WBAI Radio
Posted Feb 6, 2013
67% Porfirio (2013) " Porfirio's own perverse bid, via an eager filmmaker, to impress us that he may be disabled and feeling on the emasculated side. But some in-your-face unsimulated sex can still show the world what a macho stud in bed he can be. The pleasure is all his." — NewsBlaze
Posted Feb 5, 2013
100% Stolen Seas (2013) " With his much more than meets the eye pursuit of raw unfiltered truth, Payne navigates the turbulent waters of piracy, as it has been impacted by the legacy of colonialism and rebellion, and the military hardware industry profiteering also kicking in." — WBAI Radio
Posted Jan 19, 2013
40% Clandestine Childhood (2013) " A solemn reverie about an urban guerrilla mother in revolutionary struggle, and the maternal ideal as ambivalent myth and martyr. Giving rise to the contemplation of art as an act of necessity, and the creative journey of the life of an idea in a film. " — WBAI Radio
Posted Jan 9, 2013
—— Le bonheur d'Elza (Elza) " Sometimes I feel like a fatherless child. Monpierre, the first Guadeloupe woman director, projects her personal journey searching for her absentee father on this emotionally unfocused drama. In effect diminishing how single mothers struggle and prevail." — WBAI Radio
Posted Jan 5, 2013
75% Killing Them Softly (2012) " Australian director Andrew Dominik mixes conventional mobster mayhem with an unconventional take on gangsters caught up in the Great Recession. And with Brad Pitt as his ideologically enraged male muse hitman, as if wandering in from Occupy Wall Street." — WBAI Radio
Posted Jan 5, 2013
14% Ecstasy (2012) " A drug-fueled landscape impacted by the Thatcher years, characterized by Scottish working class misery and massive unemployment feeding the underground drug economy. And reflecting Welsh's own conflicting personas as cult figure, pariah and antichrist. " — WBAI Radio
Posted Jan 4, 2013
82% De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone) (2012) " Everybody finally sees the light on fast forward with happy endings all around, despite intense performances. While Alain eventually decides that full-time boxing is the way to go, to find dignity and get liberated from worker exploitation. Go figure." — Long Island Press
Posted Dec 30, 2012
27% Addicted To Fame (2012) " So how much are attention addicts Giancola and Anna Nicole Smith alike as they weirdly bond away in his movie? Giancola was shrewd enough to foolproof his film with deliberate self-parody, while Smith succumbed to her own self-dehumanization." — Long Island Press
Posted Dec 30, 2012
67% Parked (2012) " Infused with the visceral impact of raw truth connected to the homeless insider point of view looking out at a callous world. But when it comes to the director's outside looking in perspective, there's a second hand sense of little felt or endured." — Long Island Press
Posted Dec 30, 2012
52% Promised Land (2013) " Economic crisis cinema meets ecology noir in this subdued yet strangely disturbing clandestine corporate crime thriller. Provoking reflections on the way things are, but don't necessarily have to be. In other words, we direct, you decide." — WBAI Radio
Posted Dec 28, 2012
43% On the Road (2012) " A case of alienation twice removed. First by the characters who wander in an emotionally distant fog through a perplexing American landscape. Then the filmmaker, whose voyage into palpably unfamiliar cultural territory compounds everything else." — Long Island Press
Posted Dec 17, 2012
87% Trashed (2012) " Jeremy Irons talks Trashed, as the actor turned civilian ventures across the globe in search of solutions to the ecological crisis of mounting waste material everywhere. While uniquely casting himself as a protagonist in a documentary." — WBAI Radio
Posted Dec 7, 2012
—— Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream " Gibney ferrets out the richest men in America and the building where they live, 740 Park Ave in NYC. Exposing how they rig the so-called free market economy, and the psychology of wealth and entitlement hardwiring their psyches to do appalling things." — WBAI Radio
Posted Nov 27, 2012
—— The Prosecution of an American President (2012) " There's a joke in the nazis on the moon sci-fi satire Iron Sky that the only fair fight the US ever had in its many assaults and invasions around the world, was with Hitler's Germany. Which is no laughing matter for Vincent Bugliosi or this documentary. " — Long Island Press
Posted Nov 18, 2012
80% The Other Son (2012) " Though lacking subtlety, the story conveys a rare sensitivity and compassion. But what divides humans historically are more complex issues of power and domination. And shouldn't be buried, even in fiction, under sentimental appeals which change nothing." — Long Island Press
Posted Nov 18, 2012
82% De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone) (2012) " Everybody gets to see the light on fast forward, with happy endings all around in the absence of just about anything to warrant those radical personality transformations. Even as the dynamic performances tend to serve as cover for shallow storytelling." — NewsBlaze
Posted Nov 18, 2012
36% Least Among Saints (2012) " Excels in performances resonating with raw intensity and dramatic authenticity. But while earnestly inspired by the tragic circumstances facing US soldiers in war for real, the material forming the basis here is without historical context, and it shows." — Long Island Press
Posted Nov 12, 2012
67% Price Check (2012) " The latest stinging entry into the reality check stream of movies tackling the financial fallout of the Great Recession in one way or another. But too bad it's an entry into the stream of movies with buffoonish bashing of powerful women as well." — NewsBlaze
Posted Nov 12, 2012
25% A Girl And A Gun (2013) " Touches on women packing heat lately, and why. And what it all has to do with economic privilege and economic insecurity; J. Edgar Hoover; fetishizing violent women in Hollywood; Democrats; and crotchless boutique female huntress wear as all the rage." — WBAI Radio
Posted Nov 10, 2012
100% The Rolling Stones: Charlie Is My Darling - Ireland 1965 (2012) " Revisits a time when 'satisfaction' was more about rebel labor of love music than media attention, before it all became corporatized. Along with a discomfort with fame once upon a time, that has now ironically evolved into anxiety when one is without it." — NewsBlaze
Posted Oct 30, 2012
—— Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day (2012) " A celebratory reunion experience clearly not just for all the Led Heads out there in the audience and beyond. But for the Zeppelin performers in their collaborative, exhilarating rock excursion down musical memory lane as well. " — WBAI Radio
Posted Oct 19, 2012
12% Alex Cross (2012) " Slipping out of his comfort zones for a bit as both Madea and director of his own movies, Tyler Perry tries on a new persona for size in Alex Cross as, well, Morgan Freeman. Sort of." — NewsBlaze
Posted Oct 16, 2012
2.5/4 78% Flight (2012) " The crash sequences are nothing less than visually and viscerally electrifying. Along with Denzel's complex portrayal of a boozed up cokehead caught up in a complicated moral quandary, that is simultaneously dramatically explosive and nuanced." — NewsBlaze
Posted Oct 15, 2012
71% We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists (2012) " Most provocative is the online communique networking in pursuit of information liberation and global justice, precipitating Occupy movements and the Arab Spring uprising. And as much of a surprise to the Anonymous collaborators as viewers of this movie." — NewsBlaze
Posted Oct 13, 2012
—— Bernadette: Notes On A Political Journey " A journey through time chronicling the legacy of the fierce and fiery Northern Ireland freedom fighter, dubbed Fidel Castro in a miniskirt by a hostile media. And deciphering the mysterious ingredient of fearlessness that defines all revolutionaries." — WBAI Radio
Posted Oct 10, 2012
13% Hotel Noir (2012) " Though the kooky tale could have been more focused with fewer punchlines, all that seems to be missing is the dame called toots perhaps remarking to her latest possible infatuation: Is that a Kalashnikov in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me." — NewsBlaze
Posted Oct 8, 2012
83% Fat Kid Rules the World (2012) " Though Fat Kid Rules The World does lay too many of its cards on the table with its giveaway title, the pleasures to be garnered from this Matthew Lillard directed indie debut are more about the journey there, rather than the Hollywood-ish destination." — Long Island Press
Posted Oct 6, 2012
90% Six Million and One (2012) " The director probes terror and the politics of place, and the rounded off numbers of human history that don't add up. As his siblings, ambivalent adult offspring of Holocaust survivors, express resentment about inevitable emotionally thwarted childhood." — WBAI Radio
Posted Oct 5, 2012
33% Butter (2012) " If anyone thinks Obama's statement about rural whites in this country clinging to their guns and religion as the hands down, way over the top winning quote in riling up the rubes, they haven't seen this movie buttering up the blue states." — NewsBlaze
Posted Oct 1, 2012
87% Life of Pi (2012) " A manipulative faith-based tall tale intimating the question, can the bells and whistles of a Hollywood movie make you believe in God? Time to put out a call for the separation of Church and Hollywood. The Verdict: Richard Parker, you're no Moby Dick." — NewsBlaze
Posted Sep 29, 2012
37% The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best (2012) " O'Nan deciphers in comical yet solemn ways, young characters representing warring sides of himself. While doing battle with joblessness, alienation, working stiff drudgery, and existential redemption through art and the imagination." — WBAI Radio
Posted Sep 29, 2012
0% That's What She Said (2012) " A word of advice to all those women out there bent on making the definitive chick flick revenge, raunchier than thou female Hangover movie. Knock it off, enough already. And that goes for those self-hating sexpots in their own mind inhabiting them too." — Long Island Press
Posted Sep 29, 2012
26% 2016: Obama's America (2012) " As questionable as right wing D'Souza's lack of unbiased assertions, is the seeming lack of anyone out there who can rise above being either a red state or blue state movie critic, when it comes to political documentaries in such a divided nation." — NewsBlaze
Posted Sep 22, 2012
100% Radio Unnameable (2012) " A richly conceived archival tribute to the very miracle of Radio Unnameable's survival despite it all. And a troubling irony as peripherally depicted in this documentary, with Fass often in furious battle to prevail on air. A Tale Of Two Radio Stations" — WBAI Radio
Posted Sep 20, 2012
87% Arbitrage (2012) " Arbitrage as a title may confound audiences, but maybe that's the point. An inner circle shop talk, insider trading manipulation of money, this Wall Street Noir intimates a secretive financial world from which most of us are excluded and manipulated." — Long Island Press
Posted Sep 13, 2012
—— We're Not Broke (2012) " Most engaging when breaking out of peeved talking heads mode that delves into One Percent tax dodgers bankrupting the nation, to switch gears into what some activists are trying to do about it. " — WBAI Radio
Posted Sep 13, 2012
93% The Trouble with the Truth (2012) " A delectable dialogue driven movie over dinner. And a banquet of conversation in the ongoing battle of the sexes that is simultaneously bracing, witty, invigorating, stinging, solemn and funny." — WBAI Radio
Posted Sep 13, 2012
83% El Edificio De Los Chilenos " A chronicle of motherhood, mass resistance and the sacrifice of children. Candid, ironic and replete with raw feelings, the film vividly poses solemn questions about the price of struggle for dreams, but without ever quite relinquishing political hope." — NewsBlaze
Posted Sep 9, 2012
66% For Ellen (2012) " It is the sensitively crafted, difficult struggle of father and daughter to connect, that forms the tender and awkward anchor of this tale. And that is the real romance here, a delicately nuanced unusual love story that is the heart of this movie." — Long Island Press
Posted Sep 9, 2012
67% Lawless (2012) " This tangy tall tale moonshine noir uncorks on screen as a rare glimpse into the backwoods bootlegging flourishing back then. And an oddly comedic violent yarn, as narratively soaked in its own inebriated juices as the taboo product on tap in question. " — Long Island Press
Posted Sep 2, 2012
83% Painted Skin: The Resurrection (2012) " Embodies a knack the Chinese have perfected in blockbusters, still leaving similar US fare far behind. That is, how to combine the exquisitely crafted imagery of poetic, leisurely paced arthouse elegance, with fast forward blunt action in a movie." — Long Island Press
Posted Aug 26, 2012
93% Teddy Bear (2012) " Not exactly a movie about lurid sex tourism, though coming awfully close, the film does risk credibility at times with a protagonist so out of touch, that he seems to hardly have a clue about the difference between hookers and potential housewives." — WBAI Radio
Posted Aug 24, 2012
87% ParaNorman (2012) " A genuine emotional core at the heart of this glum young outsider's world. Especially as to just how otherworldly adults can seem in a solidly cartoonish universe from the ground up, and all those magnified bulging bellies and backsides surrounding him." — Long Island Press
Posted Aug 20, 2012
86% Robot & Frank (2012) " The director does his best to infuse emotional weight into this rather light and meandering boy toy bonding misadventure. Though with an injection of quite a heartfelt finale that nearly salvages whatever inconsequential escapades preceded it." — Long Island Press
Posted Aug 19, 2012
43% Patriocracy (2012) " Though even-handed about Washington DC dysfunction and corruption by both parties in our essentially financial one party system, the film ponders naive solutions that will likely leave the One Percent of this country's economic dictatorship snickering." — WBAI Radio
Posted Aug 17, 2012
86% We Women Warriors (2012) " Ends up on the wrong side of history in Colombia, ironically aligned with the counter-revolutionary historical legacy of imperialist backed ethnic divisions. And a useful idiot screed alarmingly never questioning the film's anonymous financial donors." — WBAI Radio
Posted Aug 13, 2012
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