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45% Yves Saint Laurent (2014) "On rare occasions a movie says more about a time and place by just displaying that world rather than dissecting or divulging it, and this lavish male-centric biopic seemingly unintentionally, does just that. Yves Saint Laurent: A man and his 'man'equins. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted May 30, 2014
50% Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas (2014) "Medieval mumblecore. And social conflict as secondary to the scenery in this dramatic momentum-free travelogue, a treat solely for arty snobs and couch potato political dilettantes. Poverty porn as high art, and most memorable, a pregnant horse in labor. " ‐ Critical Women
Posted May 30, 2014
82% Redwood Highway (2014) "Knight shines in this contemplative, unrushed road movie on foot, with a rare, respectful focus on the existential despair of an older woman. And a solitary journey that is a female take on voyaging through those woods that are lovely, dark and deep. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted May 26, 2014
31% The Girl and Death (2014) "With far too much focus on form and feeling rather than a coherent story and character depth, the filmmaker diminishes what the meaning of cinema is all about. And opts instead for the silent imagery and still gaze more suited to the medium of fine art. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted May 17, 2014
51% Half of a Yellow Sun (2014) "Half of a truth. A generic take on the plight of the wealthy in war just about anywhere. And as a contrived cover for the real issues - how colonialist instigated chaos is always about oil and religion, and how Neo-Crusades in league with NGOs, kick in. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted May 15, 2014
No Score Yet Clutter (2014) "Carol Kane infuses this eccentric scarred woman with vividly captivating charm. In a story delicately deciphering with patient clarity and sensitivity, raw human feeling linked to the many layers dwelling beneath the emotional meaning of material things. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted May 13, 2014
10% The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014) "A boisterous anger mismanagement road movie of sorts - if you count chasing all around Brooklyn back streets in part by hijacked taxi. With Robin Williams lending depth to a furiously flaky role, while Kunis plays doctor as guilt tripping femme fatale. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted May 11, 2014
12% Walk Of Shame (2014) "Banks telegraphs a sassy strut in this mean streets LA underbelly romp. A satirically served up slice of life flaky fugitive satire, bent on pegging the really shameful party here - a commercial media whose narrow focus ranges from dishonest to shallow. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted May 6, 2014
23% Devil's Knot (2014) "Devil's Knot or Devils Not? Egoyan deciphers difference intolerance. And though criticism has been about skimming over facts, that may be a bid for something new and different, beyond the overly visited details. And delving not into so much how, as why. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Apr 28, 2014
28% Miss Meadows (2014) "Sinister sitcomish Katie Holmes does Uzi And Harriet. Suggesting a daffy while disturbing schizoid mix in this culture - at ease with exporting a blend of Hollywood and war, and a system increasingly in bed with death squads and self-righteous torture. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Apr 27, 2014
No Score Yet Silenced "Truth as a whole lot scarier than fiction, not to mention chilling and disturbing. As this whistleblower doc thriller plays out in the increasingly pervasive US surveillance state, a sinister domestic espionage grounded in both persecution and profit. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Apr 25, 2014
No Score Yet Les grandes ondes (à l'ouest) (Longwave) "A slim satire on the 40th anniversary this April 1974, of Portugal's Carnation Revolution, ending the longest fascist dictatorship in Europe outlasting Hitler and Mussolini by three decades. But a cautionary challenge to dumbing down of the media today. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Apr 25, 2014
41% Cesar Chavez (2014) "Labor struggles and mass movements are the most difficult to pull off in this strictly status quo society, and the same could be said for movies re-enacting any of that suppressed US history. But this heroic and healing yet candid biopic does just that. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Apr 17, 2014
64% The Cold Lands (2014) "Best when dramatizing how the land itself comes alive and serves as a character in its own right, resurrecting the buried history of the US Anti-Rent Resistance Movement of the 19th century. And perhaps a lesson well taught to an endangered rebel child. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Apr 16, 2014
100% Big Men (2014) "US oil exploitation in Africa, stretching from Texas to Nigeria and Ghana, and how the director managed to infiltrate oil oligarch boardrooms and subversive jungle hideaways alike. Detailed and informative, but lacking analysis and a big perspective. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Apr 16, 2014
50% Fuck For Forest (2014) "Not exactly the IMF turning up in countries with dubious offers that fuck and enrage economically enslaved unsuspecting countries, but these jungle sex tourists bear some negative similarities. In you might say, an accidentally important film. " ‐ Critical Women
Posted Apr 7, 2014
84% The Turning (2015) "Cate Blanchett and Rose Byrne desperate housewives down under. And as much an ordeal for admittedly clueless audiences unfamiliar with the source material as for the characters. But for those with patience, the periodic pleasures of these bracing yarns. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Apr 6, 2014
59% Nymphomaniac: Volume II (2014) "Magical sadism, sex noir and porn for eggheads. As genres and genitals collide, with Trier seemingly psychoanalyzing himself. And while porn dresses up bare behinds in moral taglines, he blankets his ensemble backsides with pretentious arthouse chatter. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Apr 4, 2014
71% No God, No Master (2014) "With this suppressed US history of rebellion, anarchism, the Palmer raids and the IWW resurrected at the movies, this moral thriller gets points for just existing. Even if somewhat a reticent victim itself of the government intimidation it indicts here. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Apr 4, 2014
95% Snowpiercer (2014) "Chris Evans takes charge on this truth as strange as science fiction express to nowhere, as a deprived but dashing commuter warrior on wheels. While facing off against a terror tycoon's lookalike dead ringers for the menacing hooded neo-nazis of Kiev. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Mar 30, 2014
No Score Yet Nothing Without You (2014) "A moral thriller with a highly unusual provocative twist, that women even when most questionable can be complex, empathetic beings. Unconventional, courageous filmmaking, subverting stereotypical notions of politics and seemingly scary women on the edge. " ‐ Critical Women
Posted Mar 29, 2014
75% Nymphomaniac: Volume I (2014) "Whether One or Two of this cinema interruptus teaser is more an ordeal in a perhaps closet biopic, is a tossup. And with Trier very possibly in surrogate self-psychoanalysis mode, don't be surprised if his shrink puts in a bid for a screenwriting credit. " ‐ Critical Women
Posted Mar 28, 2014
No Score Yet Turks & Caicos "Undercover Brits and Yanks toe to toe in the tropics. As a thieves' den of sinister capitalist slackers sip post-colonial cocktails, while plotting further takeovers around the planet. Though MI5 tends to get a pass while fuming over secret CIA torture. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Mar 24, 2014
83% Thelma & Louise (1991) "An enduring classic radically redefining women in movies - or at least some of them. And should finally put to rest the intended ending as not self-obliteration, but a burst of magical realism in flight 'out of this world and into the mass unconscious.' " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Mar 21, 2014
91% Big Joy (2014) "Best when offering immensely pleasurable readings of the poet's verses. But the fawning male-centric focus is too conveniently dismissive about his discarded women and offspring. Including eminent critic Pauline Kael, reduced to a cameo irritant here. " ‐ Critical Women
Posted Mar 21, 2014
93% The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014) "Delves into the cyber-martyr's legacy and early prophesy of doom regarding NSA revelations and the surveillance state. And illuminates the unique traits of fearlessness and the courage to risk acting on convictions, that define human beings like Aaron. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Mar 15, 2014
No Score Yet Facing Fear "A rare, disturbing glimpse into white supremacist culture, and issues of anger mismanagement, remorse, apology and the complicated process of self-forgiveness. And the convergence of anger addiction, rage recovery, and how society and the media kick in. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Feb 20, 2014
57% Demi-soeur (2014) "Part Chaplin, part Fellini's La Strada. And a lunatic but respectful adventure of a mentally challenged woman, navigating the far from normal world around her. In a film about failing to see or acknowledge the disabled, and how they enrich our world. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Feb 9, 2014
34% Labor Day (2014) "Surprises and impresses as a defiant romance. And a woman once solely valued as a mother, a convict whose guilt confounds with unsettling gray areas and a child finding a surrogate father, give 'birth' to a greater nontraditional family emotional truth. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Feb 1, 2014
No Score Yet Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth "A vibrant yet candid portrait of Walker's lasting influence and legacy on both art and social issues, and how she transformed the national cultural and political conversation. And crucially, how 'activism is the rent I pay for living on the planet.' " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Jan 31, 2014
73% The Happy Poet (2013) "A cutting edge social satire about vegetarian pushcart power. And how work, or the lack of it, informs our lives. Along with the struggle to survive in hard times, while serving up poetic revenge subversion of the Hollywood happy ending with relish. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Jan 29, 2014
No Score Yet Sweetwater "Sweetwater does have inspired moments of wild wit, heady heartland humor, and sobering social satire touching on religious fanaticism in particular. Though far too intermingled with SNL style flaky slapstick. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Jan 3, 2014
No Score Yet Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (2013) "A kind of 'For Asian Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf.' And what it may have to do with the Rape Of Nanking; no medical insurance; China Doll fetishes; knitting; stress, race and culture; supersized bras, and too much lipstick. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Jan 3, 2014
67% Detroit Unleaded (2013) "Laced with ironic, offbeat humor and bittersweet urban surrealism. And a rare glimpse in US movies, into the social, emotional and psychological impact of the workplace on the human condition. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Dec 25, 2013
67% Sunlight Jr. (2013) "Uncovers with rare candor on screen, the psychology, economic distress and depleting emotions layering over the lives of the US working poor today, and flipping the script on the American dream. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Dec 21, 2013
95% The Act Of Killing (2013) "Raw and wrenching but narrow retro-focus on the slaughter of millions of Indonesian leftists in collusion with the CIA. But much like Out Of The Furnace, locating truth evasively within the masses, rather than tracing US government and economic roots. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Dec 21, 2013
65% Reaching for the Moon (2013) "Touches on the life of sullen and celebrated US poet Bishop, and her creative and emotional isolation in mid-20th century Brazil during the brutal military coup there. But while bypassing and isolating as well, the role of the CIA in orchestrating it. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Dec 21, 2013
No Score Yet Chuck Workman Program (2003) "What is Cinema navigates the psychological, emotional, historical and analytical processes of experiencing film. And the mystery of cinema as drugs, dreams, and by definition the indefinable and elusive. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Nov 23, 2013
No Score Yet Red Shirley "Few are aware that towards the end of his life, the late eminent music legend Lou Reed was also an aspiring filmmaker. And Red Shirley is an affectionate bio-doc in tribute to his fiery labor rebel cousin, on the occasion of her 100th birthday in 2010. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Nov 17, 2013
100% American Masters: Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin' "Captures what he meant to the world, how he changed the landscape of received sound in music ahead of his time, the political Hendrix, and his concept of the Electric Church. And how he's appreciated in a different way by younger generations today. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Nov 16, 2013
72% Go For Sisters (2013) "Always in search of the ways the personal and political fuse and clash, Sayles has crafted a challenge to the questionable line between official right and wrong. While touching on Freud, the women's movement, race, class and the ruined lives of ex-cons. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Nov 11, 2013
64% Great Expectations (2013) "The immortal classic could not be more relevant in its ironic title alone, to this age of economic crisis in capitalism and the trauma of downward class mobility. And with class uncertainty unleashed back then in both brutal and comical storytelling. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Nov 11, 2013
96% Birth Of The Living Dead (2013) "Sheds light on Dead's own strange parallel journey from grindhouse to born-again arthouse immortal classic. And these voracious monsters embodying collective social anxieties in reality, and related back biting, dog-eat-dog capitalism's creepy context. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Nov 2, 2013
21% Paradise (2013) "Savagely satirizing evangelical culture while pretty much not substituting anything else - unless you count Vegas as the proposed cure in question - in Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody's directing debut. In other words, sorry Paradise, you're no Juno. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Oct 26, 2013
No Score Yet Forced March (1990) "Curiously of interest in this re-release, is Hollywood butting heads with the Holocaust. And the warped values of Hollywood ideology playing out dangerously in US society as the 'exceptionalism' of winning and dominating moral discourse at any cost. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Oct 20, 2013
No Score Yet Mediastan (2014) "Sometimes it can be said that a documentary is exemplary for not accomplishing what it set out to do. And this Julian Assange Wikileaks production may have succeeded in not doing just that. A rocky road movie to nowhere, but in a parallel press universe. " ‐ NewsBlaze
Posted Oct 20, 2013
100% God Loves Uganda (2013) "Cultural imperialism, the new crusades and the Christian Right wreaking havoc in Africa are unmasked. But this tip of the iceberg inquiry begs for deeper digging into US capitalism's economic designs, and how gullible US celebrity outrage kicks in too. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Oct 19, 2013
37% The Fifth Estate (2013) "Assange's smelly socks more lethal than US wars against the planet? You bet, if it's ABC's Media Empire competing David and Goliath war on Wikileaks. And how Hollywood never 'gets' rebel activism, sifted through their narrow prism of ambition and greed. " ‐ Critical Women
Posted Oct 19, 2013
98% Let The Fire Burn (2013) "Resurrecting into the present literally from the ashes and beneath the rubble of the dubious past, are lessons gleaned from the Philly police bombing and incineration of MOVE members. Shedding a light on a dark US history of war against its own people. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Oct 10, 2013
73% Augustine (2013) "Deconstructs late 19th century forms of torture, sexual exploitation and degradation, the female body as theater, closet peep shows, and the medical practitioner fantasy of 'a slave looking for a master' that all defined psychiatry back then. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Oct 6, 2013
80% Don Jon (2013) "Levitt somehow pulls off the oxymoron feat of a feminist chick flick porn comedy. And with no small credit for this Hollywood upstart, owed to his parents from my own alternative radio network. Thus his enlightened upbringing for this meaningful movie. " ‐ WBAI Radio
Posted Sep 25, 2013
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