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3/4 92% Frank (2014) " The film boldly raises the unanswerable question of whether it's better for an artist to safely isolate his work or tweak it a bit so as to share it with the world." — Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 11, 2014
1.5/4 48% Maleficent (2014) " We may have all wanted to know the story behind those famed horns, but the mystery was far preferable to having Maleficent defanged and declawed in the process." — Slant Magazine
Posted May 29, 2014
4/4 100% Dear White People (2014) " The film doesn't aim to condemn the fools who believe racism in America has ended, but rather open a vast discussion of how the subject of race--and merely identity--in our country has evolved. " — Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 17, 2014
3/4 100% Of Horses and Men " On one hand, the film is surely a celebration of a land's distinct creatures and the people who live among them, but on the other, it's a culture's biting auto-critique." — Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 15, 2014
60% Non-Stop (2014) " The latest collaboration between director Jaume Collet-Serra and star Liam Neeson is made with far more care and visual detail than you might expect." — Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 26, 2014
1/4 29% Pompeii (2014) " Shockingly, the violent release of smoke, fire, and meteoric debris is positioned more as a climactic afterthought than as the main attraction." — Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 20, 2014
2/4 15% Endless Love (2014) " Shana Feste's film seems blissfully unaware that great fights require truly substantial conflicts." — Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 12, 2014
2.5/4 95% The LEGO Movie (2014) " Appreciation of the film lies, perhaps aptly, in the pieces built on a pillaged foundation." — Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 4, 2014
1.5/4 22% That Awkward Moment (2014) " Its obsession with male genitalia, or, more specifically, penis receptacles, is emblematic of its overall aura of male entitlement and its consideration of women as prizes to be lanced." — Slant Magazine
Posted Jan 29, 2014
0/4 22% Gimme Shelter (2014) " Writer-director Ron Krauss's Gimme Shelter is wretched long before its odious ulterior motives come to light." — Slant Magazine
Posted Jan 22, 2014
3/4 55% Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) " In keeping his actors on his sober-yet-buoyant plane, Kenneth Branagh presents a convincing romance that doesn't stall the film's brisk clip." — Slant Magazine
Posted Jan 15, 2014
2/4 17% The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box (2014) " The film gradually reveals a lot of unsavory motives, which ultimately deflate the buoyant virtues on which the film had blithely coasted." — Slant Magazine
Posted Jan 7, 2014
2.5/4 33% Labor Day (2014) " A better film would have had the gumption to maintain the poetic bleakness, rather than steer toward what ultimately feels like safe compromise." — Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 23, 2013
2/5 61% Hours (2013) " There's something vexing about the use of a baby as narrative device, and the movie leans too heavily on her inborn potential for heart-tuggery." — Time Out New York
Posted Dec 11, 2013
2/4 74% The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (2013) " A once-precious franchise's weakest installment, which forgets these adventures' magic was never conjured by bells and whistles." — Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 7, 2013
3/4 53% Out of the Furnace (2013) " What this movie finally boils down to is a deceptively simple tale of two brothers, and of being one's brother's keeper, and of seeking justice on the crudest of fronts." — Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 3, 2013
1/5 20% Cold Turkey (2013) " Writer-director Will Slocombe preaches the values of laying resentments on the table, but with no true wisdom or novelty to offer, he's merely served an instantly forgettable slice of cinema de dysfunction." — Time Out New York
Posted Nov 19, 2013
3/5 67% Detroit Unleaded (2013) " A quasi-fairy-tale ending suggests the director and cowriter was content with shrugging her shoulders when it came to tying things up, but the knee-jerky close can't spoil the film's vibrant cultural and environmental specificity." — Time Out New York
Posted Nov 19, 2013
2.5/4 89% Frozen (2013) " The film's empowering themes of feminine strengths and bonds eventually flourish in novel fashion. " — Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 13, 2013
3/4 46% The Book Thief (2013) " Books themselves become the story's key symbol, representing the past and future, loss and possibility, of a place that's ground zero for some of history's darkest days." — Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 7, 2013
3/4 65% Thor: The Dark World (2013) " Superhero movies aren't going anywhere, nor is their standard, on-to-the-next-fight structure, so it's heartening to see a gem that grandly and amusingly fills in the blanks." — Slant Magazine
Posted Nov 6, 2013
3/5 70% Man of Tai Chi (2013) " [Establishes Reeves] as a deft helmer of cinematic combat ..." — Time Out New York
Posted Oct 29, 2013
4/5 80% Aftermath (2013) " With its slow-burn pacing and horrifying reveals, Aftermath remains a deeply compelling puzzle." — Time Out New York
Posted Oct 29, 2013
.5/4 60% Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013) " A choppy, feature-length progression of crude, predictable gags, the film plays like a variety show, and yet its main attraction is barely funny enough to warrant his own brief sketch." — Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 24, 2013
1.5/4 37% The Fifth Estate (2013) " The filmn is guilty of some of the same quick judgment it clearly doesn't endorse, exploiting Julian Assange's unmistakable appearance to help give itself a boogeyman." — Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 15, 2013
2/4 22% Romeo and Juliet (2013) " Not even when the doomed Juliet reaches for Romeo's dagger do you feel a single vicarious pain in your gut." — Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 10, 2013
3/4 92% Nebraska (2013) " In the film, Alexander Payne's overview of America is extraordinarily, multifariously profound." — Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 10, 2013
2/4 9% Runner Runner (2013) " The ultimately forgettable Runner Runner is, for a gambling film, markedly risk-averse." — Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 4, 2013
3.5/4 76% Concussion (2013) " The near-imperceptible finesse of Abby's characterization reflects writer-director Stacie Passon's effortless, interesting mix of richness and economy." — Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 2, 2013
2.5/4 93% Captain Phillips (2013) " It works too hard to keep matters on an even, we're-all-more-alike-than-different keel, which is just one part of its chief problem of forcefully conveying information and intent." — Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 29, 2013
1/4 14% Baggage Claim (2013) " Writer-director David E. Talbert adapts his own 2003 novel into something as useless as it is implosive." — Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 25, 2013
3/4 89% Le Week-End (2014) " Both keenly calculated and flowing with offbeat, naturalistic detail, Hanif Kureishi's jewel of a script reflects his sensibilities as a playwright." — Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 25, 2013
2/4 37% Child Of God (2014) " To really appreciate the film, one needs to look past James Franco's lack of formal poetry and focus on Scott Haze's performance and Cormac McCarthy's themes, which, given the great might of both, isn't exactly hard to do." — Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 24, 2013
1/5 6% Battle of the Year (2013) " The raison d'ĂȘtre of popping-and-locking scenes is trumped by tired team-building bathos, whose flagrancy is anything but conducive to spreading the film's hug-it-out bro-love." — Time Out New York
Posted Sep 19, 2013
.5/4 16% The Colony (2013) " Greedily tries to cram every dystopian curse into one misbegotten plot, resulting in something wildly disjointed, even if its pieces arguably connect." — Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 16, 2013
3.5/4 93% Mother Of George (2013) " Beautiful, poetic, and hard-hitting without the use of excessive force and deeply layered with evolving and regional nuances of feminine experience." — Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 12, 2013
2/5 50% Mademoiselle C (2013) " You never learn why, exactly, she deserves a feature-length portrait. "Maybe people will get sick of me," Roitfeld muses. A little more than 90 minutes should do the trick." — Time Out New York
Posted Sep 11, 2013
2/4 99% Wadjda (2013) " It doesn't play like reality, but like boilerplate filmic fantasy, and its novel setting and inception struggles seem positioned as a beard--or veil, if you will--to mask its mediocrity." — Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 10, 2013
1/4 31% Adore (2013) " A work that's deadly serious and yet so goofily unbound that, in some scenes, incest truly seems like it's on the scandalous menu." — Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 4, 2013
3/4 63% One Direction: This Is Us (2013) " Some of the film's most memorable moments involve Niall and Liam looking down on oceans of screaming devotees in the street, and controlling their cheers like orchestra conductors." — Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 30, 2013
1/4 2% Getaway (2013) " Though always speeding forward in some gear of ridiculousness, the film is a lot more fun when it's completely nonsensical, before its baddie's motives and harebrained plot are funnel-fed to the viewer." — Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 29, 2013
4/4 74% You're Next (2013) " You're Next brazenly merges the home-invasion thriller with the dysfunctional family dramedy." — Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 22, 2013
2/4 12% The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) " The movie blasts by for a while as an odd and busy slice of highly watchable garbage." — Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 21, 2013
2.5/4 99% Short Term 12 (2013) " There's tremendous dramatic value to the aching and sometimes devastating scenes that home in on these kids' private torments. " — Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 14, 2013
0/4 27% Jobs (2013) " Steered by a lead actor and director, Joshua Michael Stern, who are both way out of their respective leagues, Jobs is excrutiating, failing to entertain and all but pissing on its subject's grave." — Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 12, 2013
1/4 26% Planes (2013) " The film feels second-rate in every sense, from the quality of its animation to its C-list voice cast." — Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 7, 2013
.5/4 41% Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) " I'll tell you what's insane: the probability that folks will go easy on this dreck because it's aimed at younger viewers, who are being distressingly trained to expect little from their art." — Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 6, 2013
2/4 64% 2 Guns (2013) " Viewer/character solidarity only holds up for so long, and the film falls hard into twisty, nonsense territory, skipping over its stronger themes in the process." — Slant Magazine
Posted Jul 31, 2013
2.5/4 69% The Wolverine (2013) " This may be the year's best superhero movie because, for a sufficient amount of time, it doesn't feel like a superhero movie at all." — Slant Magazine
Posted Jul 24, 2013
2.5/4 67% Turbo (2013) " As a film about social issues, and simply being yourself, it's commendably progressive, going so far as serving as a kind of coming-out story." — Slant Magazine
Posted Jul 16, 2013
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