Rasmi Simhan

Rasmi Simhan

Agrees with the Tomatometer 77% of the time.

Dallas Morning News , Kansas City Star
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C 86% Lovely & Amazing (2001) " In their love for each other and their ability to move on, the women are, in a way, lovely and amazing." — Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 18, 2002
D 0% Chasing Holden (2001) " The melodrama of this film is odd considering the novel that inspired it." — Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 27, 2002
D 10% Juwanna Mann (2002) " It's disappointing when filmmakers throw a few big-name actors and cameos at a hokey script." — Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 20, 2002
A- 71% Girls Can't Swim (2002) " Evokes the frustration, the awkwardness and the euphoria of growing up, without relying on the usual tropes." — Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 6, 2002
C 50% Esther Kahn (2001) " The narrator and the other characters try to convince us that acting transfigures Esther, but she's never seen speaking on stage; one feels cheated, and Esther seems to remain an unchanged dullard." — Dallas Morning News
Posted May 30, 2002
C 52% American Chai (2002) " American Chai encourages rueful laughter at stereotypes only an Indian-American would recognize. And the lesson, in the end, is nothing new." — Dallas Morning News
Posted May 16, 2002
B- 7% The New Guy (2002) " Would you laugh if a tuba-playing dwarf rolled down a hill in a trash can? Do you chuckle at the thought of an ancient librarian whacking a certain part of a man's body? If you answered yes, by all means enjoy The New Guy." — Dallas Morning News
Posted May 9, 2002
30% The Animal (2001) " You've got to wonder why the work of Schneider, David Spade and others seemed smarter and fresher on SNL." — Kansas City Star
Posted Jun 4, 2001
13% Town & Country (2000) " A movie without much of a sense of logic or humor." — Kansas City Star
Posted Apr 27, 2001
11% Freddy Got Fingered (2001) " The gags here are just too disjointed and bizarre to be funny." — Kansas City Star
Posted Apr 20, 2001
15% Tomcats (2001) " The gross-out humor in Tomcats, though, is just gross." — Kansas City Star
Posted Mar 29, 2001
61% Recess: School's Out (2001) " Wears thin over 90 minutes without jangly commercials and a bowl of super-sugary cereal for distraction." — Kansas City Star
Posted Feb 16, 2001
17% The Wedding Planner (2001) " A mildly entertaining flick." — Kansas City Star
Posted Jan 25, 2001
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