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3/4 67% The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) " Most of the press on The Pursuit of Happyness has focused on the surprising performance of young Jaden Smith. And yes, the kid is really that good." — Premiere Magazine
Posted Dec 15, 2006
2/4 10% Aeon Flux (2005) " If the film proves anything, it's that what made Aeon Flux compelling and special as an animated series had everything to do with the medium and the freedom Chung was given to shape the story as he pleased." — Premiere Magazine
Posted Dec 13, 2005
2/4 36% Chicken Little (2005) " The cleverness just isn't there." — Premiere Magazine
Posted Dec 13, 2005
36% Saw II (2005) " Saw II feels like an episode of Fear Factor or Big Brother with Rob Zombie at the helm, and if that doesn't scare you away from this ridiculous movie, well, feel free to indulge your questionable tastes." — Premiere Magazine
Posted Dec 10, 2005
2.5/4 75% Zathura (2005) " There's nary a smidgen of adult humor, so parents might find things a bit on the dull side at times, but in the end they will likely thank Favreau in droves for making a film that is at least certain not to give them a headache." — Premiere Magazine
Posted Dec 6, 2005
1.5/4 50% Prime (2005) " It's pretentiously clever premise executed in a very conventional, and ultimately dull manner, Prime is an intended heartbreaker that in execution is an extended flatline." — Premiere Magazine
Posted Dec 6, 2005
3/4 72% William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (2004) " As evidenced by this film, in capable hands, Shylock is a unique amalgam of flaws still worthy of rendition." — Premiere Magazine
Posted Feb 15, 2005
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