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92% Source Code (2011) " Ultimately, Source Code makes good on its Hitchcockian opening sequence -- it may pale in comparison to the master, but it's a fun, puzzle-filled ride, with excellent pacing and a mounting uneasiness that recalls the best episodes of The Twilight Zone." — New York Observer
Posted Mar 23, 2014
3.5/4 82% Trust (1991) New York Observer
Posted Oct 28, 2011
2/4 45% You yi tian (One Day) (2010) New York Observer
Posted Oct 28, 2011
1/4 77% The Last Circus (2011) " You're left with the vague recollection of an interesting movie you were watching before you got kidnapped and subjected to over an hour of torture porn starring a fat, sadistic clown." — New York Observer
Posted Aug 24, 2011
3/4 67% Our Idiot Brother (2011) " Our Idiot Brother may not be perfect, but, Crocs and all, Paul Rudd's performance is idiot-proof." — New York Observer
Posted Aug 24, 2011
0/4 17% Flypaper (2011) " You know there's something wrong with a comedy when you'd rather see the main characters killed off than live happily ever after." — New York Observer
Posted Aug 24, 2011
2/4 36% One Day (2011) " It's a sweet, harmless, meandering tale with an engaging gimmick, but a great love story -- or a great movie -- it's not." — New York Observer
Posted Aug 17, 2011
2/4 92% Senna (2011) " There is simply not enough material to make a compelling movie, even though Mr. Kapadia appears to have used every last frame of footage from the Formula One archives." — New York Observer
Posted Aug 10, 2011
2/4 53% The Mechanic (2011) " The Mechanic is like a Beretta loaded with blanks -- quick and brutal but ultimately empty." — New York Observer
Posted Apr 4, 2011
6% Waiting for Forever (2011) " By the time Emma realizes that something might be wrong with her playful, pajama-clad paramour, there are so many red flags she might as well be at a communist rally." — New York Observer
Posted Feb 1, 2011
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