10 Disastrous Disaster Movies

With San Andreas hitting theaters, we look back at some of cinema's most ill-advised catastrophe flicks.
Jeff Giles on Wednesday, May. 27 2015, 04:20 PMcomment

This weekend's San Andreas imagines a devastating earthquake that tears a gash of horrific ruin through California -- and plops Dwayne Johnson in the middle of the action as a heroic helicopter pilot who must brave statewide chaos in order to find his estranged daughter. It's a good old-fashioned disaster movie, in other words, and while we'd never doubt the Rock's ability to kick maximum butt in any cinematic setting, we can't help but be reminded of the many times other talented folks have tried (and often failed) to thrill audiences with tales of epic mayhem and destruction, which is exactly why we've dedicated this week's list to some of the worst entries in the genre. Head for cover, folks -- it's time for an all-disaster edition of Total Recall!

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