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2nd Annual RT Awards
The Best/Worst MPAA Rating of 2000


Here's a category that wasn't in last year's Awards--MPAA ratings. Nearly half the movies in 2000 were rated R, while PG-13 took the majority of the other half. While the G-rated films have the highest average Tomatometer reading with 57%, the PG-13-rated one have the lowest with 41%.

What does this say? It may be that G-rated movies are generally innocuous and the least pretentious of the bunch. The target crowd for PG-13 movies are usually teenagers, and movies that appeal to this group generally don't do well with critics. R-rated affairs seem like a mixed bag.

The Best/Worst MPAA Ratings of 2000
RankAve. TmeterMPAA RatingNo. of Films
1.57%G (MPAA)5
2.49%PG (MPAA)16
3.45%R (MPAA)63
4.41%PG-13 (MPAA)48

2nd Annual RT Awards

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