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3rd Annual RT Awards
Welcome to The 3rd Annual RT Awards


RT AwardsIt's that time again, folks, when movies of the past year are competing for various awards, places on best of lists, what have you. Here at Rotten Tomatoes, we are giving out some honors of our own -- the 3rd annual RT Awards! Which movies collected raves from the critics? Which ones drew their scorn? Keep on reading, and find out.

Here's how the RT Awards work:
   • We use a consistent pool of critics for the Tomatometer. They include the Roger Eberts of print and the James Berardinellis of the online world. Each critic gets one vote, all weighted equally.
   • A movie must have 20 or more rated reviews to be considered. Why 20? It's a good number at which if a few more reviews are added, they won't drastically swing the Tomatometer in either direction.
   • Because of the sheer number of reviews and finite number of editors, you may see some reviews that have neither a rating nor a quote. They probably won't swing the Tomatometer more than a few percentage points.
   • Also, we've got a new formula this year in how we rank the movies. Instead of just going by the Tomatometer, we calculate the score by taking the Tomatometer and adding the sum of Fresh minus Rotten reviews. This means The Taste of Others, with a perfect score but less than 50 reviews, didn't win, while The Lord of the Rings, with its 100+ Fresh reviews and 95% score, earned the top spot.


3rd Annual RT Awards

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