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3rd Annual RT Awards
The Worst Films of 2001


Rotten Trophy Some movies are distinctive not for the praise they receive, but for how reviled they are. Though certain filmmaking aspects like special effects continue to improve, there will always inevitably be a number of stinkers released for public consumption. The following are those titles which critics took aim at the most in 2001. SPLAT.

At the top (or bottom?) of the list is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. While casting Angelina Jolie as Lara makes a lot of sense, adapting a video game has its limitations, especially if you don't add in a story to go with the battle sequences and special effects. Jolie also has the dubious distinction of appearing in a second movie in RT's top ten worst, the overheated melodrama Original Sin. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that earning an Academy Award doesn't necessarily translate to better projects.

A worst of the year list wouldn't be complete without a Freddie Prinze, Jr. title. Last year's third place entry was the romantic comedy Down to You and this year's, coming in at second place, is Head Over Heels, a romantic comedy with... models and toilet humor? And like Jolie, he has a second movie in the top ten, this one a baseball-themed -- Summer Catch.

Also high on the list is Mariah Carey's infamously bad Glitter. The movie tanked, and Virgin Records cut Carey loose from her contract after disappointing sales of the soundtrack. Pop stars trying to cross over into acting generally don't fare too well, and Carey is apparently no exception.

Please note that since the time of the RT Awards, the scores may have fluctuated due to new reviews being posted.


1.-76Lara Croft: Tomb Raider19%
2.-74Say It Isn't So9%
3.-68Corky Romano5%
4.-67The Musketeer10%
7.-66What's The Worst That Could Happen?10%
8.-63Summer Catch7%
9.-62Scary Movie 214%
10.-61Head Over Heels9%
11.-61American Outlaws13%
12.-60Freddy Got Fingered11%
13.-57Black Knight13%
14.-573000 Miles to Graceland13%
15.-56Original Sin12%
16.-53Thirteen Ghosts13%
17.-53The Wedding Planner16%
18.-52Town and Country13%
19.-51Pearl Harbor26%
20.-50Saving Silverman16%
21.-49Sweet November16%
23.-48The One13%
25.-47Joe Dirt11%


3rd Annual RT Awards

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