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4th Annual RT Awards
Welcome to The 4th Annual RT Awards


RT AwardsNow that critics have had the opportunity to catch the Oscar hopefuls and other 2002 releases, it's time to find out which movies they most enjoyed or hated in the 4th Annual RT Awards. Is it Chicago, the adaptation of the Broadway musical starring Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones? Perhaps it's Roman Polanski's Holocaust drama, The Pianist. Or maybe it's About Schmidt -- the critics love Jack. Ecks Vs. Sever and Pinocchio both have 0% on the Tomatometer, but are they really the worst? Keep reading to find out which movies have the distinction of being the best and worst reviewed of 2002.

Here's how the RT Awards work:
   • We use a consistent pool of critics for the Tomatometer. Each critic gets one vote, all weighted equally.
   • A movie must have 20 or more rated reviews to be considered. It's a good number at which if a few more reviews are added, they won't drastically swing the Tomatometer in either direction.
   • Because of the sheer number of reviews and finite number of editors, you may see some reviews that have neither a rating nor quote. They probably won't swing the Tomatometer more than a few percentage points.
   • Instead of just going by the Tomatometer, we calculate the score by taking the Tomatometer and adding the sum of Fresh minus Rotten reviews. Why? Because a movie with 100 reviews should be weighted above the one with only 25.


4th Annual RT Awards

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