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6th Annual Golden Tomato Awards
Welcome to The 6th Annual Golden Tomato Awards!

The 2004 Golden Tomato Awards

The Aviator, Ray, Sideways, Million Dollar Baby, Finding Neverland -- which of these contenders will beat the odds and come away as this year's Golden Tomato Awards winner? Or will some other movie come out of left field to take the prize? Welcome back to the 6th annual Golden Tomato Awards, where we honor the best reviewed films of 2004. This year we have divided the Golden Tomato Awards into two categories -- one for the major studio releases and one for the indies. There are many worthy contenders this year, so see which two movies took away the top prize. Read on for the results.

Here's how the Tomato Awards work:
   • Limited releases are defined by a movie being released in 500 or less theaters.
   • We use a consistent pool of critics for the Tomatometer. Each critic gets one vote, all weighted equally.
   • A movie must have 50 or more rated reviews to be considered. It's a good number at which if a few more reviews are added, they won't drastically swing the Tomatometer in either direction.
   • Because of the sheer number of reviews and finite number of editors, you may see some reviews that have neither a rating nor quote. They probably won't swing the Tomatometer more than a few percentage points.
   • Since the number of reviews per movie inevitably vary, we use a weighted formula: (r (r+m)) t + (m (r+m)) a, with "r" representing the number of rated reviews, "m" the minimum number of reviews needed for a movie to qualify, "t" the Tomatometer score, and "a" the average Tomatometer of all the qualifying movies.

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