Rotten Tomatoes Eats France at Cannes 2006
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Bonjour, and welcome to Rotten Tomatoes' coverage of the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Cannes is probably the best-known film festival in the world; since its inception in 1939, the event has been a draw for the biggest stars and the finest filmmakers in the world. The festival has been a jumping off-point for some of the medium's landmark pictures; "The Third Man," "La Dolce Vita," "Taxi Driver," "Apocalypse Now," and "Pulp Fiction" all won the Palme d'Or, given to the festival's best film. This year promises more cinematic riches, from the biggest Hollywood films to tiny-but-compelling foreign language pictures. During our stay at the festival, we'll be bringing you reviews of the biggest films, news items, and images from Cannes, the French seaside resort town that is a Mecca for cinephiles.

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