Rotten Tomatoes Eats France at Cannes 2006
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Uro December 31, 1969

Synopsis: Turning his back on a delinquent past and joining the police force, HP is determined to start doing the right thing. He gets recruited into a special elite police unit called URO. They work undercover, fi ghting drug traffi cking and organized crime. HP?s impatient nature and determination to succeed, often results in the choice of hardnosed and hasty solutions. In order to infi ltrate criminal environments and at the same time keep his cover, he violates police procedures. Soon he fi nds himself trapped in a web of lies, stretching out from both sides of the law. His loyalty is put to the test when Mette, a friend from the past, turns up. She is the perfect lead into a network of major drug dealers. Without informing the rest of the team, HP goes deep undercover alone, using Mette as a way in. HP soon realizes that his present mission is closely connected to his own past, and that everything he worked so hard to escape from, is coming back to haunt him.

Starring: Nicolai Cleve Broch
Directed by: Stefan Faldbakken
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