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A Kid for Two Farthings December 31, 1969
A Kid for Two Farthings

Synopsis: The relationship between fantasy and reality in the mind of a small boy is Carol Reed's subject in this whimsical fable, set among the small shops and bazaars of London's East End in the 1950s. It stars Jonathan Ashmore as Joe, a highly imaginative boy living with his mother, Joanna (Celia Johnson), above the tailor shop where she is employed. When Kandinsky (David Kossoff), the kindly old tailor, spins a tale for the boy that emphasizes the magical powers of a unicorn, the boy decides to find one, hoping to solve his problems and those of his friends. He finds his "uncorn"--a scrawny kid bearing the stump of a horn, and begins making wishes: for a local beauty, Sonia (Diana Dors), to marry; for her boxer boyfriend, Sam (Joe Robinson), to win a big fight; for Kandinsky to obtain a much-needed steam presser; and for the boy to be reunited with his father. When things begin to work out, who can deny the "unicorn" the credit? A KID FOR TWO FARTHINGS is an unusual blend of fantasy and social realism, featuring a touching performance by Kossoff.

Starring: Celia Johnson, David Kossoff, Diana Dors
Directed by: Carol Reed
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