From: The Rambo series
Urgency: You have 3 days until Halloween

What you'll need:
Army fatigue pants, black tank top, fake machine gun or bowie knife, black or red strip of cloth, baby oil, shoulder-length, shaggy hair

The good news for Rambo fans: even as Sly Stallone's seminal war hero has popped up four times over the past 30 years, he's kept the same practical sensibilities with no regard to the prevailing fashions from era to era. So your job will be as easy as killing a helicopter with a rock, or evicting the Soviets from Afghanistan! Prepare your battle-hardened muscles for major attention with a generous slathering of baby oil; for a really authentic look, add a few dollops of bronzer. Once your fatigue pants are on, you have a few choices to make; for young Rambo (circa First Blood, First Blood Part II, and Rambo III), go shirtless. For an updated Burmese river guide Rambo, cover up in a dark t-shirt and draw on a few eye wrinkles. Whichever Rambo you choose, finish your look by tying a black strip of cloth around your head and accessorize with your deadly weapon of choice.
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