Sci-fi films have gotten so sophisticated that even small movies are beginning to require big budgets.  Pair that with the fact that at least a dozen sci-fi flicks are likely to come out every year, and you?ll understand the kind of uphill battle Skyline faces.  The film was made for around $10 million, and it?s the latest alien invasion movie to hit theaters since, well, Monsters opened just a couple weeks ago.  

The story here is a familiar one, too.  Life in Los Angeles is chugging right along when, out of the blue, alien spacecraft appear, hovering over the city.  Earthly citizens are drawn to the glowing beams of light they fire down, and before anyone can scream ?Welcome to Earth!? giant Godzilla-like creatures are destroying buildings and eating helicopters.  

The stars are best known for their work on TV, from Scrubs?s Donald Faison to Dexter?s David Zayas, but they?re solid, and the lion?s share of the film?s production budget went into the CGI creations on screen, so they don?t look half bad. And, if nothing else, the success of movies like Independence Day and District 9 proves that audiences have an appetite for this stuff, even if they?ve seen it before.

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