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Trademark Use Guidelines

Flixster, Inc., together with its other business units, including but not limited to, Rotten Tomatoes (collectively "Flixster," "we," or "us"), provides an online community for movie critics and fans to review and rate movies and to network with people with similar tastes. If you plan to use any of our trademarks or logos, please follow these guidelines. If you'd like to use any of our trademarks or logos in any way that isn't covered here, please contact us.

Our Trademarks and Logos

Rotten Tomatoes Logo


Please see Brand Guidelines for proper usage of the Rotten Tomatoes marks.

Fresh Tomato, Rotten Splat and Popcorn Logos

  • Brand attribution is required in every location where Rotten Tomatoes content is displayed. Please refer to the Brand Guidelines for approved placement and language. A registered trademark is required ®.

  • Rotten Tomatoes scores and reviews must link back to the corresponding movie pages on

  • The Fresh Tomato or Popcorn Logo may only be displayed in connection with a film if it received a combined score of 60% or better. When using either logo, please display it to the left of the film's score.

  • The Rotten Splat Logo may only be displayed in connection with a film if it received a combined score of 59% or less. When using this logo, please display it to the left of the film's score.

  • The Fresh Tomato, Rotten Splat, and Popcorn Logos cannot be altered without prior written permission.

Certified Fresh Logo

Rotten Tomatoes awards the Certified Fresh accolade to films and TV programs that have a steady Tomatometer of 75% or higher after a set amount of reviews (80 for films in wide release, 40 for films in limited release, 20 for TV shows), including 5 reviews from Top Critics. A film remains Certified Fresh unless its Tomatometer falls below 70%. Reserved for the best reviewed films, the Certified Fresh accolade constitutes a seal of approval, synonymous with quality.

Rotten Tomatoes encourages use of the Certified Fresh accolade for editorial and marketing purposes provided the following requirements are met (in addition to our general use guidelines):

  • The Certified Fresh Logo may only be used in connection with films that Rotten Tomatoes has designated as Certified Fresh.

  • The Certified Fresh Logo cannot be altered without prior written permission.

  • The link to the Certified Fresh Logo must go to one of the following landing pages on the Rotten Tomatoes site:

    • The Rotten Tomatoes review page for that specific movie

    • The Rotten Tomatoes homepage

    • The Certified Fresh Movie or DVD web pages

If you are interested in using the Roten Tomatoes name or mark, please Contact Us for approval.

Brand Use Guidelines

Please review the associated guidelines before using these brands.

Brand Use Guidelines

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Syndication and Logos

Rotten Tomatoes maintains data feeds featuring the most current movies and dvds, including current and upcoming releases. In addition to our RSS feeds compiling Tomatometer and Critical Consensus summaries, webmasters can download text feeds that also include links to the reviews pages for our entire catalog of movies, movie showtime links, Certified Fresh flags, database IDs, and other data designed to help integrate our data with your website.

Please review the associated downloads (graphics), enhanced content, and terms of use before using these feeds.

Syndication Overview

Contact Form

If you have any other requests regarding branding, merchandising and/or licensing, please complete the form below and a Rotten Tomatoes representative will contact you.