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Its getting to be pretty obvious that the invisable emperor that surrorgates the collectively conjured avatar of the otherworldly overlord within the inner circle of assendant mastery of No One masterminding have now seized power with the 9/11 Coup & have now moved through its global financial hit squad 100's of Housing derivative bubble bursted trillions into its Underworld vaults to feed its vast underworld warren of tunnels, bunkers, bases and hyperspatial escape hatches and portal openings as well as submarines and spaceships.It obviously must now be ready with replacement human 2.0 species to inherit and inhabit a freshly cleansed earth of this defective model we are.It now is counting a timetable protocal down to some zero that is related to events around 2012 in which it no longer needs to allow any continued contamination to stifle the flowering of perfection that melds our soul into a single minded purpose of disappearing into a predeterminable state of its of singular nothingness.
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