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    Added: May 9, 2008


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Trauma Reviews

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Luke B

Super Reviewer

July 16, 2011
Firth awakens from a coma to discover his wife is dead and he is suspected of murdering a pop idol. This is a psychological thriller that isn't always so logical. What it is do, mostly thanks to Firth, is capture the sheer terror of people perceiving you as mad. It's a difficult job to truly make us believe that both reality and fantasy are possible. As Firth's mental state begins to crumble around him the film does lose some of its footing. It gets to a point where confusion and surprise become Evans' main objective. Thankfully, it's never a dull ride, and when one looks at the emotional destruction, it can seem so much more fulfilling.

Super Reviewer

April 16, 2009
i personally didnt like this film it was confusing and silly i like colin firth but this wasnt a good movie for him !!
Drew S

Super Reviewer

July 9, 2007
Trauma has a limited level of success on the account of its strongly-developed tone and a few creepy scenes, but the narrative is an absolute disaster. The plot is extremely simple, but deliberately made to seem obtuse, which leaves the movie unrewarding in the end. Colin Firth offers up a complete retread of his neurotic performance in Apartment Zero, and Mena Suvari has a handful of decent scenes that keep her from being an utter mess. No one in the cast is at the top of their game here.

Perhaps the most criminal sin of Trauma is its blatant cribbing from the massively superior Jacob's Ladder. The ripping-off is not so much from the plot (though there are definite elements of that floating around in the stew), but in the atmosphere and stylism. Hell, Trauma pretty much admitted it when it used the "rapid head-jerk" effect that Jacob's Ladder invented. To me, this is a blatant and downright disrespectful act of plagiarism.

Marc Evans, the director of Trauma, has talent but no creativity. Let's hope that he parlays this dearth of imagination into something far better - a stronger script or more captivating project.

Super Reviewer

March 19, 2009
This movie starts out slow but then moves frenetically to a somewhat surprising ending. It is reminiscent of some of those Japanese style horror films in terms of its imagery. I haven't seen Firth in a role like this before, and I thought he was excellent. Twists and turns abound in this movie which are enough to keep you involved wondering what's real and what isn't.
January 31, 2013
Lots of potential without really being able to pull it off. Creepy feeling film without really a pay off of the horror it promises. However, you can have the tarantula. Not a happy scene.
September 2, 2006
This was one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. But I like Colin Firth. So I liked this movie.
January 25, 2014
Definitely a thriller, a bit slow, and you need to stick with it. But it's OK by the end.
December 12, 2012
I think the movie was fantastic and the reviewers (whose opinions tend to be rather shallow and come from a place of tediousness of interests and blandness of insight) are idiots for what they have said of it. The movie was about his character. Not any of the others. Just Firth's. And it was about the question of the heaviness and weight of reality on the mind of a person and what a creative mind does when it must deal with harsh pieces and elements of reality.

It must have been too deep and possibly philosophical for the idiots who wanted to put a simple tag on it for one specific genre and then have the movie follow the genre's paradigm. But, it you would like to think about the psychological nature of reality and delusions and hallucinations; intrapersonal truth and dishonesty and how it aligns with interpersonal truth and dishonesty; then you will like this movie.

Many reviewers said Jacob's Ladder was bad when it came out. But, these are the same types of people who acclaim Michael Bay and Jerry Brockheimer films and think European cinema is something movie reviewers don't watch unless they live in Europe. I am Swedish and have found that the best way to find good English language films is to completely ignore American movie critics' opinions. So please, disregard most of what you read here. But, take what i say to heart.

It is worth watching.
July 7, 2012
Colin Firth plays a disturbed widower in this densely themed psychological thriller.
January 21, 2012
Made by Marc Evans, who did the delightfully unpleasant My Little Eye. Not as good as that movie, but thumbs up for the Jacob's Ladder references (One of my favourite horror films ever). I thought this was a decent film, with a brave bit of casting in Colin Firth. Not an actor you would expect to see in something as edgy and paranoid as this, i think he aquits his role very well as the paranoia and confusion builds. It's definately worth watching
September 24, 2011
Demasiado confusa, nunca se entiende que esta pasando..
May 28, 2011
Nice to see Colin Firth do something a bit different. This has it moments, but it's no David Lynch film.
July 4, 2007
You may wonder why I've given it 2/10, but my mood is grateful. I'm grateful that finally a 'brain' movie has come along. Yes it makes you think about the plot. But it also makes you think about why you've bothered to watch it, why they've bothered to film it, and why anyone has bothered to watch it before you.

It's the first 'brain' movie I've watched since Revolver, and thank god it's better than that. Otherwise I may well have gone round the country killing anything that looks or smells like a film director.

There's a decent plot, with decent actors, I don't dispute that. But it lacks attraction. It doesn't engage with the audience. It's boring.

If you want to watch a 'brain' film, there are many better options. Hard Candy, Mr. Brooks, Vanilla Sky, Das Experiment. All much better films, despite not having such complex plots.

So stay clear of this awful film, and keep asking yourself why two such good actors as Mena Suvari and Colin Firth are wasting their time in this film after their exploits in American Beauty and Fever Pitch. Then ask yourself why you bothered watching it (if you were lucky enough to read this review before you turned the film on, that is).
February 17, 2006
As a fan of Colin Firth, I try to see every movie he's ever made. Believe it or not, I've seen most of them! I was surprised when my husband brought it home for me, because it is a little independent film that I'd only heard about on a fan site. I couldn't wait to see it!

The story is about Ben, played by Colin Firth, who wakes up in hospital from a tragic car accident. His wife is dead, and he tries to make a new start. At his new apartment, he meets a young woman, played by Mena Suvari, who befriends him and takes him to a medium, as a way to help him cope with his loss. Coinciding with this event, a famous pop singer is brutally murdered. Ben happens to be obsessed with the pop singer, and becomes a suspect in her investigation. Ben, still reeling from the loss of his wife, is mentally fragile, and tries to cope as best he can.

I am very satisfied with the movie. The technique used in the storytelling allowed you to get into the mind of Ben. It also kept you guessing as to his mental stability. When certain things happen, the camera only shows you certain angles, and so you wonder what is reality and what is imagination. I have read other reviews that complained about the aspects I just mentioned. But I didn't see the difficulty in following the story. The only problem I DID find was the volume level of dialogue, especially when Colin was speaking. He speaks low and sometimes he mumbles. It can be disconcerting, since you need to know what he's saying. The DVD didn't have english subtitles, so keep your finger on the volume control.
August 21, 2005
[color=darkorange]Heh. My local paper proclaimed that [i]The 40-Year-Old Virgin [/i]was better and funnier than [i]The Wedding Crashers[/i]. That's a pretty high standard if you ask me. I could probably watch the latter over and over again and laugh just as much and if not more.[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]I mean, [i]The 40-Year-Old Virgin[/i] was funny--it was not [i]Wedding Crashers [/i]funny. Steve Carrell plays a loveable loser who has maintained his purity until middle age. He collects action figures and toys, he rides an old-school bicycle, plays video games and watches [i]Survivor [/i]with the elderly couple that lives upstairs from him. [/color]

[color=#ff8c00]Probably the funniest aspect for me is the retail enviroment in which Andy (Carrell) and his friends work. It kind of has that [i]Clerks [/i]and [i]Empire Records [/i]appeal about it. And of course I find that kind of stuff funny, because I work in retail myself. [/color]

[color=#ff8c00]It has all the raunch-bathroom-humor that you'd expect in an R-rated sex comedy. However, it has an oddly good message to it, too.[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]On saturday, we watched two movies. The first was [i]Beyond Borders [/i]with two of our faves Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen (hubba-hubba). It is a movie with a really eye-opening message about relief workers and those countries in need of relief. Sarah (Jolie) is an American married to a wealthy Brit, who gets inspired by Nick (Owen), a rather cavalier relief-worker who is ballsy, brooding and rough around the edges. [/color]

[color=#ff8c00]The story takes them through some of the saddest situations over a period of ten years. Beginning in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Chechnya. Then, of course is the rather sad, depressing romance that is backdropped by famine relief. The message in the work that the relief workers do is important and the movie was somewhat good but not great. [/color]

[color=#ff8c00]As for [i]Trauma[/i], it is one of those weird movies that we have never heard of that we felt compelled to rent. It stars Colin Firth as a wack-job and Mena Suvari as his "landlady." Usually, I can watch ANYTHING with Colin Firth, but this movie wanted too much to be an even more artsy version of [i]The Cell[/i]. It is a weird mish-mosh of quick edits, weird and dreamlike images, murder, a "dead" wife, obsession and [i]Charlotte's Web[/i]. There are ants, spiders, dead popstars and Colin Firth living in a converted hospital. [/color]

[color=#ff8c00]It doesn't make sense. I am not sure what happened. I got on the IMDB message board for the movie and it seems that not many people on there understood it either. It was too bizzare. Too much to handle. It made my brain hurt.[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]Will write back soon![/color]
August 6, 2005
My mom/stepdad rented this. When I first read the back I didn't want to see it, but on glancing over it again, I said, "What the hell." We got home and popped it in.
Wow. First of all, just wow.
This movie is filled with hot and heavy English accents. Yum yum. The shooting in this movie is unbelievable. It reminded of the portions in Blow that made me feel high times a million to where it became a religous experience. The shooting, the way they set this movie up, is pure brilliance.
The diologue could be hard to fallow due to the heavy english accents, and the plot goes downhill towards the end, but a brilliant movie. Very nice indeedie.
July 2, 2005
I'm tired. Goodnight.
June 27, 2005
Damn, I watched a lot movies this weekend. Had to use two entries just to rate them. And I had to rate them. I couldn't NOT rate them. The universe would come undone if I didn't rate them.

[i]Seven Samurai[/i], [i]Yojimbo[/i], [i]Sanjuro[/i] - not much I can add here. Toshiro Mifune is quite badass in the last two as the samurai Sanjuro. I did not expect the shower of blood in the last battle of [i]Sanjuro[/i], though. Not that I didn't like it... just didn't expect it.

[i]The Magnificent Seven[/i] is fairly standard Western stuff. Eli Wallach is terrific as baddie numero uno, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson are awesome as usual... but something unsettles me about Yul Brynner. Always has...

[i]Hostage[/i] would have been better had it not had such a stupid convoluted plot. A simple, straight-forward plot about a washed up hostage negotiator who's now a small town sherriff would have sufficed. The last 20 minutes are really over the top (and the finale a tad unbelievable), but... it's still pretty well done, and quite tense for the most part.

I watched [i]Win a Date with Tad Hamilton[/i] whilst eating my Cap'n Crunch late Saturday morning. It showed promise. The first five minutes were great. After that... eh. It's not bad. It actually works pretty well, and has some rather funny moments (Gary Cole in a Project Greenlight shirt is top-notch), but everyone is just too damn nice. Except for Topher Grace. His character Pete acts enough of an ass to make us understand why Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) would rather be with Tad, but not so much that we don't like him. And that makes the movie work better than most rom-com crap where the chick always falls for the good-looking asshole, and tosses the not as good looking nice guy to the side, until the last 5 minutes that is...

[i]Trauma[/i]... wow. Let's try and sum this up. Colin Firth was in a week-long coma induced by a car accident. That I know for sure.

His wife died in the car accident. Maybe.
A world famous pop singer was found dead while he was in the coma, yet he is suspect number one. Maybe.
He actually killed the pop singer. Maybe.
Mena Suvari plays a landlady that's just a figment of his imagination. Maybe.
He sees a psychatrist. Maybe.
I don't give a damn. Absolutely.
But, hey, look! It's the pigeon lady from [i]Home Alone 2: Lost in New York[/i]!

Uhh... I really got nothing else.
June 15, 2005
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